B.L.A.D.E: Chris Haffey vs Jeff Stockwell

Flashback: Woodward West B.L.A.D.E Session (2011).

chris haffey jeff stockwell

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  • kurt

    @Shima Blows – let me reiterate that for you “haffey goes the biggest on everything”

  • hoda

    I hope the next game of blade will be out soon!!!

  • PiRi

    I expected from Stockwell to be more chilled and not acting so childish-not accepting tricks, whining what he can and cannot do…Yes he is a great skater, but there shouldve been more fairplay from his side.

    I love how Haffey demonstrates he can do tricks he has never showed in his videos (example-in skate factory, 4-5 years ago when he Beat Aragon’s tricks..he did fullcab true fish-have you ever seen him doing one? or the fakie 540 top soul..)

    I`d love to see a game vs Iain McLeod, although Haffey will probably lose big, if they play on a small obstacle.

  • Anonymous

    For anyone who said stockwell didnt grab medspin fihsbrain have you ever tried that trick its almost impossible cause all the spin and the balance its with your free foot(stockwell right foot) but i guess those haters talk shit about it cause they cant even do a fishbrain…oh and this game of blade are for fun just take it like that or leave it


    Its coolbut if these were somerandomkids who did a game ofbladeina park peoplewould talk shit ayoooo chriss haffey battle frankymorales so he can shit on your back

  • Bean


  • Anonymous

    fun episode. good to see jeff hit the mega either way. good to see haffey being such a modest dude. DAVE LANG KILLIN IT!!!!!!!!11

  • Anonymous

    Awesome episode. Love how candid they are. Haffey’s got a great on camera personality. Keep em coming!

  • fred

    illusion is where you look over the wrong shoulder. not your switch, the one where you have to turn your head more than your body to do the trick

  • t.a.

    illusion is when you look over your left shoulder and spin right into your trick… and vice versa

    also sweet episode.. zero spin wallride over that would be gnarly. and chris jeff n bsmith the shit!

  • Anonymous

    Haffey vs. CK on a p-rail – the only thing CK can skate.

  • notorious brooke howard smith

    we just had a talk about haffey today, hes such a strange type of blader… on the one hand, he pulls the illest tricks… on the other hand, he eats shit on basic stuff on a regular basis. weird

  • Anonymous

    McLeod, O’Neill, Bolino, Livingston, Shima and Broskow need to be on his hit list. Sagona, Dustin Latimer, Josh letona

  • Pass

    40ft+ zero spin?!?! Thats fucking nuts!!

  • bballog

    that was awesome. period. fuck the haters. personally. I will hit you in the face.

  • bballog

    73 Parnassus San Francisco, CA my fists are ready

  • jS

    Lol, good shit. Flatspin were definitely legit tho…

    Haffey is a G because he’s not just picking tricks that he knows the other skater can’t do. He’s just trying to have a good game.

  • DarthRoller

    For those who are highlighting that Haffey hasn’t been winning;

    He took on Aragon on a box he sessions ALL the time.
    He took on Farmer, who learned switch everything before anybody, on a handrail, knowing that Farmer basically turned rollerbladers into rail junkies for a number of years.
    He took on Stockwell, arguably the world’s best bowl rider, in a bowl.

    He’s playing to their strengths, to showcase their talent. He already has his website, people who discover his website can discover other pros through the B.L.A.D.E. games.

    AND by taking on some of the best on terrain they’re good on, Haffey’s also becoming an even better rollerblader!!!

  • yep

    Stockwell is at home in a bowl. Plus the flatspin SHOULD have counted. But gotta admire the mans honor.

    Result doesn’t matter, Haffey ftw next time!

  • yep


    Wise words


    What can I say except AMAZING, .. these are so much fun to watch

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Stockwell is a little bitch. “Wah, I can’t, wah!” He’s like a little baby compared to Haffey.

  • terror

    Flat spin should have counted and jeff’s fakie wallride shouldn’t have counted cuz he put his hand on the wall.

  • Anonymous

    so entertaining but yea stockwell did complain and haffey doesn’t complain at all like a boss

  • vinny minton

    nice… this makes me miss skating.. think im going to have to put my skates on and go shred.

  • Anonymous

    looks like Haffey isn’t as good as everyone makes him out to be.

