Bitter Cold Showdown 2006, Results, Photos and Video

erik bailey win the bittercold showdown contest


1st – Erik Bailey
2nd – Sean Kelso
3rd – Franky Morales

Congratulations to Erik Bailey. Check his winning trick, a disaster 360 Sweatstance : wmv, mov ! Eclectic Minds Mag got some photos from the competition, check the gallery here, more Photos here.

billy O'Neil
^ Photos from the Eclectic Minds Mag Gallery

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  • Bayly

    WTF that was sick
    all respect to sean kelso love that boy

  • Bayly

    sean keane even whoops!

  • Bayly

    ive fuking lost it i was right the first time

  • chink

    was franky skating remz???

  • marsam36

    Yeah, first 2 places – Valo team riders! ;]

  • tyler

    sean kelso isent on valo.

  • tyler

    frankey was skating remz.

  • ytocrew

    c just une impression ou Franky Morales i skate en sérré maintnt?

  • marsam36

    Oh sorry, I read Sean Keane ;]

    Maybe Franky Morales will skate for Remz?

  • hugo.boioz

    oh fuck! crazy 360 sweastance!
    respect eric bailey, the best sweastancer of the world.

  • antirocked

    bailey did all that shit with no warm up. he is good.

  • xsjadosmat

    that looked serios im cretting to skate i had the best london session ever this weekend and im going again net weeek its gonnaa b heavy

  • sk8razor

    franki \e wasnt skating remz i was there saw him and those were not remz

  • Wally

    yeah it was sick, yet on the pictures somebody(unknown) done a disaster 540 alley oop top porn, maybe its just me, but that is pretty damn sick too..maybe sicker? I’m saying this though only seeing those tricks, I don’t know if there was style or whatever in it but…well Fair play to bailey he’s reppin Valo crazy

  • gmoney

    dude i was there too, and those were defffidently remz

  • spaz

    fish is fucking nice man

  • ROLLtwoLIVE06

    franky was skating remz. they were 06ones.

  • shadows

    that kid attempted the 54o outspin porn but never landed … he tried it a final time and popped out his arm

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  • jay

    no offense but lookin at the pics i dont think erik bailey shud of won i mean a 360 sweaty or a 540 porn hmmmmm yer overated i think

  • jay

    oh wait i just read he did land it hmmm woops :S