Bojd Vredevoogd: The Breakfast Club, Profile

Bojd Vredevoogd: The Breakfast Club, Profile

The Breakfast Club by Cavin Brinkman (Trailer).
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Previously: The Breakfast Club by Cavin Brinkman, Trailer.

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  • Marnix Mossel Haak

    What a smooth operator.. Megabojd is out there!

  • dbeer

    sick spots! loved it

  • Angel Jaime

    really smooth. Good one!

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Last trick attempt was crazy considering your landing on a short slick tile 45 degree surface.

  • steve

    Really nice edit, Good tricks different spots. My kind of section

  • Hans Hockey

    Nothing but love, most dedicated and humble blader friend I know, keep rolling Mega !!!

  • i’mBadman

    was this for a profile? i dont hope so because
    that was really weak skating, it’s cool to see you have fun and shit.
    but that level was real low, so maybe a level higher?

  • cavin035


    sorry we had fun making this and we will never think about that again,
    i have to run now because i need to film this 35 stair drop kink where he is trying to do a allyoop mizou on now

    okay bye

  • KutRalf

    Jeej Bojd! stylo feelgood edit with some bangers!

  • Man who is always right


    I suggest you still love with your mom.