  • Todd

    And who are you so make a judgement like that? Oh yeah, that’s right, your anonymous. A nobody from nowhere with nothing to say

  • terror

    Anonymous, congratulations, you are officially the biggest DUMBASS on rollernews. Saying haffey isnt as good as everyone makes him out to be is by far the most retarded comment i’ve seen on this website. Plz quit rollerblade (if you even are a rollerblader) and stick to your xbox.

  • Anonymous

    crazy it took more than half the page before someone noticed that Haffey is battling his friends on homefield.. Just like someone said, Stockwell sure can skate a bowl(prolly smoke one too :P)

    GJ! Ive loved every episode of B.L.A.D.E

  • Oskars

    flat spin with feet not over head = not real flat spin!

  • Anonymous

    Every skater has good tricks and bad tricks, BLADE is all about trying stuff you normally wouldn’t try… dont hate

    Mega ramp was sick.. Should put a huge rainbow box in the middle though :D

  • 31 and still Rollin’

    @ Darth Roller TOO TRUE Haffey is playing pros on areas they are good at an he’s having to push him self on.
    Flat spin was legit but that fakie wall ride was one footed and Stockwells hand touched the wall.
    Still a bloody good edit and would love to hit the MEGA ramp

  • http://patinsblog.com Patins

    wow they are having so much fun doing this… amazing

  • http://www.rolldc.com Doug Cupo

    really enjoyable to watch fellas…it was pretty funny too. My favorite part was the end when B Smith, Stockwell, Lang, Haffey went HAM on the mega ramp, that was awesome! All of you dudes killed it.

  • Domi

    has anyone noticed that Haffey changed skates for the megaramp? :D

  • http://beeg.com Till Deleuze

    @ Kurt :

    Imagine it: a middle hard spot, sth like the size of 4,6bpm, and doubled in wide with raw stuff where you can hit hard and cars gor even faaster (!) that would be like – oh wait- you where right…. 1-0 for you Mt Kurt, but now the war is on, i will look for you in all teh forums !

    ah ya ya : skaten is übergeil ass well you dou

  • eddieocruz2010

    I guess the next will be Haffey vs. Brandon

  • dyed red deshis

    it needs to be haffey vs. Mccleod, or Morales. I would love to see a rematch of Each skater during Christmas time at haffey’s favorite spot. Just to show those who talk shit the difference of Home turf Advantage. I’m pretty sure Stockwell, Aragon or Farmer isn’t as good on launch ramps as Haffey. So it’d be good to see the switch. Also please find Dem. George and battle him. As well as Murda. That’d be a sick ass battle.

  • seanpquinn


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  • http://www.grindhouse.eu kenthulvedal

    crazy that he says he had to look switch over his shoulder, when he fakie 720d el toro and fakie 720 kindgrinded rails that way :SS

  • YI Yiiiiiii

    Anyone like how Haffey described a flat spit as an alley oop wall ride? That really made sense, but I will never be trying one over a spine. But, if I did, that is the advice I would take.

  • Anonymous

    haffey vs murda on the esco park box nowwwwwww

  • Anonymous

    haffey vs feinberg on steep down rail

  • Annon


  • DarthRoller

    “crazy that he says he had to look switch over his shoulder, when he fakie 720d el toro and fakie 720 kindgrinded rails that way :SS”

    He’s possibly someone who “goes blind” for a split second and hucks it, like I have to do for my fakie 360’s (I lead with my right foot going fakie, looking over my right shoulder, can’t do this the other way, spin over my left) which is scary.

    Or maybe he’s someone who can do it, but just not on quarter pipes?

  • Dave Shaw

    Stroganov wormed his way out of that flatspin the little pussy, haffey’s so counted………….even gromit would flat spin the spine

  • mason H

    haha some of you people are so dumb. You make drama out of everythign and anything. I”d be nervous playing a game of blade with the one and only haffey and then have it posted on every rollerblade news site in the world? Id still have fun with it though.

  • Lee

    I almost feel as if Haffey is sick of everyone telling him that he’s the best, and he’s taking this opportunity to showcase the varying talents throughout the pro lineup. There’s a definite reason why all these people are at the very top of the game, and this is a clear demonstration of why.

    Just because Farmer may wear a blouse from time to time, and Aragon skates like a robot, and Stockwell doesn’t go as big as some, doesn’t mean they don’t have clear specialties and abilities which no one can rival. That’s why their pro.

    Next maybe a battle against Broskow, perhaps skating a short line?

  • ste

    ^^ yes lee. I see these as second degree. i m pretty sure haffey isnt trying that hard to win either. this man is doing great things.