Anthony Pottier (Belgium): Fenfanix Edit

Anthony Pottier (Belgium): Fenfanix Edit


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  • dan

    sick tricks but really…did you honestly just use that song?

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the little wheel ad at the end! It reminds me of old video groove ads when people used to care :)

  • Philadelphia

    Incredible spots are incredible.

    Song was terrible but who cares, turn it down. Skating was sick.

  • Anonymous

    Such a good style, so smooth. And they should bring back the ads, long live vg. Although they were probably really annoying at the time….

  • damn

    yup, dude is sick. I always love the edits he puts out and I’m so glad he’s pro now.

  • BLedarr

    Tricks monstrueux ! Sortie rotatives ! izi !

  • BP

    So instead of people complaining about cloths, people complain about the music…which worked well and flowed with the editing!!! Rollernews is always a good laugh.

    Nice skating Anthony, represent those sponsors and keep up the good skating….

  • Anonymous

    Nice better with every edit

  • UmeĆ„

    Best rocket fish brain sin 98

  • Leon

    Wow, amazing edit, such standard yet unique style, very entertaining.

    He makes them SEBA’s look GOOOOD.

  • Anonymous

    Fenfanix is killing it with this dude, Dalnas and Cudot.

  • Arlo

    Guys this is Arlo ! ! !

    This edit was fucking siiiiick ! Would have been better with a Skrillex style hair cut though…

  • Anonymous

    hella granite ledges in belgium haha

  • hey dookie

    legitimate style. so clean. such balance. so clean. myes

  • Anonymous

    Where can I buy Fenfanix wheels and t’s in US?

  • Anonymous

    Potier toujours au Top bigUp la Belgique !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That forward pornstar ha.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome style and clean and technical tricks.

  • Anonymous

    Did Fenfanix steal images from another video (Anonyme DvD) and add on it this ridiculous music ?

  • Anonymous

    should be am for SEBA anyday now.

  • filip

    when do those sebas come out btw?