Barn Burner 2007: Results + Edit

Official Barn Burner 2007 Edit by Rain City Films

Conartistbrand Edit

1st: Brian Aragon
2nd: Chris Haffey
3rd: Josh Cardenas

Best line: Jeff Stockwell
Best Trick: Aragon, disaster 540 ao porn 360 out

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  • ShAdY

    Ptin ya des tricks vraiment énorme !!!

  • Bhunter


  • Bilaal

    realy nice edits triks were so crazy !!!!

    vraiment beau ce contest

  • RobF

    that weiss off the top was nice. good edit, nice and clean and thanks for the non youtube option.

  • Ville

    Haha Aragon wins every competition.

  • m0rdoc

    Crazy awesome tricks! Aragin won for the disaster 540° ao porn okay but he also did a disaster 540° ao topacid and I thought it was better… Nevertheless he won =)

  • http://na nolo


  • chi roller

    ben weis is the shit! havent seen alot of him lately good, to see he still skates and is good

  • eric

    godamn! i thought the back farv up the rail to disaster 360 back savanna was crazy by aragon. everyone was goin off at that comp.

  • Mr M

    everything was so sketch, all dodgey landings and sketchy style, not what i was expecting from this comp edit, i miss the days when people preffered a good style to who can do the best spin grind comp edits like these are poor nowadays there mostly just grind after grind after grind spin this way spin that way shit, lacks creativity and style. tricks should be smooth and laced not falling with your feet in a grind position. but anyways grinds is all rolling is about nowadays

  • Truce ’07 –oner–>

    dear god. i wish i was there

  • Abel

    Mr M i can understand where you are coming from and i agree with a lot of what you are saying. Infact i think the best trick was the 720 flatspin by Julian Bah. However i feel that many of the skating and the tricks are really really smooth and stylish for example the outspin 360 fishy was really really clean.

  • jai

    I agree with Mr. M on many levels – Then again I am from the old school days and things evolve. Skating goes in cycles with something new and then it fades and then an old style hits big. I remember when Hoax 2 came out and Brooke was talking about the changes in rolling from the long handrail days to the new tech short rails with spinning in and out “and it’s a hell of a lot of fun” It all changes and comes back around again. Rolling is rolling and as long as you roll and you are livin it to the fullest – do your thing. We are all ONE with different talents… It is when you put EVERYONE together that makes rolling so incredible!!! Rollin since 91 and still goin.

  • Half

    Aragon > all

    He cans do everything… sick skater!

  • skatayann

    il est où Antonin ?

  • Mr M

    Yeah to be fair some of the tricks are smooth, and bahs 720 flatspin was nice, and he was lacing the ticks, and so were some of the other guys laying it down, but the top 2, aragon and haffey they were sketch all through and dunno the edit just didnt show very much of what rolling is about, the both of them have proberly done each trick they did in the comp a million times and the only thing that changes is the shape of the rail or box there doing it on. its just mondane and repetitive, and dunno about stockwell did he have a dogey ankle or something cus he just seemed really sketch in this edit. when i first saw his section with ryan northway in everythings 2 fucked they were both amazingly good skaters and it was such a good section i remember it inspiring alot of people to follow there style what happened to that? he won best line and we didnt even see a line and creative lines and thinking outside the box is what i recon makes a great park skater anyone can grind a box ledge its doing something noone had thouht of before which is what i recon makes a great park skater, but anyway yeah i agree haffey and aragon are two of the best skaters there are and they definetly can come top in most street comps, but park comps are now just turning into a street comp, and instead of the rail being outside its down a ramp or is a grind box. wheres broskow nowadays? and fairplay if you just read all my mumbling and moaning

  • chi roller

    Mr.MM ur a lame

  • sweat box

    540 alleyoop top acid was steezed .mr M is a gayblader . its all about evolution fair enough the spin tricks are a bit sketch but with evolution 540 soul will become as steezed as a plain soul

  • al dolega

    i think rollerblading, still being very much a developing sport, will naturally fixate itself on certain things until it wears out interest in them or the progression in that area plateaus, or at least slows. it’s already happened with tons of switchups, budget switchups, shuffles/cess slides, etc…… don’t get too upset about it, it’s part of how our sport grows

    spinning disaster grinds are hot right now because rollerbladers- our leading pros and now, gradually, others- are getting to the point where they can do enough of them, on enough obstacles, to do them for an entire contest. eventually the progression will level off or at least slow, and the focus will move elsewhere. maybe next year it’ll be wallrides, or bodyshuffles/medspins/fullmedspins/grabs/stalls/shuffles/etc into rails, or who knows.

  • mason
  • Bizzle

    Ben Weis trick at teh beggining was the best thing ive seen in a long time! Your my hero!!

  • Q8-skater

    sweet skating really crazy tricks 2 …… its A CRAZY EDIT ;P

  • werd

    that skatepark is sketch. the ground and ramps get really slick, so maybe thats why youre not getting your picture perfect landings on all the tricks.