An afternoon with Tommy Chung in downtown Vancouver (Canada)

An afternoon with Tommy Chung in downtown Vancouver (Canada)

This is an afternoon of just cruising the streets, enjoying the sun and the amazing scenery of downtown Vancouver.

Song: Shawn Lee – Kiss the Sky.

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  • rollerblading is gay

    im surprised anyone else even still rolls for razors. lol. dope dit

  • Pom West

    How is this news? Has been rollerblader rolls around city full of spots and does some half assed barely or not locked lazy tricks? This is one of the few edits that gets posted here where most of the people who will talk shit most likely could do better. And what was with that disgusting abomination of a Phillip 66 over that tiny gap? Fuck is with Canada and combining Parkour and skating, only a handful of people do it well and I’d say almost none of them are from Canada, Ledoux being the obvious exception as one of the originators and the best.

  • Pom West

    Honestly Razors should be embarrassed to have their graphic intro that piece of trash. Drop this lazy piece of shit and support the young guns who actually give a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    @Pom West
    Agree, that was boring as shit to watch.

  • Taylor R.

    cool your jets, fellas

  • ralf

    I enjoyed that.

    nice white/grey setup.

  • Leon // Shop-Task

    Tommy chung is the man and all the ladies love him.
    If you don’t dig his steez, you are just not fly enough.

  • Dave

    I really enjoyed this edit. Had a nice vibe to it. Was also interesting seeing downtown Vancouver – so many Asians!

    /from Sweden.

  • Anonymous

    Every trick was smooth and laced,
    Tommy Chung will school you Pom west

  • Anonymous

    What a joke, he doesn’t lock is ao souls, his lines are weak as balls and his style is shit for an asian dude.

  • howl

    cool edit. chill edit.

  • iPog

    That wasn’t lazy, he just made everything look far too easy. Liked it!

  • Anonymous


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Stewballz

    Only good part of that edit was the asian business lady. id give her the business.

  • Glen

    Feel good edit, liked it alot, good variety of spots, and tricks

  • Bryan f

    Siiick Tommy!! Love it! Fuck those jealous hater, you would s hoop them.

  • filip

    cool edit. i miss vancouver. i need that setup 0___0

  • Mike Reme

    Lame. Why is it that everything that comes out of Shop task is half ass. Ledoux is the only one who can represent.

  • Guillaume Latrompette

    Tommy knows how to land and his knees are chewing gum.
    This guy can jump above your mom without stress.
    Chung chung yeaaaaaaaah.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    I liked it. Edit was chill and smooth. Well done Tommy.

  • Aaron n

    His style is fresh to death, so clean and makes everything look so easy, u don’t see that alot, very unique, I like it

  • yeahhhhhhhh

    chillerblading i support it. fun chill stuff

  • Anonymous

    always wear your elbow pads kids :) cool edit, tommy’s got swag for days.


  • carl

    wow pom west, does tommy owe u money? or did he sleep with ur gf or something? is that why ur out to get him? haha, the edit was very entertaining, all the tricks were sick, and not to mention he laced all that in one day, props!
    sweaty on the square rail was nuts

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty sad when rollerbladers hate on each other. Just fucking support one another and help this sport grow! We really don’t need hate coming from with in our sport.

  • Anonymous

    ballllinnnn. Tommy you are the man, keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    The Guys got steez

  • Erik Burrow

    I like it and I enjoyed it

  • Abel

    I thought this was a really stylish edit, he made everything look so easy which it really wasnt. That setup was so fresh.

  • Andrew c

    That was sick tommy! Man I miss Van.

  • Dustin J

    Tommy is the man! Sick edit! Hoping I can get up to Vancouver this summer now that my leg is all healed up!

  • Travis Nabe

    Ma man! Threw down in hours what would take any hater weeks to do…

  • Anonymous

    Almost every “Task” edit I’ve seen is terrible. And where did this guy buy that shirt? I need to burn down the shop that sells them so no one else makes the same mistake.

  • Anonymous

    i think ill stick to the mushroom bladers in CAN for my fix. willalways<3joeyandtodd

  • mike

    u kids have no idea, tommy kills shit, he will drop a hammer on u groms,
    fresh edit man

  • jimmy

    ha, I like that his laid back style makes everything look effortless. some of that stuff was seriously very difficult.

  • Trill Bill

    Dayum… Haters!! That was some fresh skating, and most of that shit was tech and difficult. And he can jump way higher than me. Tommy is a effing bawss!

    I had to pause the skate setup too…

  • Urbn^nja

    This edit was so chill… Reminds me of that edit this one time that got everyone to flip their shit… who remembers that dude that was skating to a skate shop to buy that One Magazine? Hehehe. Literally everyone flipped their mafakkin shit over that haha!

  • Anonymous

    Dopest edit I’ve seen in a while. Believe it or not, enjoyed this way more than the recent Conference one. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Tommy.

  • Leon Humphries.

    that was awesome.

  • dallas

    yah tommy!!!!!!!!!! sick edit homie, you the man.