Bam Margera is a Blader

bam margera

No you won’t see Bam Margera rocking some rollerblades, but here is a photo of him with a Stygma tee.

Thanks to Bassti and El.Julio.

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64 Responses to “Bam Margera is a Blader”

  1. peanut slorbb Says:

    Cool – i wonder if he knows stygma is a rolling clothing brand tho

  2. Djinga Says:


  3. russ Says:

    bam’s an idiot lol

  4. Twinky Says:

    I think Bam is too much of a moron to know it’s a rollerblading company. Skateboarders might be shaking their heads if they knew about this, but rollerbladers ARE shaking their heads seeing this puto rep Stygma. Oh well, ANY publicity is good publicity.

  5. abel Says:

    i dont know i dont see the big deal…the shirt is a nice one it doesnt matter who wears it….i guess it is good exposure but unless Bam makes a big statement about the company i am sure no one will notice….jus congrats to stygma for makin a shirt likable by anyone

  6. Jaakko Says:

    ..haha that’s right!

  7. dustin Says:

    hahahahahaahahahahahhahhahhahahaha regina hahahahahahahahahahaha we rule hahahahahahahah mission complete

  8. churchill Says:


  9. Emode Says:

    Oh what a poser…

  10. lucilor Says:

    heheheheheheee……………………. who cares? heheheeeeeeee

  11. tomibohus Says:

    that´s good, not every skateboarder hates our scene…Skateboarders: GO and BUY Stygma shirts and you will be on rollernews… :)

  12. ... Says:

    P H O T O S H O P . . . Besides..its just clothing..


  13. lvrolla Says:

    hahah tight!

  14. Laurens Says:

    I would wait to tell skateboarders, atleast untill he asks Oli if he can get sponsered by them…

  15. GELZbetonis Says:

    LOLS , why bam can’s wear stygma shirt’s . You haven’t fuckin brain . Skaters don’t hates you , like you hate skaters !

  16. MUSAskater586 Says:

    ^^^that guys gramar is Awsome.

  17. MUSAskater586 Says:


    ps. Good, let him and everyone else who wants to wear skating apparel wear it – don’t be a dick and shout “poser”…

  18. MUSAskater586 Says:

    *grammar (apparently mine is pretty sweet too).

  19. E$ROCK Says:

    bam is homosexually active as well

  20. bob Says:

    he used to rollerblade

  21. ron Says:

    is that pee-wee herman in the window?

  22. Kevin Baguley Says:

    if Bam was smart he would give up and break his peice of wood and grab a pair of blades. If he continues to skateboard he is dumb cause skateboarding is going nowhere!!!! However jackass 2 was fuckin funny

  23. pollo Says:

    BAM is a huge faggot.

  24. snipes Says:

    Bam is freinds with the kelso’s and with adam killgore who owns neglected truth.

  25. J Says:

    im glad bam is wearing that he ahs a huge influence in the skateboarding community especially with the young bucks…hopefully this will promote less hate to rollers from immature little skateboarders

  26. ex_zombie Says:

    come on guys! are you 4real? does it matter if a skaterboarder wears the tee or a bmx guy or whatever other sport. this is why skateboarders don’t like us. because guys like most of you here just w8 to see something that looks like mistake or that some skateboareder has to say, wear or whatever else to start talking bullshit about him. there are a lot of stupid rollerbladers as there are skateboarders and all the other sports. so think a bit before starting with the stupid comments. most of the rollerbladers has and still do wear skateboarding clothes and other extreme and non extreme companies. cool to see some photo like this + bam has allways been one of my favourite skateboarders even with the stupid acting and all the other that goes with him and i am not even close of shamed to say it

  27. taylornelson Says:


  28. Absolute Dre Says:

    i find it hilarious… that he would wear a rollerblading shirt… if the boarders only knew…

  29. adrien Says:

    stygma rocks!!!!!

