Bang, Mindgame (Full Video)

The third Installment from Mindgame, BANG will make you reevaluate everything you thought you knew about tricks, style and editing. It brings rolling to heights never before imagined. Witness the masters who blend creativity & fluidity.

bang mindgame

bang mindgame

Track Listing By Rollingvideos.

Intro: Murder By Death – You Are the Last Dragon
Aaron Feinberg: Tv on the Radio – Staring at the Sun
Don Bambrick: Passage – Poem to The Hospital
Friends: Pinback – Syracuse
Dustin Latimer: Matthew Cooker – Thanks Eddie (Clean Version)
Crash Section: Earlimart – We’re So Happy (We Left The Piano In The Truck)
Brian Aragon: Deep Puddle Dynamics – d. Mothers of Invention
Chris Farmer: Midnight Movies – Just To Play
Credits: The Black Heart Procession – Waterfront (The Sinking Road)
Team Section: Sole – Salt On Everything

bang mindgame

If you are a Spotify User (France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Uk and Spain only) check the Bang Playlist (some songs are missing).

Bonus: 4×4 Leading the Blind, Razors Ego Playlists on Spotify.

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  • gaazza

    Damn, I remember when this video first came out at the end of 04 when I bought it. So wild when this first came out its what got me back into skating.

  • Anonymous

    The sound goes way off after the intro =/

  • asslord

    oh damn I will start my hookah now and getting some beer

  • ICE T

    its funny how much you emphasized on the music for this, yet you couldnt seem to upload the video proper enough to hear it to the video right

  • Anonymous

    Awesome awesome video! I could watch Feinburg and Farmer all day!

  • darin

    Love this video.. It’s so sad that Mindgame went under.. I remember watching Brain Fear Gone back in 2000 with all my friends when I was first getting into rollerblading. I have Mindgame to thank for all the great years of rollerblading, so sad to see them gone. This video is amazing just like all their other videos of course and it still has the same Mindgame vibe that we all grew to love.

  • http://dfagldfuckyou vern quigley


  • Thomas Cheung

    i like this video but i hate the skits, that matt mickey bit is just not funny or interesting or enlightening.

  • john

    oh my god I haven’t seen this in so long.

  • chris M

    another one of my faveriots.

  • Alex

    Feinberg section is mint, perhaps the best section ever.

  • Alex

    Didn’t remember Ruben still skated back then… awesome

  • colel

    its a good vid. Aragon kills it, but i dont get how a vid from 5 years ago, from a company thats not around anymore its news…… u know… on the rollerNEWS website…

  • Robert

    this could hang with what’s out there now.

  • sputnik

    This section seemed to be the beginning of a farmer curse of having a 10 times better section in a video that was released after a mindgame video. I think his section in Bang was awesome but his Feet section was so much sweeter. Same deal with his section in Accidental Machines, he went on to make one of my all-time favorite sections in the Meantime.

    Luckily, every section he has made since Meantime has been fucking stellar. Call me a Farmer fanboy. Get fucking real. He’s continually the most innovative rollerblader anyone has seen since 2005.

    Proceed with teh pants argument.

  • rollerblading is gay

    its news cause no one put it up online before. idiot.

    innovative eh? farmer does what he wants to do. thats all. idunno what yer talkin about innovating. latimer was the last person in my eyes to innovate shit

  • Bashdy

    By far my fav video!

  • colel

    rollerblading is gay: i gotta be honest with u, i’ve seen plenty of ur comments on rollernews before and i think that u should take the “rollerblading is” out of ur user name…… by ur logic, if hurricane katrina wasnt in the media, it didnt happen… it doesnt make it “news” (cant spell news with NEW) because no one put it online before… u couldve gone to u tube and seen any of these sections for the last 4 years… HELL! aragon was still using able gen ones when this came out… half the products in the video arent even around anymore… Salomon, Deshi, Mindgame,… Latimer……….. i have this video. it is good… but it isnt news…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. idiot

  • Souh Bronx

    ahhh, the golden age of rollerblading. thanks RN this felt good to see this gem pop up again. where’s Words and Brain Fear Gone!?!?!? BRING BACK MINDGAME!!!