Bitter Cold Shodown 08 : Results & Themgoods Videos

alex broskow
up: Alex Broskow win the BCSD 2008. Photo: Themgoods


  1. Alex Broskow
  2. Jeff Stockwell
  3. Chris Haffey
  4. Brian Shima
  5. David Sizemore

Franky Morales won best trick with a 540 off a bank into a quarter, drop was about 10-15 feet. Thanks Razor_dave.

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  • shinsonater

    aHA look at broskow’s smile..priceless

  • http://gayporn BOSS

    Shit looks weak
    Winterclash 2008 was alot sicker!!


  • andy gibson

    sounds like that comp just fell off

  • Baskota .. B leg

    alex wins !! .. congrats to my friend Gekzo.. broskow wife ..looool …broskow’s the king and aragon’s is the prince

  • -mat-

    …lame somehow.
    I mean – I have to compare it to the Winterclash…

  • popeye

    tbh, it looks a lot better than winterclash

    the park does anyway
    and judging by the top 5, you know it would of been a sick final

  • dson

    if those were the winnin clips

    then the comp really must have sucked

  • Billy Doyle

    dson – you probably couldn’t do anything he just did – fact is broskow would shit on you with his switch foot and he has the best style – please die.

  • FMG

    the link is not working

  • dson

    billy doyle is an emo cunt

    go get some style

  • Scampy,chips & scraps love please

    That park is way nicer than the winterclash one, well in my opinion the transitions look to flow much better, and less people in the way of everything, I think this comp was sick as f*ck, plus B.Bell and Kato showed up so you can’t ask for much more!

  • FMG

    This kind of comp is a way better than the stupid stunt contest like winterclash …

  • goomi

    well, at my opinion winterclash kind a fell a part this year, well at least the athmosfere was lot better on 2007 winterclash then 2008. Congrats to Broskow, he is sick as usual, im kind a happy seeing him winning a cool comp like that again:)

  • oldman

    Congrats Mr. Broskow! Well deserved, was kinda time that he won one of the big contests, he is so solid in his skating, one of the greatest no question!

  • clemounet

    Putain mais merde je vois pas comment on peut comparer ce contest au winterclash. C’est quoi cette ambiance toute timide, je veux dire, au Winterclash dès qu’un bon trick était rentré ça gueulait de partout quoi. Mais bon peut-être que les ricains ils ont peur de ça, le bruit mélangé à la folie collective, peut-être qu’ils trouvent ça trop criminogène, que le type d’à côté pourrait dans ce mouvement de panique dégainer un canif et te faire la peau en deux secondes.

    Par contre ça fait plaisir de voir que Broskow n’est pas là pour faire le poseur.

  • Matt

    I’m glad Broskow won, but I think Stockwell should’ve taken it. Shima’s transfer and pole tap 360 were sick as hell. Semi-finals, and finals were so awesome.

  • prodigy

    I’m glad stockwell took 2nd.

  • prodigy

    Congrats Alex on winning.

  • billy bad ass bitch

    b bell was skating?

  • m11b

    BROSKOW IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scampy,chips & scraps love please


    I don’t think B.Bell was skating but if you check this link out

    B.bell says a few words when the camera man is interviewing Nick Wood, then Kato talks after B.Bell

  • dizzy

    The contest was sick but shima deserved to win. Everyone killed shit. hopefully a good edit comes out.

  • nick

    yeah, bittercold was awesome. not sure broskow deserved first (of course he could get it, but ive seen him skate better than last night). i think david sizemore was amazing though. and haffey of course. too bad erik bailey couldnt skate. i chatted with him for a while though which was cool. nicest guy ever

  • Bhunter

    Stockwell should have won his lines were so clean the whole day but whatever.

  • moi


    furthermore, broskow’s a great guy and all, super solid, etc. but i don’t think he deserved first…
    did anyone see shima’s soul to true topsoul or haffey’s 360 soul on the huge gap to vert wall? or david sizemore’s faxie 7 kg? or all the crazy wall tap things that stockwell did?
    i just don’t think broskow did all that hot. he could’ve done waaaaaay sicker shit.
    granted the gap to wallride to 180 was gnarlier as fuck.

  • jr

    i was there…the who final round was sick….but personally every other bcsd was better…2 have a good comp u gotta have a great park….nd the flow didnt step up…RIP vertigo skate park..BROWSKOW WAS FUCKIN AWSOME EVEN AFTER THE COMP. HIS HOTEL ROOM WAS ACROSS FROM MINE!!

  • Scott W

    First off, if you werent there, then you dont know what really went down. The skating was amazing. Judging who ONE would be tough. Browscow and Shima were killing it.
    Stockwell basically skates fakie better than anyone on the planet, linking tricks like fakie 3 (legs crossed) to disaster kindgrind (no one even cheered) riding off fakie and continuing to do tricks as if the trick he just did was nothing. Sizemore is a fucking machine and has many years of winning comps ahead of him. Bailey is like the nicest guy you will ever meet. By the way, comparing rolling contest is lame. Why not be stoked that there even is a Winterclash and a Bitter Cold? Get well soon Frankie!(You fucking Style monster!)

  • Brandigr2

    Wow…everyone skated so amazingly!!! It seemed as though each person had a different person in mind for first. That just shows how good everyone was skating. It seems to me that David Sizemore just gets overlooked, maybe because he is young or is considered a rookie or whatever, but he killed everything! 900’s over everything with amazing style…tons of sick grinds and 720 kind grind first try like nothing and he gets 5th place. It would have been really hard to judge though. I also thought Shima or maybe Stockwell for first. I don’t know. It was sick.

  • satan

    lol Alex’s expression, that IS priceless :D

  • your mom

    thank you alex broskow for being my hero

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  • rollin

    clemounet .. tes qu’un retardé de français faque ferme ta yeule

    This kind of comp is a way better than the stupid stunt contest like winterclash …

    This kind of comp is a way better than the stupid stunt contest like winterclash …

    This kind of comp is a way better than the stupid stunt contest like winterclash …

    This kind of comp is a way better than the stupid stunt contest like winterclash …

  • clemounet

    Il est vrai que j’ai parlé trop vite. Il s’agissait en tout cas de l’impression que m’ont laissé les extraits de Valo.

    Enfin bon je m’attendais pas à de si brutales insultes tout de même. Je l’ai peut être mérité


    amazing broskow
    keep sk8ing