Billy O’Neill: SSM + Haitian Mag Edit (2013)

Filmed & edited by Haitian Mag (2013 Repost).

Billy O'Neill: SSM + Haitian Mag Edit

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  • Anonymous

    FUCK YEAH – that was so good.

  • Anonymous

    Billy just shit all over the Kelsos and the other tippity tap skaters.

  • Thrawn

    I’ve never seen so much positive feedback on this site. Billy fuckin killed it. Had no idea he still had it in him. My new favorite blader

  • anita hammer

    2 more likes itl break the record for likes on rollernews

  • JsameM

    ummmm thats the most fucked up trick I have ever seen. ever

  • wtf

    Is SSM still in business? Worst skate ever made. Billy must be desperate to have a sponsor.

  • MARC

    Yehhhhhhhhhhh Billy! One of the craziest to ever strap on blades. I will never forget that gap to ledge roll on the double set. Good luck in the future with all you do. A true ripper that 99% will never compare to and right up there with the best.

  • Anonymous

    Yes yes and yes – so good to see this edit pop up again!!

  • Anonymous

    Is this the most commented video ever, if not then it should be!

  • MARC

    ^^ I’ve never seen 156 comments. I think people are probably just a bit riled, I mean the guy seriously has such a deep history in rollerblading, is so naturally gifted, and evidently has been restrained and limited so much to the point that he has to now retire early, that we are all a bit remorseful.

  • MARC

    ^^^ Slick. “So many better bladers in the UK”

    Are you one of the biggest idiots that walks the earth.

    No one in the UK can at all comprehend the scale that Fish skates on, and I live here.

  • Anonymous

    Always felt he was over-rated


    Soooo fucking good.