Barn Burner 2008: Results & Photos

Barn Burner 2008

Barn Burner 2008 Results:

1- Brian Aragon
2- Alex Broskow
3- Erik Bailey
4- Jake Dotson
5- Rachard Johnson

Best trick:
Alex Broskow.
(540 gap to flat over c ledge).

Best Line:
Erik Bailey.

Barn Burner 2008

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Barn Burner 2008

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  • me

    cant wait for an edit to come up!
    wonder what aragon did to win

  • gang

    5-Rachard Johnson? He is back! siiick

  • andy

    cant wait for the chaz sands comp now, knowing that aragon is back

  • longduckdong

    lol at joe dirt.dude is a pimp.

  • doom

    wat happend to aragon lately ..

  • chuck

    yes Rachard back!

  • AidasK

    hope to see Aragon skating new razors. what happened to haffey ?

  • et biiiiiim


  • donovan

    HA i won the begginer cup that day!
    well second place but oh well

  • whyz20

    Support of the Lou Zhu, Lou Zhu worked hard
    Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.
    ugg bailey button

  • qingimiss