Bitter Cold Showdown 7 : Results & photos

brian aragon
up : Brian Aragon

Final Results:

  1. Brian Aragon
  2. Chris Haffey
  3. David Sizemore

Best Line Award: Jeff Stockwell.
via One

You can check some pictures of the first day on One.

alex broskow
up : alex broskow

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  • RFrankB

    Awww nice, cant wait to see the edit

  • supb93

    Jeff Stockwell winning best line award…who woulda guessed lol

  • Maik

    i think its a lil bit copied from the winterclash…with those symbols everywhere…but i wnat to see an edit…sizemore becoming newcomer?!

  • maTT

    sizemore is no newcomer. he lives close to me and he should be the next aragon. that kid is fricken crazy. he busts out 450 royals for practice on the biggest handrail in the park

  • djib






  • dizzy

    Dude bcsd has been around for a few years now and is way better than winterclash

  • caeymoore

    except bittercold has been around alot longer thenwinter clash so they may have took the stickers but if anything bittercold got copied

  • satan

    err, it’s because they both take place during winter.

  • caeymoore

    yeah thats why they both use the snow flake bittercold has used it for a long time but i ment if they copied anything it would be the placement of stickers on the ramps but thats it

  • the_dude

    relax, they’re both sick contests.

  • meniks

    well, i don’t think that bittercold is fake winterclash, because if I am right this was already 6th bittercold. but there has been only 3 winterclash competitions. both of thouse competitions are unique, and i do not see anything fake here.

  • dan

    this was the 7th bitter cold, and its also the biggest rolling comp, and it also has the industries offical trade show and industry.

  • era

    dk, is that you?

  • Nick

    They are both sick contests, so why be stupid and argue who copied who!!!

  • Maik

    errr….in case of people visiting it winterclash is way bigger…

  • Eric

    Awesome, Sizemore’s getting more and more recognized. That kid’s gonna be the best in the world soon.

  • oldman

    There will never be a “best in the world” cause there are so many different styles and tricks and never one person will be best in every part of skating, just my opinion. But I think he is unbelievable good!

    And I want to see an edit!

  • dan

    well ” one of the biggest ” that better

  • oneone1onezero0

    Broskow needs to comb his fucking hair.

  • Josh

    The BCSD logo was different before the first winterclash.
    After the first winterclash, the bcsd guys changed the logo into the snowflake and last year they even changed the colors into the same.
    Than they put songs of the winterclash dvd into their dvd and now they copied the sprayed snowflakes on the ramps.

    Who is copying?

  • Alex

    indeed, i was against david sizemore in my heat, he’s actually pretty incredible. david sizemore is getting more size

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