Blake Bird: Xsjado Uk, 2013 Edit by Tom Sharman

Conference TV was shut down by Vimeo, Tom Sharman rehosted this gem, enjoy! Here is Blake Bird, Xsjado Uk 2013 Edit.

Blake Bird: Xsjado Uk, 2013 Edit by Tom Sharman

A rollerblading section directed by Tom Sharman during 2012 – 2013 for Xsjado skates / The Conference – featuring London’s own Blake Bird. Music by The Budos Band.

Previously: Blake Bird, WRS Uploaded 2012 Entry.

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  • kaltik

    sick Birdman ! that spinny unity cess to tru top porn was ILL !

  • fuck you

    i realy don’t care about this overrated wanker fuck him he’s nothing to me just a fucking piece of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blake bird the bigest pussy in the game

  • PB


  • PB


  • Anonymous

    Well jel! Haha sick Blake!!!

  • fuck you

    nah man we all know uk is the worst in europe only lomax can skate there i hate this fucking country i REALY DONT CARE ABOUT THIS CUNT blake shit bird ppsss nigga just quit this fucking sport he can suck my dick and if i meet him i gonna fuck him up

  • james bower

    id like to see you try and fuck him up! hahaha bird will rip your head off you shit cunt

  • fuckoff you guys

    Blake you re a G fuck those guys, all rollernews TWATS stfu and go skating!

    sick edit Blake keep going !!!!

  • Anonymous

    ^^ Stop your bullshits if you ‘REALY DONT CARE ABOUT THIS CUNT’

  • fuck you

    ok you british ugly fuckers i just watched this pice of shit ,soo can you tell me what exactly was sick in this edit ?? this shit was average and nothing more , he can be your local hero but this boy is just average I met him once in London and he acted like a big star even when my friend killed him on the spot man fuck him and fuck you if youre his groupie

  • J.g

    Enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like all skating styles , I simply like watching the sport I love, why does everyone think that people who skate and put edits on here is trying to impress anyone, there different styles and levels and when you actually skate on a day to day basis you can respect and enjoy any edit, not sit ur fat ass behind a keyboard and talk shit,

  • Sinjab Patel Jones

    Good edit, average tricks, but good style :) Whoever above thinks only Lomax can skate street in UK has obviously only seen a few UK skaters.

    I do say bring back the British hammer skating though (to an extent) there’s only a few hammer skaters nowdays used to be people doing utterly filthy handrails, filthy drops, filthy ledges, miss those days.

  • Sam Crofts

    Hey fuck you, stop hiding behind your computer and come fight me. I’ll be at unit 23 on Saturday.

  • RollinDublin

    Nice edit, i like the spirit.
    Good to see some powerblade clips in it

  • Jason

    That was great!

  • HotDog.

    There are definitely some reprobates in the London scene, I wont name names, but Blake is NOT one of them! He’s a stand up guy and seasoned skater. Anyway, this is rollerblading, it’s full of twats, that’s just how it is, if you can’t take it just skate on your own! I agree with J.g people should learn to appreciate different styles of skating.

  • Thiago Kiddy

    Great edit, sick blader! Name song please!!

  • Henz

    Yes Blake! That was sick, not many skaters that well rounded who can get tech, creative and drop hammers on both park and street. Amazing job by Sharman once again. Awesome vibes and super professional. Made me proud to be a rollerblader. Spreading this one round for sure!

  • broy

    nice edit boys
    Blake been on some sick shit since before i got m
    y first set of skates
    and his output is way.higher than most ppl in it this.long

  • Ben Shelllbourne

    Yehhh Blake, punjabbi mc whut whut.

    Editing was absolute wack, but what can a boy do.

    Some good tricks like.

  • balls

    I hope that pigeon pisses right on your stupid head

  • Kaspa

    Good honest rollerblading… loved it

  • Anonymous

    now thats how you edit a video, well done Tom! usa …take note.

  • Billy Doyle

    Used to be one of the best, it appears not anymore huh Blake…

  • Rob

    Great vibe and perfect music choice!