Brandon Nguyen (16): 2012 Edit by Joshua Aaron

Brandon Nguyen (16, Cleveland): 2012 Edit by Joshua Aaron

Been filming with Brandon Nguyen for a few months, he is 16 years old from Cleveland, Ohio.

Every time we skate he throws down, he has a ridiculous trick vocabulary and mad steez. A LOT more to come from this kid in the near future so remember the name. – Joshua Aaron.

Previously: 1 Minute with Brandon Nguyen by Mike Gags (2011).

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8 Responses to “Brandon Nguyen (16): 2012 Edit by Joshua Aaron”

  1. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Sick Brandon! C-town represent!

  2. deniseisatwat Says:

    so ryan timms is on razors but i’ve nevr even heard of this kid. wtf rollerblading.

  3. Razors4lyf Says:

    I second that ^

  4. Razers4loaf Says:

    Sounds like Ryan Timms should start putting out a ton of edits and pusging until a brand wants to work with him to put out a well constructed edit like this “kid” did, ya dig KID?

  5. dah Says:

    Joshua is the best dude!

  6. Jon Nguyen Says:

    Hell yea Brandon, Killed it!

    This is only this “kids” second edit he ever made, ya dig?

  7. Joshua Aaron Says:

    Best dude, great times, dropping aloooottt more soon. Proud of my boy!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing skating and awesome person love this guy!