  30. ian Says:

    bam was probably in europe and he was at some skatepark and saw stygma and thought “damn i’ve never heard of them it must be some badass underground skatebioard compamny form europe” so he buys it not knowing that its a rolling comopany… its funny i once heard a story about someone at the x games wearing sifikas and bam walked up to him and said “what kind of shoes are those? they are sick” the rollerblader replied “they’re sifikas yuou know rollerblading shoes?” and bam without saying another word turned around and walked away..

  31. W.N.H 2 Says:

    Actually Skaters Don’t like us. You should really look at more videos and read up on your history. I have skateboarders every now and then (The ones who think their tough enough) coming up to me disrespecting me because of my sport. They talk shit about you, threatin you especially at Burnside and other parks and will even try to kill you Read a really old Big brother and hear how they boast about beating a blader in the head with their boards at burnside and I do believe killing him. They are our enemy. If they didn’t hate us they wouldn’t work so hard on getting us off of TV and taking the money out of our industry through our big box deals and companies who still think that rolliing cool (like Gap) who are too scared to show their love because of people like the dog town groups. It’s those old school skaters especially that hate us the ones who couldn’t be pro even in their best years that do the most to fuck us up.

  32. uribe Says:

    Bam is cool ,Im a jackass lover and he does crazy stunt shit.Why do all you guys have to talk shit of him? And him wearing Stygma is huge man,dont you realize he is one of skateboarding most eclipsed pros on the media?

  33. Old and Bitter Says:

    Who cares about skateboarding. They’re alreading dying… Just wait for 5 years, Nike will be the only “skateboarding” company that remains…

  34. milan Says:


  35. DANIELSON Says:

    I agree that bAM IS ok. But he is obviously wearing this on accident. He is a well known blader-hater. He also hangs with Tony Hawk who is a hater. I wish somebody would record the look on his face when he found out that he is reping our sport. I hope it happens in front of all of his boarder friends so he gets humiliated.

  36. phil Says:

    we dnt need a diked like him in our sport

  37. DANIELSON Says:

    I don’t care if he hangs with the Kelso”s or not. He would never intentionally rock a blading shirt. and that is why this is funny to me

  38. Laurens Says:

    Ex-zombie and like-minds are right.

  39. CoreyMcCumber Says:

    Whats wrong with Bam? I remember watching CKY: Landspeed when I was 14 or so and thinking it was the coolest video I had ever seen. Big deal if he does not like blading, I hate scooters and basket ball, to each their own.

  40. DANIELSON Says:

    Corey, it’s not about whats wrong with Bam. I think he is funny as hell. But like I said, he disrespects blading but has a blading shirt on. Thats like if you were to ride a scooter wearing a basketball jersey. That would be kinda odd wouldn’t it?

  41. Roller Says:

    what a fack dude Bam is an idiot and he is just an actor not even a sk8boarder…..Jesus!!!!!we are just raising sk8board’s level by giving them our logos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. rocksanddirt Says:

    so if i buy a skydiving tshirt them im a skydiver?

  43. Nunzio Says:

    i COMPLETLY agree with W.N.H.2 he is 100 percent right on this skateboards HATE us with a passion …..look at what they did to us cuz of them rolling aint that big but watch u fucking scumbag woodpushers when we are on the top and yur jus lil bitches crying about it and i hope to god that tony hawk gets hit my a train !!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. maTT Says:

    OMG hes wearing a certain brand of clothes!! that makes him a blader!! so what if he wears stygma, i wear skateboard shoes but i dont skateboard. sheesh!

  45. JE$$E JAME$ Says:


    dont get your panties a bunched up over some “jackass” wearing a t shirt.

    cuz we all knoow!

    WHen rolling finally POPS off we are all all gonna be cooler than a polar bears toenails.

    baleive dat!

