An Interview with Stefan Brandow (One Mag)

Stefan Brandow

Stefan Brandow is one of those rollerbladers who gives you a lot of hope for the future of our sport. Stefan simply “gets it.” He is ahead of the curve in the blading community.

When he goes out and films for his video parts, or online edits for sponsors, his understanding of progression shines through, a mixture of both raw talent and an impeccable eye for creative detail. He does unique maneuvers because doing things that are unique and question the current state of our sport is something that flows naturally through his rollerblading thought process.

Stefan embodies the creative and energetic aspect from the serious side of blading, but embraces it with an ease and grace that is rare amongst rollerbladers his age. He is doing everything right and with a smile on his face. To someone like him, the pressure of progression is no match for the natural eye he posses for incredible eye-pleasing skating.

– Brett Dasovic

Check the Interview with Stefan Brandow (One Mag).

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  • deerblood

    worst style in rollerblading, haha “gets it”……

    thats more of a joke than one magazine doing an interview with him

  • Lynch


  • Anonymous


  • confused

    why the fuck does anyone care about him?

  • black guy

    ONE gets the exclusive updates on people nobody gives a shit about. Who the fuck is steering the ship over there?

  • tony white

    seriously ONE, when did your judgment on quality and style go to complete shit.

    you are fucking embarassing

  • midwestbob

    shit ill do a judo kick down a 10 stair if it means ONE will come do an interview with me

  • Wow

    Man Oh Man Rollerblading truly is going down hill if it has to pluck this clown out of the hundreds of amazing unique skaters out there. Brett dasovic writing that blurb about him too.. My 2 least favourite skaters combined is a serious recipe for making my stomach turn. FUCK YOU BOTH

  • Anonymous

    jesus christ, david jones then this……

    killin it ONE…killin it

  • aj jackson

    shits wack nigga

  • god

    really?! no seriously, really?!

  • Brandin Hunter

    Oh damn so many haters. yo honestly, all of y’all can eat a dick

  • dan mikesell

    its ok, it turns out that most of rollerblading is a bunch of white trash idiots with “blade or die” tats. its true! colin kelso told me himself! lol

    serriously though, i liked reading what you had to say. keep doing your thing stephan, and always remember what your dad told you about haters.

  • truth

    how many of these comments are in spite of stefan having a ONE interview. Stefan is talented, dedicated, on his way to becoming original and instead of complaining on messageboards Stefan promotes himself time and time again and clearly shows his progression.

    if you guys think your better than stefan then take “his spot” pussies

    keep bein jealous and jerkin off at home alone…fags

  • Gazmos

    I agree with wow. There are tons of bladers to choose from that are better than him. This guys isn’t half bad but he’s definitely not as good as Brett makes him out to be. There are people out there that actually fit Brett’s definition of him. Why try to fill the hole with silly putty when you’ve got bricks just laying around.
    Two back to back fails on ONE’s part. You guys started off with a bang to. Anyone can lose their rhythm I just hope you guys realize the rhythms been lost.

  • Kyle Guzman

    “People also really need to buck the fuck up and quit being so critical and hateful.”

    THIS. I can’t even quote how much truth was dropped in that interview. How can we all complain about the current state of rollerblading when our very own “fellow” rollerbladers are the ones tearing it down from the inside. How pathetic is it to sit behind a computer screen with a fake name and talk all kinds of shit about someone who’s doing the VERY THING WE ALL CLAIM TO LOVE. That is only pushing rollerblading in the wrong direction. We would be in a far better situation if there were more kids who thought like Stefan. You don’t have to skate like him or be a creative-skating fanatic, but seriously, how can you call yourself a rollerblader when you attempt to tear down a guy who’s so dedicated to blading he’ll actually buy skates for kids AND meet up with them regularly just to get them started. And on top of it all, THE DUDE RIPS. This interview was well deserved. This is what rollerblading needs more of.

  • Gazmos

    Wow. I hate to admit it, but I prematurely critiqued this guys interview. I’m still not a fan of his skating but I definitely like what he had to say. This guy is aware of his abilities and that acknowledgment will only help him become a better and more reputable blader. He’s definitely a good cat to have in the industry and he’s definitely got a good way of looking at things. This interview was a good one. My bad ONE, you’re disturbing video advertisement temporarily lowered my expectations.

  • cactus schtooves

    hes hott ;) call me stefanie

  • wow

    This guy released a hipster video with sections that I could replicate, and I am an average blader. Now all of a sudden this mong of blading is some sort of legend. Feinburg, Rachard, Franky, Adam Johnson, hey even yah boy Aragon, I am going to interview my kid brother and send it to One….



  • seanpquinn

    keep up the good work, stefan.

  • real nigga

    keep doin yo thang bra
    thats what got you a sponsored and a one interview in the fisrt place

  • Anonymous

    blah blah blah about hate hate hate, the kid is wack. and there is no arguing. he wouldnt get hated on so bad if he wasnt chosen over ALMOST ANYONE ELSE. and its not about im so sad my friend deserves it more….its the fact that he is fucking shitty and has horrble trick selection and worse style, and our (former) #1 source of rollerblading media is selecting him and others like him to fill up their content. i cant be mad at the kid for being a douche, i can be mad at the only american mag worth a shit putting him on instead of truely sick skaters.

  • LOL

    why is he infront of yellow lockers?

  • who?

    who the hell is this guy?? Did I miss something??

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed the interview, well spoken and great views on blading. Good for you for promoting yourself, there is or at least should be a lot more to rollerblading than just someones skill level. I’d rather see Stefan get exposure than some kid that happens to be sick at blading but lacks the ambition to do something with it.

  • Anonymous

    This guy looks like he’s terminally ill.

  • Kyla Sedlack

    I don’t always agree with your posts, but this was dead on, way to go!

  • Gertrud Keigley

    I don’t always agree with your posts, but this was dead on, way to go!

  • Marvella Kerne

    I used to love reading your blog, but lately it’s been a little boring. I’ll still read it though =)

  • Cooter

    Now I would never say that no person or no thing should ever be hated on in rollerblading just because they/it are a part of rollerblading, but this guy does NOT deserve all this hate. He seems like a really nice down to earth dude. He might not be the next Aragon, but he DOES have skill. All of you talking shit probably didn’t even compete in last year’s BCSD and won’t compete this year. And if you did or if you do, you probably didn’t and won’t even make it through the first qualifying round. Suck it faggots.

  • sean kelso

    damnnn doood i totally smashed your girlfriend in her brown eye and it was eellll

  • mike peluso

    colin kelso fucked your girlfriend, thats a fact

  • Dorian Gisondi

    Just wanted to let you know the sidebar looks off in my browser with 1600×1200 resolution.