Anthony Medina: Dag Days

Anthony Medina: Dag Days

Quoting Anthony Medina:

This is a random collection of clips I accumulated here and there while we filmed for Dag Days.

I wasn’t filming for an edit or anything, I just got a clip every once in a while when the homies decided it was time for me to do something.

Big thanks to everybody that filmed. I know not all of y’all are accustomed to filming but I appreciate it. My friends are all better than me…. so buy the video!

Filmed by: Mason Richard, Rob Zbranek, Heath Burley, Cody Sanders, Joseph Gammill, Eddie Bravo, Kevin McNamara, Jordan Smith, Josh Glowicki, & Maxime Kind. Additional footage by: Jordan Smith & Josh Glowicki.

Song: Aesop Rock – Crows 2.
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19 Responses to “Anthony Medina: Dag Days”

  1. YO Says:

    Really enjoyed that last clip. Reminded me of skating back in the day for some reason.

  2. GLADER BANG Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ChrisBray Says:

    So good! Juiced to see a familiar face skating for just Anthony!

  4. Trill Bill Says:

    BEAST! He has some great tricks on lock. Damn is he very fun to watch. I look forward to seeing more from him in the near future. I gotta check this video out. I’m mega stoked to see it!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that was sooo sick

  6. Doug Cupo Says:

    fucking sick Anthony

  7. yolo Says:

    beastmode: in front and behind the camera

  8. whooooooo Says:

    great stuff, solid style, soo good to watch!!

  9. Micah Says:

    Anthony should have went pro in 98…

  10. stinky_vagyna Says:

    awesome skating, i wish i saw more clips of people doing soul grinds on gnarly kinks.

  11. Trill Bill Says:

    No negativity yet… His tricks were so on point. And the obstacles screamed for themselves. He fucked shit up… Amazing!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    dude had me at aesop rock

  13. pollux Says:

    that was sick. reminded me to go rollerblade tomm.

  14. Graeme Wilson Says:

    That was sick, Anthony. Seriously… keep it up.

  15. traducer Says:

    not only can he make good blading flicks but he is so fucking good on skates. style is on point.

  16. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Loved that. Such proper skating. You should get out from behind the camera more. Cross grab back torque was perfect.

  17. pcooley Says:

    Hell yeah Anthony! Your tricks are so solid!

  18. Justin Bailey Says:

    Dude that was pretty bad ass. The cross grab back torque was the jam!

  19. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Fucking outstanding. OG showing proper rolling right there.