  46. Corey McCumber Says:

    Not so much odd as just stupid, Mr. Danielson.( I think I misspelt your name, but my cat is laying on the up arrow and I dont feel like moving her to check).
    I met Bam a few years ago at Proving Grounds skate park, and I have to say that he is actually a pretty cool guy. He does not hate rolling, he just loves skate boarding and promotes it as such. If making fun or rollerbladers gets more kids to skateboard, then he will do it. Just like we will do what ever it takes to get more kids to roll. Like I said to each their own, if he wants to rock a Stygma shirt ( I HIGHLY DOUBT he does not know what it is, pro athletes of any sport NEVER wear clothes with out knowing what they are about or supporting) then let him.

  47. Braybrooke Says:

    this is inaccurate. that pic was taken from the ‘making of the HIM’ video for buried alive by love 2-3 or so years ago. to my knowledge i’ve only known stygma to be around for the last year.

    however, it does look like a stygma longsleeve so i dunno, lol. just thought i’d shine abit of light on this subject

  48. michael Says:

    what a faggit!!!!

  49. ron Says:

    it’s obviously fake.

    you can see peewee herman in the window of that building!

  50. jufri Says:

    im sure he can’t even do soul…

  51. DarthRoller Says:

    It’s Bam.

    He’s an ass.

    Who cares?

  52. tzoompy Says:

    duuuude BAM MARGERA sucks the gay right out of FREDDY MERCURY’s ass

  53. DANIELSON Says:

    Corey, I understand what you are saying.Like I said I think Bam is funny and is probly a cool dude. But I don’t tolerate people who disrespect our sport for any reason. I don’t want to use my anti-skateboarding agenda to recruite new bladers. Instead, I share my love of my sport and try to show them how cool it reall y is when done right.(by showing them my skills & showing them what REALLY good skating looks like in the videos I buy.) I still don’t believe he knew what he was wearing. Remember, Bam is a very fashion oriented guy. He probly saw a cool shirt that he thought fit his style,and decided to wear it.But I don’t know. Anyways ,you did spell my name right. And I appreciated the MR. in
    Skate hard, live hard. Peace

  54. scott 859 Says:

    haha grammer oh yea bam gets way more credit than what he deserves hes good but hes definetly not the best but hey we need all of the publicity we can get

  55. e Says:

    actually one of his friends and a character on his show is a rollerblader..

    bam is still a fag though. but thats besides the point.

  56. dan Says:

    HA one kid said above… Bam is cool because he does crazy stunts… kid ur retarded our stunts in rollerblading are alot crazier…

  57. brendan Says:

    and how many of you wear, or have worn skateboard shoes, i know i did, even though i buy adidas now, im still gonna buy skateboard shoes, but that certainly doesnt mean i skateboard, it just clothes nobody cares, if you care that much, go to westchester and tell him its a blading shirt, otherwise your not helping any at all about your bitching about it

  58. Johnny_1989 Says:

    to be honest he prob just got it free at a skate tour and dnt realise it was a blading one, prob thought it was a band lol, c how Intellectual skateboarders are? lol haha.

  59. cory Says:

    hope he feels fo rollabladin like jim jones or somethin, if not hes a dumbass!

  60. ron Says:

    you guys are missing the point. it’s fake. you can see peewee herman in the window.

  61. Killa Kay Kay Says:

    haha this is cute…
    im sure he doesnt know its a rollerblading shirt..
    but surprisingly… a lot of boarders have some respect for us.
    either way … its funny.

    Live 2 Roll Roll 2 Live


  62. Killa Kay Kay Says:

    an another thing…
    JE$$E JAME$ is right…

    our sport just rose out of the blue like not even 2 decades ago?
    boarding has been goin on before hippies even knew what weed was…

    (okayy im exagerating)
    but word guys…
    chill ur grillz and wait
    shit will happen… and our sport will be on top.

  63. christof Says:

    Its A shirt u faggots…. he doesnt need to be a blader to wear a shirt.

    Build a bridge and get over yourselfs, your all so pathetic


  64. B Says:

    omg do u hear urselves? ur arguing over a fuckin T SHIRT. ur thinking “hes a skater, he should only wear skateboarding clothes and nothing else”. who cares dude he didnt do anything bad its just clothes and btw y do u have to look for the smallest detail to make it a scandal or some shit