Bittercold Showdown 2009: Edits & Results

Pro Results

1. Montre Livingston
2. Alex Broskow (Tie)
3. David Sizemore
4. Brian Aragon
4. Mathias Silhan (Tie)
6. Chris Haffey
7. Brandon Smith
8. John Bolino
9. Franco Cammayo
10. Fallon Heffernan
11. Jeff Dalnas


1. Sam Moore
2. Jon Fromm
3. Cody Porsche
4. Mike Koliner
5. Fallon Heffernan

Bitter Cold Showdown 2009 The West Coast’s edit from Royal Oak Michigan, filmed by Vinny Minton, Matty Watky and edited by Vinny Minton for Aggressivemall and The Conference.

Featuring skating from nearly everyone that was there.

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  • Right should be right

    The last broskow line was incredible!

  • kennyffou

    woua !!!!!!!!!! montre c’est tro un niké!!!!!!!!

  • flowskate

    throwing out massive sick spins and airs!!

  • Napoleon

    superatmosphere fantastic skating !!!

  • Naked Nils

    Montre is fucking awesome!

  • 4114N

    Name of the remix, pls…

  • Ronald

    what? This edit makes rollerblading look good.

    Why does no one have any stockwell footage! did he not skate the comp?

  • xgreenxcloverx

    Stockwell and Dre Powell crashed into each other. Powell came out alright but Stockwell may have broken something.

  • carlos

    so crowded, i’m amazed that more people don’t get wounded there

  • Allan B.

    trop fan des 2 triks de mathieu ledoux brrooo!!!

  • Wrekshop Ryan

    All these great edits yet there isn’t one shot of Fallon in any of them. She was unbelievable! Somebody show some respect and put her in a future edit. Besides that, it was the best competition ever!! That was some of the best rollerblading that has ever been done.

  • rollerblading is gay

    the remix is tight.

  • Leonardo Silva

    very veryy goodd , song ?

  • yo

    who would destroy a good song for that duff remix

  • sam

    sounds like glitch mob on the remix

  • Thomas

    I bet the remix is done by Girltalk.. That comp was off the hook.. Montre, damn!

  • ninja9

    what that misty at the end by montre was obviously HUGE

  • jon hubbard

    off the chain, thats that!!!

  • http://riders Fray

    illusion full true soul… WHAT? Amazing!

  • http://riders Fray

    Oh and montre tricks are good too

  • rob