BCSD 2011: Results + Raw Pictures & Pro Finals Footage

bittercold showdown 2011

The Bittercold Showdown 2011 is over, congrats to Julien Cudot (#1 Pro) & Dave Lang (#1 AM), full results below.

You can check raw footage of the Bittercold Showdown 2011 on: vimeo.com/bcsd & youtube.com/user/mrcollinmartin. Bonus: Erik Bailey, AO Top Acid Clip on the yellow curved rail. Alex Kaytu filmed his BCSD run with a helmet cam (youtube).

Raw Pictures: Daniel Kinney & Scumpire. BCSD 2011 Official Website.

BCSD Pro Finals: unedited footage by Mr Collin Martin (Part 1)

bittercold showdown 2011


10. Roman Abrate
9. Brian Shima
8. John Bolino
7. Sean Kelso
6. Brandon Smith
5. Alex Broskow
4. Jeff Stockwell
3. Erik Bailey
2. Brian Aragon
1. Julien Cudot

10. Thumper Nagasako
9. Joseph Torres
8. Tim Franken
7. K2 Alex
6. Blake Kelly
5. Killa Kai
4. Wake Schepman
3. Michael Garlinghouse
2. Tyler Hester
1. Dave Lang

BCSD Pro Finals: unedited footage by Mr Collin Martin (Part 2)

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  • Anonymous

    @Anthony Medina

    Carbon 2’s are the hottest skate on the planet dude – including the U.S. Cudot made the U.S. pros look like amateurs. Americans are lining up to buy these skates and Bitter Cold has just made the line a lot longer. But you go skate your Valo’s and do some pud slides – you’re so cool…lmao ….you and Broski. Get back to me when Broski grows the balls to skate some big obstacles. We’ll see how much style he has.

  • Anonymous

    To Colin:
    thanx for posting this. it shows how good cudot was and how pathetic most of the other pros are. these guys look good in sections when they can take 20 trys to hit a trick, but they suck in comps where only the best win.


    its fun to see people hating broskow…

    when his last edit/profile came out… you where all on his dick
    and when CHARGING comes out your going to be on it again..

    be real.

    cudot deserved to win, because he was motivated.
    the other guys didnt seem that motivated at all..
    glad i didnt buy a ticket…haha

  • Anonymous

    style on little obstacles isn’t style – its jokers who are AFRAID to skate big risky tricks. Cudot had exceptional style given the big risky tricke he laced.

  • ryan

    spitting some pretty large flames there mr. anonymous.should probably keep your name hidden because you sound completely retarded drunk and are embarrassing the entire country you come from.


    Just got to say that the People Bitching and moaning are the people making Rolling look bad not this edit /Raw footage. This post almost makes me feel ashamed to come on this site

    and Razors should be ashamed of them self, its not their place to tell people what to do or post or act who do they think they are, we live in a free society where we have the freedom of choice . Your a professional company that should conduct it self in a professional way and i think the post you made was not only disrespectful it was Shameful to the razors brand, publicly flogging some one is no way to conduct yourself if you had a problem with it send the guy a message via Private message .

    And the people posting under Anonymous grow some ball if you post something at least have the balls to put your name to it

  • http://promoto.tv beau cottington

    I think you are all gay. Go skate and STFU

  • Ulysses Rivera

    Beau Cottington’s comment is THE BEST!

    But to put my two cents in…

    Every body likes different skating styles.
    Some people try really hard at contests, and some people just shred to have fun at them.
    That being said, I think neither is better or worse. They’re just different.

    Also, I think Stockwell is the… How do I say this… Best fucking skater ever. The way he skates comps is amazing. He hits just about every obstacle and manages to boost everything all while linking tricks together. Please quit low balling the guy and saying how his line “Was cool the first time, second time, and after that it was gay”

    As for all the other negative comments about my favorite pros, they told us a long time ago in school a wonderful quote that everyone seems to have forgotten, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    That being said, thank you to all the Pros, Ams, and people who help put this on to make it what it is, year in, and year out.

  • Anonymous

    c bon y en a marre de abrate il sert a rien c le clone d aragon en moin fort et moin styler il fait tjr pareil a croire qu il se suce la bite en ecoutant du rihanna mdr

  • nuj

    True !!! Says:
    February 28th, 2011 at 2:14 am

    Anonymous Says:

    February 27th, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Honestly, to me, this final was :

    Cudot landing hammers EVERYWHERE, deserving the win
    Aragon landing hammers just on the ledge, deserving 2nd place

    Now everything else was just a pile of pure shit. Bailey 3rd ? for just a single trick, who suck compare to what were landing the others ?

    Stockwell ? Yea, when I saw his line the first time, I liked the flow. A little less the 2nd time, and even less the 3rd time. When I saw it for the 84th time, I just wanted to kill the guy.

    Broskow ? “ya man, Im so kewl Im just gonna land sum little tricks and ignoring everything else, kewl man, yea, dont care man, too cool, (and I might hurt myself on those big rails also)

    Smith ? It felt like he was tring tricks that everyone masters know for the past 5 years. Yeah, disaster back royale ! Sick ! Unfortunately, We’re not in 1995 anymore

    Kelso ? Best joke ever, taking his whole final trying to land a ugly trick on a shin-high rail. What are those guys doing here seriously ? THEY are making the sport look bad, not the edit

    Bolino ? I think I’ve seen a 360 disaster soul from him at the begining.

    Shima ? Why putting the guy in finals if he doesnt even want to FUCKING SKATE ? what sens does it make ? Id rather see some wanabee trying something than this dude who hasnt lend a trick in years. But I guess it looks cool to have the name “shima” in your list

    Abrate ? He deserved a better place to me. Not because he skated well, he persisted to land some disaster on the ledge, but just because all the above werent event trying.

    To sum it up. Grats to Cudot and Aragon who made an effort to skate. To all of the others, shame on you, your overbuilt reputation doesnt hide the truth about your pure mediocrity.


  • Vic

    Fuck yeah Erik Bailey… easily the most dangerous trick done and the 270 bs backslide to sweaty was perfectly executed… and he is such a nice dude. great pro right there.