Black Bandit Media Family: Dinner (Full Video)

 Black Bandit Media family: Dinner

The Black Bandit Media family is relatively normal, except for one thing: they rollerskate. MVP Casey Geraghty, trying to balance college and the roller-hockey season.

Nick Taylor, the zany chef that may or may not have his green card. Mark “the shark” Rosen’s football scholarship will get him to Stanford, if he can only stop his pranks.

A genius and klutz Drew Amato makes some really weird inventions while driving the family insane. Mike Dempsey‘s “Ricky Martin attitude” has the ladies swooning. Mark Golembeski, former Golf professional, lost his game after winning the Masters ten years ago and is now struggling to find his sanity.

Mike Riccitelli, their crazy cousin living in Uzbekistan, has found a wife and kids to call his own. John Lyke doesn’t know how or why this crazy group of twenty year olds are living in his house, but he does know one thing… Family comes first.

Casey Geraghty

A washed up Big Wave surfer dreams of the perfect swell, but finds himself land bound when his Military father is transfered from Hawaii to Connecticut.

Casey Geraghty soon learns to adapt to his new surroundings by surfing “street style,” riding whatever concrete waves he can find. With his carefree attitude Casey certainly “plays by his own rules.” His stylish maneuvers soon catch the eye of Head Cheerleader Lauren Hood.

Casey’s section is filled with life lessons, and packed non stop blading action.

Nick Taylor, Zach Smith, Andrew Smolak
Song: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Conscience Killer.

Culinary Master Nick Taylor blends together his favorite herbs and spices to serve you a medley of tricks and maneuvers. After suffering from a severe ankle injury, Nick started his blade season late, but still managed to cook up a monster section.

He teamed up with two fellow cuisine experts, Zach Smith and Andrew Smolak, who came packed with their own abundance of seasonings. Get your stupid faces ready for a super tasty meal!

Mike Dempsey

A mild-mannered Connecticut boy is forced to move from his native state to Los Angeles, California, where he is desperately tries to fit in with the local crowd.

What he finds are a bunch of karate punks who want to make his life miserable. Luckily, a Japanese handyman named Keusuke Miyagi comes to his aid. Through painting fences and waxing cars Mike Dempsey masters the ancient art of karate.

Watch to see what happens, as Mike Dempsey attempts to devour everything in sight with his raw power and skill. Filmers: Mark Golembeski, Mark Rosen, John Lyke, Mike Riccitelli, Brandon Negrete.

John Lyke
Songs: George Thorogood & The Destroy – Bad to the Bone ; Summercamp – Down ; Chinatown – Kitten.

With a new haircut, new blades, and tasty attitude, New York City Detective John Lyke has just arrived in Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his wife.

Unfortunatly, it is not going to be a Merry Christmas for everyone. A group of terrorists, led by Hans Gruber is holding everyone in the Nakatomi Plaza building hostage.

With no way of anyone getting in or out. The F.B.I. are called in to survey the situation, but John Lyke has other plans for the terrorists. He’s an easy guy to like… but a hard man to kill.

Filmed by: Mark Golembeski, Mike Dempsey, Casey Geraghty, Marie Hebert, Mark Rosen, and Phil Hebert.

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  • ian

    this was without a doubt a quality video. top notch filming, editing, and of course skating. intros for the sections are hilarious. that’s a pretty sweet “crib” yall have got there, why don’t you film some bitches getting drunk in it or some cool shit like that? keep it up guys

  • smoker


  • Rob

    You got to love this intro! Great work

  • rol247

    big like for mr. john lyke!!!! and all the rest was sweeet too!!1

  • Matei

    This video made my day! It’s about how rollerblading should be: good friends, having fun, quality technical and crative skating, great filming and editing + hilarious intros for the parts: overall an A+ video. Congrats and keep up the good work!

  • boost

    nice film. coolness.

  • seanpquinn


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  • My President is black

    great video, of course rollernews faggot put it on the bottom of the updated edits because he seriously hates good american skating

  • felix

    loved Lunch and Dinner def got me juiced, I’m out rollin!

  • Russ

    I love this so funny and the quality is amazing. Skating is top notch

  • ch

    shit was tight john lyke murders casey g has perfect style and dope tricks to match, mike dempsey seemed like he didnt try at all but it still came out good. good job everyone, intro was so funny.

  • big nutz

    dear rollernews people work hard on every section in videos. stop posting the intro with links. let people fet their 2 days of fame on the front page you did it for that too much flavor video now your just being dumb ppl deserve more eposure and thats what your for

  • krusty

    so sick. john lykes section was incredible.

  • Babbs

    Great way to start the New Year friends and the rollerblading family.

  • Ryan Benner

    yes I agree. I appreciate what you did for 2 Much Flavor you got us alot of views but it would be nice if you posted all the sections to the other online videos they deserve the exposure as well.

  • Name Not Required


    AND JOHN LYKES 1:40min GOD DAMN!!!!!