Ben Harmanus: Adapt Website Relaunch, Edit

Filmed by Dirk Oelmann & Dominik Wagner ; additional angles by Patrick Ridder, Dave Mutschall, Chris Koll & Dominik Stransky.


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  • Anonymous

    Probably could have a done with a little more wax on some of the rails benni son!

  • Hans H

    Amazing skating. Those look like some wicked skates too! Wax is not needed?

  • Scheltza Mahmoud

    damn that first spot… I really wish he would have utilized it

  • Anonymous

    that sucked really bad

  • bradyjohnston

    That was so fucking sick

  • Andy from Razors

    that fucking sucked… Wax dude; wax…

  • Curtains

    My mate dave can do 1080 to toe stall, can anyone help get him some free things?

  • lolerblader

    they didnt look like they slid very well on those rails

  • Anonymous

    Uhmw has always been slower on rails.. on ledges its butter.

    Julio used to stick like crazy Back in the juice system days.. it makes rails more controllable… and ledges even funner

  • Joe

    I got this excellent idea: why don’t Adapt and SSM merge? Adapt got the skates and SSM a great team and a lot of goodwill.

  • cole

    skating-ugly shit’
    skates-double ugly shit
    music-tripple ugly shit
    no style
    no future…

  • cole

    ehm and…
    July 16th, 2012 at 1:06 am
    that sucked really bad

  • dkewke

    dont like it

    message tooo short

  • Anonygina

    Sick looking skate I just dont know if Ben should be the face of adapt. Bens style would suit Xsjados better. I think they should go get a new group of talented bladers to rep the skates and take a seat on the bench until the brand gets a bit more exposure.

  • REAL Ben Shelbourne

    Terrible skating and camera work!

  • Idontcare

    CanĀ“t believe how hard he is ripping! Ben could easily be the father of half the kids posted above me. I like it – hart.

  • Anonymous

    Worst blader alive

  • sick

    i vomed on myself because of the skates and then i vomed everywhere after watching the edit

  • Beastmaster

    Adapt Brade is what rollerblading needs. True-blader-owned and an innovative, extremely high quality product. Something that was engineered from scratch. Can’t wait until mine arrive!

  • damnit

    I love this guys skating.
    he is past 30 and everytime he skates he is destroying his body, no pussy ass miniramp skating.

  • info leaked

    New adapt team Zamora, Bah and Morales

  • Beastmaster

    Adapt Brand is exactly what blading needs. True-blader-owned and top tier innovation and quality engineered from scratch. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  • tom

    Best looking skates in the world!

  • Anonymous

    drish bodrichkovich

  • noah

    dear haters: fuck yourself ;)

    ben is a legend and its so good to see him still skating!

    the adapt skate is awesome. the souls are fast, no worries. he just didn`t wax the rails.

    again to you fuckers:
    please go to school and talk to your parents, if they can teach you some respect and good behavior and than come back ;)

    greetings ;)

  • meh

    when you stick on every trick, its not a good look for a skate brand

  • WeeeeOutHeaaaaaaaaaa

    Shittiest pro in rollerblading

  • WeeeeOutHeaaaaaaaaaa

    Lol at the soul plates sicking, is this a joke?

  • Dis Dick

    The skates look great but this was an awful edit for a skate promo. 30 or not, there is a level of skill you should have to have in order to be the face of a brand. While he’s obviously a skilled rollerblader, he’s seen better days. I’m 32 and still skating but I’m not as good as I used to be and I don’t pretend to be. I can pretty much do everything this guy did, and I certainly don’t think I should be the face of Adapt, and nor should he.

  • Anonymous

    This is perhaps the worst promo I’ve ever seen…

    Rollerbladers have really got to wise up and stop labelling people with criticism as “haters”. If you stay ignorant with your fingers in your ears, companies can do and say whatever they want, they become unaccountable for their poor representation, product and business plan.

    I would have thought that those who were blading when the industry crashed would have seen the light and realised that these business plans aren’t sustainable and filling the market with products does nothing but dilute the overall quality and bankrupt skaters themselves.

    I’m all in support of skater owned compaines, if they are relevant/necessary but this looks like a “I want a piece of the pie” job.

    Judging from this promo (and that’s what it was made for) they offer nothing more than any other skate, maybe even less. The obnoxious song was also a good reflection of this type of attitude…

    No it’s not jealousy, no it’s not hate. It’s foresight and honest criticism. The real hate is when companies (possibly unconsciously) exploit rollerbladers by selling them generic products or subpar content, just to get in the game.

