Barn Burner 2009: Themgoods Clips & Results

Check the video in HD Streaming.
Photo: Themgoods.

Full Results:

1st Brian Shima 1000 points, $1500
2nd Eric Bailey 900 points, $1250
3rd Nick Lomax 800 points, $1000
4th Chris Haffey 700 points, $750
5th Jon Jon Bolino 600 points, $500

6th Montre Livingston 500 points
7th Brandon Smith 400 points
8th Carlos Pianowski 300 points
9th Richie Valasquez 200 points
10th Adam Exline 100 points

11th Mathias Silhan
12th Jon Fromm
13th Chris Sullivan
14th Randy Juarez
15th Brandon Weller
16th Josiah Blee
17th Frankie Morales
18th Brian Aragon
19th Mike Johnson
20th Jake Dotson

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  • hoax34

    Shima is a legend!

  • Roussel

    been a while since ive seen shima take a contest! fucking awesome! i want vids.

  • Superman

    All those non-pro’s in the list???

  • um……

    WTF????? What the fuck is with the child molester pic? FUCKING END THIS!!!! This shit is hurting us. Bting it back to where style mattered, not what MTV wants us to be. FUCKING MEDIA WASHED FOLLOWERS.

  • millet

    Shima Killed it

  • jt


    Those were the hosts, Rob Inks and Mike from K2. Their CHARACTERS were Chip and Dip and they were hilarious announcers.

  • memory lane

    k2 mike as in….mike canoles???

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  • bakJoul’

    $1500 -_-
    How much was the prize money at the Winterclash and Bittercold ?!

  • Gigi

    I had already seen this edit on the valo vimeo.
    Those results change of the classical top 5 haffey, broscow, bailey, aragon, and dotson for being “at home”.
    That’s why i want to see how bad aragon skated and how good shima did
    (nice to see him in top rank!!)

  • Zach

    I was there, and Shima was kicking some ass with those wall rides…..but I think Eric Bailey should have won.

  • cody2.5

    that day was so crazy glad i was there

  • Boelie

    Jake Dotson 20th WHAT?!

  • nate harlow

    was barnburner timed runs this year?

  • nate harlow

    the best place that any skatebarn team member got was 13th he’s like 14 years old and on there am team. that don’t happen everyday!!!!!!!!!

  • says

    better than bcsd and interclash. \,,/

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