Asian X-Games 2008 Shanghai (China)

x-games china

Up: Asian X Games 2008 Shanghai, China.
Beginning of Sven Boekhorst’s vert (4th place) at the Axg 2008 (Via).

x-games china

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x-games china

Vert Results:

1. Takashi Yasutoko 91.33
2. Eito Yasutoko 88.67
3. Shane Yost 82.33
4. Sven Boekhorst 80.33
5. Nel Martin 77.67
6. Takayuki Nakamura 76.33
7. Tomohiko Nakamura 76.33
8. Ayumi Kawasaki 73.33
9. Yuusuke Aihara 72.33
10. Sam Fogarty 72.00

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  • Seb.Adelaide

    R to the I to the a to the N

  • RemiX_UH44

    SB Events , je weet zelluf!

  • dillon

    wow sam fogerty still skates, hoax 5 legend. ha wonder if he still speaks to rawlinson rivera

  • longinus

    heheh… i think my mate Rian Arnold might just have won that… BYK represent claimin it!

  • xsjado man

    erm i take it were back in the x-games :-|

  • chiken

    just the asian x-games not the big hitting usa x-games

  • Digi

    sam fogarty still skating !!!
    Ahah wtf !!!
    This guy is the biggest joke in rollerblading history

  • anom

    fair harsh on sam. what he ever do to you??

  • bakJoul

    Where is Taïg ?! :D

  • Frontflip 1440

    I wonder if they will ever have this available on video. I’ve wanted to see the Asian X games for like 3 years now. It’s so dope and yet all we get are little clips of it and not the whole thing.

  • Roll 4 Life

    What were the results in the streep comp?

  • Roll 4 Life

    “Street Comp” sorry.

  • shanghai123

    Too bad the X-games didn’t take place in the SMP which is just a few miles away from this stadium in Yangpu district… Would be great to have a vert comp in the huge bowl down there!

    But given the f****** management SMP has, they will never hold such big comps as Asian Xgames…

  • LGZ


  • anom

    sam apprently had a good run seeing he has been out of the game for so long.
    fcukin good effort

  • fogs

    haha, i’m not that big of a joke… a little but not too much….


  • deshi for live

    where is chris haffey and his remz team
    and where is the valo team of erik and alex broskow