    I hope I’m wrong and Adapt bust out quality, but I won’t be and they’ll likely be finished in 2 years.

    Speak to Jon Julio and take notes, he’s one of the only guys who can mix blading and business well.

  • Maleka Lalar

    words to the guy above

  • Bladerowenedfools

    the guy above the guy above me…has a point..not all of it I think is entirely true, but in sense I do agree with him. I would have been maybe a little more specific tho.

    on a side note:
    what the fuck is this crap with this blader-owned shit all the time?
    Blading needs all of them, skater-owned smaller and independent companies
    AND desperately some more big ones again that mean it this time…stricktly skater-owned is a fucking illusion and I can’t hear this crap anymore.

  • Seth Moren

    I wonder why the posts on Rollernews are so bad while all over Facebook real existing people love the blades.
    Funny how so many believe to be industry insiders. I am not sure if insiders would really post over here…not even using real names to make a statement.
    Also, how can anyone judge a skate they never tried. I saw the Bah video and lots more…no sliding problems. Harmanus is blading some shitty bad ass rails most people would not even try, maybe waxing a steep real would not be a smart idea when transfering it? Who could tell, you havent skated that spot.
    Who ever claims he could lace all the tricks shown should bust out an edit and please, use your real name.

  • iadam!

    Pretty good edit. Not the best edit in the world for a new promo but ah well…

    everyone saying about the soul plates sticking… It’s obviously not a MAJOR issue. Benny does a slow zero makio. If you could do that trick you’d know that if you stick you smack your head. No return… I didn’t see any head smashing. They can’t be sticky in ALL circumstances.

    The skates are beautiful. Just not the best branding. I’m excited to see what comes in the future!

  • B L A D E R gang

    all yall niggaz bes reconize dat my nigga JBAH be ridin on deez adapt skates nigga. so anything that my nigga jbah support, nigga Blader gang be on it. “we OUT HERE” nigga and niggetz. real niggaz whats up? YOLO!

  • Anonymous

    What adapt is offering is the lightest skate on the market and the closest thing to snreakers with wheels that we have.

    Jbah close thread

  • RollerFAGZ

    ^^adapt is crap. see it even rhymes, xjados are the lightest skates and yes you can wear your sneakers in them! BOOM!

  • Da

    Xsjado are NOT the lightest skates…. Maybe you should try other skates before you say dumb shit like that……. I’m happy you like your xjsado’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. I had a pair a few years back, when Everyone was riding them, and I regretted it. I sold them to a buddy within 2 months, and used the money to buy a pair of REMZ, which are still the skates I use today (3 years later). I don’t hate XSJADO, but they aren’t right for my style…. And they def arent the lightest skates. Shit… I gotta pair of 10 yr old razor cults that are lighter than that. Don’t diss Adapt until you try them. I havn’t tried them, so I wont act like I know.

  • Anonymous

    >>I wonder why the posts on Rollernews are so bad while all over Facebook real existing people love the blades.

    So you think people on Facebook are all honest? You have a lot to lose by telling honestly what you think and putting your real name next to it.

    You have as much hater on Facebook than here, the difference is that everything you tell on facebook can backfire on you.

  • Seth Moren

    Welcome to the real world. The shit you do and say backfires on you. Amazing. Shut down your computer and speak to peoples faces. Would you say the things you say the way you do when talking to someone in real life?
    Critizism is not a bad thing but lots of comments are just random and try to fuck someone up. If you look at the time someone up here makes a post you can easily see that the same person posted 4 x within a few minutes. different names. no comments before and after that for hours. spreading hate.
    be sceptical, critizise, but dont try to pretend you are speaking for the masses out there…you dont. and you cant. cause only a few ever touched the adapts and just a few tried them but everytime i see one on FB he/she IS VERY HAPPY with the blades.

  • fridoeelbo

    Ou fucking idiots dont know what you asses are talking about.
    Nice to see such a sick edit of Mr. Harmanus

    keep going old man jejejejejejeje


    Fuck all you TROLLZzZZ, Blader gang will put yall niggaz and NIGGETZ to sleep. Blader GANG + Adapt collab / RAP video hitten da streetz Keep YO eyes and ears open. Yuck YUCKEM on da track, we Bustin back, straigt bladergangstaz on da track, you already know I be countin stackz, Nigga we out here!!


    damn! niggaz be quite after I bust my flow. WE OUT HERE!!!

  • WeeeeOutHeaaaaaaaaaa



    I dont address bitch niggaz, we out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatevz

    company gonna die within one year or start making scooters anyways.. Edit sucked, u know it, i know it, we all know it. End of story