Black Market – Trailer 2

black market

Black Market is a truly international view into the rollerblading scenes of the new world as well as the old world. Cinematopgrapher Doug Urquhart traveled for 4 months across 8 European Countires as well as coast to coast in the United States to offer a video with unparalleled variety.

Featuring profiles on Brian Aragon, Julian Bah, and Will Gordon.

Mini-views cover Esco Zoo’s finest, Brent Hicks and Montre Livingston from NC. ATL Waterpark Round 2.

Extras include the entire Fiziks DVD, portions of Hashassins, Say Word Section of Dre Powell, and skating from Gumby, Fridolin Eelbo, Chris Farmer, Nick Wood, Scott Raser

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  • tama yto crew

    c koi les patin kila la? on diré d G4 mais le truc noir otour d lacets ca me paré louch? ptetre les aragon pro model?? ^^

  • koubis

    je sais pas le patin fait 2 pixels de large ;) c’est dur a dire

  • tama yto crew

    lol nn mais ché pa c chelou kan mm le truc noir nn? ou sinn c enkor une custom kom sur ses team kil avé repein en vert derriere , jespere ke nn

  • H4mb

    Ca à l’air assez enorme comme video ! // It looks sick !!

  • scottpalmer

    so so so good, that rail gap ledge back to rail like whaaatt

  • funny_guy

    does anyone know when it comin out??? sorry too lazy to search

  • G-love

    it’s in the fucking edit stupid fuck…28 nov…

  • yop

    what it s music on the first trailer ???

  • funny_guy

    dude why don’t you chill who the fuck said i downloaded it ?

  • NewStyle

    AMAZING !!!

    I can’t wait for this video !!

  • xaeon

    Aragon is fucking HOTTTTT

  • tim

    that looks bad ass!

  • KFC

    fuking hell thats the coolest trailer ive ever seen. im definately buying that vid. fuk i hope it comes out soon

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  • borja (spain) raktus_madrid *

    what can i do to download the film ?? what i need ??? plz answer !!! bye and peace & love !! ;):)

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