Ben & Konni Harmanus: Chimera + Adapt Section

This is a teaser for the full section of Konni & Ben Harmanus.

Ben & Konni Harmanus

Both rolling for Chimera and Adapt, this episode of ChimeraTV focuses on The Chimera Adapt Conspiracy. Full Section on Friday.

Previously: Adapt Skates, Harmanus One White.
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11 Responses to “Ben & Konni Harmanus: Chimera + Adapt Section”

  1. Alex Rudolf Says:


    Can`t wait to see the full section!!!!

  2. butthead Says:

    harm anus haha aahh ahahah

  3. ronin Says:

    It’s friday ! Where is it ! I want my present ;-)

  4. wtfffffffffffff Says:

    Please stop with the tease for a online section this is bullshit and its been happening more lately.

  5. The Dude Says:


  6. Chimeradapt Says:

  7. .Fx Says:

    It’s on the Adapt website;

  8. ronin Says:

    Well done. Annoying teaser. No edit …

  9. ronin Says:

    Edit is here. Not referenced from the adapt home page ..

  10. Anonymous Says:

    edit was lame anyway

  11. Ito Says:

    The last rail was scary, but the worst style I have ever seen on a backside grind.