Bam Margera is a Blader

bam margera

No you won’t see Bam Margera rocking some rollerblades, but here is a photo of him with a Stygma tee.

Thanks to Bassti and El.Julio.

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  • DarthRoller

    It’s Bam.

    He’s an ass.

    Who cares?

  • tzoompy

    duuuude BAM MARGERA sucks the gay right out of FREDDY MERCURY’s ass


    Corey, I understand what you are saying.Like I said I think Bam is funny and is probly a cool dude. But I don’t tolerate people who disrespect our sport for any reason. I don’t want to use my anti-skateboarding agenda to recruite new bladers. Instead, I share my love of my sport and try to show them how cool it reall y is when done right.(by showing them my skills & showing them what REALLY good skating looks like in the videos I buy.) I still don’t believe he knew what he was wearing. Remember, Bam is a very fashion oriented guy. He probly saw a cool shirt that he thought fit his style,and decided to wear it.But I don’t know. Anyways ,you did spell my name right. And I appreciated the MR. in
    Skate hard, live hard. Peace

  • scott 859

    haha grammer oh yea bam gets way more credit than what he deserves hes good but hes definetly not the best but hey we need all of the publicity we can get

  • e

    actually one of his friends and a character on his show is a rollerblader..

    bam is still a fag though. but thats besides the point.

  • dan

    HA one kid said above… Bam is cool because he does crazy stunts… kid ur retarded our stunts in rollerblading are alot crazier…

  • brendan

    and how many of you wear, or have worn skateboard shoes, i know i did, even though i buy adidas now, im still gonna buy skateboard shoes, but that certainly doesnt mean i skateboard, it just clothes nobody cares, if you care that much, go to westchester and tell him its a blading shirt, otherwise your not helping any at all about your bitching about it

  • Johnny_1989

    to be honest he prob just got it free at a skate tour and dnt realise it was a blading one, prob thought it was a band lol, c how Intellectual skateboarders are? lol haha.

  • cory

    hope he feels fo rollabladin like jim jones or somethin, if not hes a dumbass!

  • ron

    you guys are missing the point. it’s fake. you can see peewee herman in the window.

  • Killa Kay Kay

    haha this is cute…
    im sure he doesnt know its a rollerblading shirt..
    but surprisingly… a lot of boarders have some respect for us.
    either way … its funny.

    Live 2 Roll Roll 2 Live


  • Killa Kay Kay

    an another thing…
    JE$$E JAME$ is right…

    our sport just rose out of the blue like not even 2 decades ago?
    boarding has been goin on before hippies even knew what weed was…

    (okayy im exagerating)
    but word guys…
    chill ur grillz and wait
    shit will happen… and our sport will be on top.

  • christof

    Its A shirt u faggots…. he doesnt need to be a blader to wear a shirt.

    Build a bridge and get over yourselfs, your all so pathetic


  • B

    omg do u hear urselves? ur arguing over a fuckin T SHIRT. ur thinking “hes a skater, he should only wear skateboarding clothes and nothing else”. who cares dude he didnt do anything bad its just clothes and btw y do u have to look for the smallest detail to make it a scandal or some shit