Asian X-Games 2006, Kuala Lumpur Results

Yasutoko brothers reach new heights as X Games Asia concludes in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (ESPN) – Japan’s Yasutoko brothers delighted action sports fans with an exhilarating showcase in the Aggressive In-Line Vert Finals on a sunny final day of the X Games Asia at Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to the Vert finals, visitors poured into the venue to enjoy the finals of Skateboard Park and Best Trick, Sport Climbing (Men Speed), and Aggressive In-Line Best Trick. A total of over 44,000 spectators watched the event over the last three days.

Datuk Azalina Dato’ Othman Said, Malaysia’s Minister of Youth & Sports presented the prizes to the respective winners of the competitions today at the closing ceremony.

Aggressive Inline Vert :

It was another one-two finish for Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko. Eito Yasutoko won the gold medal with a score of 87.75 and then proceeded to land his new trick, “The Twister”, after competition. The trick required Yasutoko to complete a backflip and then a 360-backflip.

“I am really happy to have landed my new trick in Malaysia. The conditions were very challenging today and I feel very fortunate to win,” said Yasutoko.

Tomohiko Nakamura, of Japan, joined the Yasutoko brothers on the podium with the bronze medal. Finishing in fourth with an impressive all-round performance was top woman pro-skater Ayumi Kawasaki, also of Japan

Aggressive Inline Vert Results

1 Eito Yasutoko (JPN)
2 Takeshi Yasutoko (JPN)
3 Tomohiko Nakamura (JPN)
4 Ayumi Kawasaki (JPN)
5 Takayuki Nakamura (JPN)
6 Taiki Kimura (JPN)
7 Kanta Ogino (JPN)
8 Yuusuke Aihara (JPN)
9 Michihito Kawauchi (JPN)
10 Carl Hills (USA)

Aggressive In-Line Park Best Trick :

Chris Haffey from the United States won the gold medal for the best trick with a total score of 93.33.

Jeerasak Tassorn from Thailand won the silver and. Soichiro Kanashima from Japan takes home the bronze.

Park Ride Results :

1 Soichiro Kanashima 93.5
2 Chris Haffey (USA) 89.25
3 Worapoj Boonnim 88.5
4. Carl Hills (USA) 85.5
5 Steven Aleil (France) 81.25
6 Nick Schopfer (Switzerland) 80.75
7 Jeerasak Tassom 75
8 Jaren Grob (USA) 72.75
9 Katie Ketchum (USA) 72.75
10 Craig Brocklehurst  71.25

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    Soichiro is pro for DESHI in Japan, formerly a Salomon Pro along with Chiaki.
    I saw him at a comp a couple of weeks ago and he killed it with the style and consistency. he was like the mini-Chiaki(who was also there)

    I wanna see a footage!!

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