Bake: 72mm flat frame w/ h-block (prototype)

Bake Frames: 72mm flat frame with h-block (prototype)

Larger picture & thread on FB (via).

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  • Cody Sagona

    If something gets stuck in between the wheels … is a concern.

  • Pca4

    The revolution is coming…

  • Anonymous

    ahh yess… I like.. Rollerblading is about to get a whole lot more fun.

  • asdf

    i’ve been waiting for something like this!! Jsrf dream can finally come true

  • Anonymous

    until a pebble wedges between two wheels and you eat fucking shit.

  • Triple OG

    Say bye bye to Kizer freestyle frames. Now you can go flat with grinding space. Sweet!

  • irish

    kaltik flat frames??scumbags

  • jimmy_Hulk

    are they kaltik frames ??

  • lubaal

    thing about how the wheels spin when u ride on them.. theres no fuckin way a pebble would stuck between them.. its more likely its gonna stuck between the h block and wheel

  • Anonymous

    looks like fun to me!!!

  • Anonymous

    all this powerblading shit is oli’s fault

  • Optimus

    Riding flat is just so much better………

    This isn’t the first frame like this of its kind, what are some of you talking about. I mean this looks to be refined but i mean there have been a few good ones. Kizer and some others.. The kizers’ block was set in a bit from the outer part of the frame, that wasn’t so great

    Going from flat to anti-rocker is terrible, its light night and day.
    Obviously there is benefit to having grind wheels or none at all

    Remember the Kizer Elemnt frames, are they still around ?

  • History of Powerblading

    The Powerblading term originated with the Vine Street guys in Sydney Australia. A few of them work for a local skate shop and would borrow rental rec skates. This spread around as Richie Eisler also lived in Sydney. Then he moved to Barcelona and started really pushing it. Richie and the Barcelona crew are the reason “Powerblading” has become a brand in itself. It was completely his idea to create the frames, UC wheels, and push it as a fun frame swapping way to cruise around the city. Don’t like Powerblading? Don’t buy it. But people like it. And don’t blame Oli Benet, blame Richie Eisler for being a rad cunt and basically a marketing genius.

  • chris

    yet another kaltik frame ripped off. first xsjado now this

  • Dacer bxny

    Finally a power blade frame that dosentnpook cheep and like a recreational frame..

  • rob pruett

    just so you no its nothing like a kaltik frame its got different and more exciting possibilities the owners of bake would never want to step on any other companies toes and this product does not you’ll see come feb 20013

  • Krokodil

    This is shit, rollerblading is going down everyday i open this page

  • power blading started in central park nyc years before

  • RAB

    looks like cheap kaltik frames

  • History of Powerblading

    Giving you the run down of this recent craze. It stems back to the Vine St/Barcelona guys and Richies ties with powerslide.

  • Anonymous

    @Rob Pruett
    Thank fuck its only going to arrive in 20013, like we need another frame company at the moment. If I owned Kaltik I would be a bit pissed.

  • Anonymous

    @Rob Pruett
    Thank god these frames will only arrive in 20013, like we need another frame company leeching of an already broke industry. Nothing like Kaltik’s my ass!!

  • Anonymous

    looks like a kaltik frame

  • John

    it’s Seba frame ?

  • SALT

    To the everyone that is complaining… What are you so mad about?
    It’s rollerblading, IT’S FUN, it’s STILL aggressive, there’s more choices for wheel sizes now.
    It doesn’t look like a kaltik, if anything it looks like Tom Hysers epoc frame
    that never came out lol.
    And when you’re skating fast enough rocks/pebbles don’t get caught in your
    wheels as easily or you should scan the ground while blading so you don’t trip
    on that shit. So anyway…
    WTF IS THE BIG DEAL!?!?!?!
    I think it’s fucking gnarly awesome! You all should be stoked!

  • Anonymous

    this look amazin. i love powerblading, but sometimes just want to royale a fukin rail. safe.

  • Frames

    Little something called kaltik on the market that are much better and actually available. this is a rip

  • Optimus

    you NOOBS complaining don’t know what you are talking about as if this is something radical. It looks to be a nice frame. I’m sure allot of you haven’t ridden flat for long, just so much more control. Doesn’t have to be powerblading. I”ve been doing it since my Aragon Oxygens

    If you look, the Kaltik fram has a HARD GROOVE UNLIKE these frames. You can tell that its different. Its actually better in this situation because you will hit the grind faster.

    Im’ not like sticking up for this company, i’m just pointing out obvious things.

    It DOESNT necessarily have to be for powerblading.
    Althoughwith this frame, powerblading ends up just being aggressive skating because they can actually do all the tricks ( for the most part)

    This doesn’t have to be about powerblading, riding flat is nothing new.
    The wheel size doesn’t need to be that big !
    I absolutely hate powerblading because to me its but these frames look great.
    Riding flat is way better than anti-rocker.

    I use to ride flat woth OXYGEN Aragon Skates.. shit aint new

    “Krokodil Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 1:50 am
    This is shit, rollerblading is going down everyday i open this page”

    WTF are you talking about ?

  • rollfiend

    What I love about this is that you can ride anti-rocker with 72mm wheels!

  • Anonymous

    It’s 1994 with an H-block. It only took the better part of two decades to figure it out. Congratulations. Sorry to sound old and bitter. I can’t help it. Enjoy it anyway.