Bittercold Showdown 2010: Results and Videos

Bittercold Showdown

Pro Results

1. Chris Haffey
2. John Bolino (Tie)
3. Brian Aragon
4. Alex Broskow
5. Soichiro Kanashima
6. David Sizemore
7. Brett Urbas
8. Brian Shima
9. Jeff Stockwell
10. Franco Cammayo


1. Brett Urbas
2. Avichai Wechsler
3. Michael Garlinghouse
4. David Jones
5. Jon Fromm

First BCSD Edit:

Featuring Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon and David Sizemore.

Vibralux Pre-BCSD Edit:

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  • Mister X

    Skating is good but what happened to this Led Zeppelin Song!!

  • the guy

    oh damn bad slam with aragon

  • Right

    Farmer’s so damn creative, you know that pretty much every trick he does your left thinking shit how did you think of that.

  • nkjh

    wow. Stolen from the Be=M*g front page.

  • ab1critic

    Krans thought Soichiro might win, and then he gets 5th behind broskow?


  • Romero

    Congratulations Haffey, you deserve it!

  • Michael

    I also think Soichiro skated way better than the judges apparently thought.

  • yo

    Those american contests are good. They allow some american skaters to get exposure when they cant even make top5 in a european contest.

  • Robbins

    fast slide to fish from broskow and farmer’s tricks were sooo nice

  • dawn

    hope aragon is OK, that looked like some serious whiplash

    and hope krans is outta jail by now =(

  • Jhaine

    BCSD is my fav contest , way better than winterclash..

  • dawn

    also, I’d assumed that sizemore was doing the 1080 fakie, forwards 1080 is nuts!!

  • fer


  • Sonia

    LEDOUX = GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Notorious TOM

    Yeah, I have fluked a 1080 (just went for a 9′) and I hit the barrier ontop of the quarter lol I was winded for awhile so yes, crazy 1080 over that fucker gets respect.

  • flauschi

    what is teh song from the Vibralux Pre-BCSD Edit

  • Skataboya

    Yo I’m on an iPhone wanna see the edit don’t got flash can some one give me a link to view it thanks

  • smokey

    Why didnt you put any of Jon Bolino’s tricks in there? He skated better than haffey and deserved 1st place no doubt.

  • Mike/rando

    USA won the hockey.

  • Mike/rando

    ^^ Comment fail.

    Can’t type and eat.

    Canada won the hockey.

  • sawwww

    brett urbas did so good for being so young hes defffinetly my favorite;*

  • wow

    fuck that, because jon jon did a couple spin to grind disasters on the easier side. haffey killed all and worked to get 1st!

    haffey went from the launch, diaster 450 royale on the huge disaster side with no ramp. he is a real man!

  • The song..

    the song is Scrubs by TLC, it’s a remixed version though .

    farmer’s creativity never ceases to amaze me..

  • beatstotherhyme

    Soichiro was killing the A box, too bad that’s all he skated which is probably why he got 5th. Dude is definitly steezy!

  • adriana

    soo yeah haffey was amazing!..but what happened to david sizemore??????

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