Bladesmas 2016 at the Kitchen: Indiana Inline Edit

Edited by Seth Andrews for Indiana Inline.

Bladesmas 2017 at the Kitchen: Indiana Inline Edit

1/7/17 – Eric Foust put this together. Thanks to him and the kitchen for making this happen. Sorry for no titles and horrible editing/ filming/music. Also, I didn’t start filming until later in the night. There were lots of amazing tricks that were not captured including Alex’s (rugburn) zero spin fishbrain all the way up the red rail (crazy!)

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  • Eric Foust

    I didn’t make the edit. Seth Andrews of Indiana Inline did. I hosted the event in conjunction with the Kitchen Skatepark! Either way we thank everyone for coming and there is gonna be awhile lot of stuff coming out of Indiana in 2017. It may not be pushing the boundaries of rollerblading anymore like it may have in the early 2000s but we’re gonna keep blading alive as long as we’ve got blood running through our veins!

    • Rollernews

      Thank you Eric! Post updated :)