Alexander Broskow: Nowavves Clips (2015)

Alexander Broskow: Novvaves Clips (2015)

Previously: Taped Raw: #hi6h (2015).
With Alex Broskow, Shane McClay & Jeph Howard.

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  • iwantsomecrack666

    Rollerblading is dead. All the pros have abandoned us. This site sucks. wheres stockwell, bailey, farmer, haffey, bolino? is it because theres no money and they are getting old? i miss the 2003-2009 era. RIP to blading

    • Billy Prislin

      I concur. Broskow can bust out some sick tricks when he wants to but this kind of skating couldn’t be more lame. But it will be praised because it’s “stylish”. I swear kids these days care more about what to do with their hands when they land then they do about the tricks their doing.

      • Dave Gunn

        I disagree. I’d gladly watch Broskow do any basic trick on repeat because of the raw talent and control in his style. Its is not what you do but how you do it, something that is becoming more conscious in blading today. No one wants to see a kid go “big” who cannot even skate. And also, if you saw Broskow’s VOD you wouldn’t say blading is dead, it is alive, well, and progressing

  • Kboos Mathieu

    chill out guys, how can you dare talk shit about AB after all he’s done? he is clearly not even trying in this edit, if you want good shit you can get his VOD, we are all way to used to get free edits now. I miss the VHS period when I would watch 100 times the same part without complaning. You guys/haters kill blading

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    I’d say blading is changing not dying. There are not really any more teams and pros skating for companies, no money and no team videos or even videos really… I mean ffs look at this site. 4 comments is tremendous ! It’s the most activity on this site in months :)

    Now it’s just companies that make blades and pick a few people to make videos and give them free skates, so it’s truly become a passion thing.

    City Hoppers was dope, AB and BFrees VODs are both dope… I want to get Geoff Ps new project…