Andrew Nemiroski: TEMPO (2016)

Andrew Nemiroski: TEMPO (2016)

N. Labarre, C. Martin, S. Darst, A. Nemiroski, S. Eckl, T. Le.

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  • Homer Thompson

    It’s unfortunate that Chicago’s blade scene has jumped on the contrived creativity bandwagon. What used to be a really vibrant scene is now just a bunch of goofy hipsters doing the kind of tricks we used to do when we fucked around on blades because we were too stoned to skate hard. I’m not saying that every trick needs to be a hammer, but mushroom blading has reached such a point of hyperbole that there isn’t even a level of difficulty to it anymore. Anyone can strap on a pair of blades and goof around and call it a trick.

    • dontgetbutthurt

      sorry bout your knee surgery

  • butt head

    watched this on acid… 10/10