Andrew Nemiroski & Nick LaBarre: Adapt (2015)

Andrew Nemiroski & Nick LaBarre: Adapt (2015)

Filmed by Andrew Nemiroski & Nick LaBarre. Edited by Andrew Nemiroski.

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  • JPG

    Somebody please tell me this was intended to be a joke…this is everything that’s wrong with rollerblading…ugh..

  • Roland Guattari

    dude, why is it so hard for so many to differ between a sporty and an aesthetic approach to blading? to me it seems like the blading community at large is like figurative painters who complain the fuck out of themselves about the abstract painters

  • guest

    no wonder they ride for adapt, no other company would let them put out crap like this.

  • jimbo

    wow that sucked a dick. nemo has never met a curb he didn’t tap. you guys blow a cock.

  • Trueroller

    Its fine to play around on skates. But for a new unproven company putting this out is a good way for no one to buy your skates. If you want to see real rollerblading:

  • AlmightyJuice

    they dont understand

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    The point of this is to make blading look astherically more appealing and smoother. Personally I like it. I also like seeing big tricks too but I’ve always hated seeing flailing arms and sloppy looking tricks… If anything that makes blading look super goofy.

  • chi ride

    that was dope shit, chi town representing!! Everybody has different styles. personally i like labarre’s style, very unique.