Alex Cebrian (Remz Flow Team, Spain): 2011 Edit

Alex Cebrian

Filmed in Barcelona, Badalona, Xativa & Valencia by Teles Angel & Angel Zorraquino. Edited by oneLoverolling.

Alex Cebrian

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11 Responses to “Alex Cebrian (Remz Flow Team, Spain): 2011 Edit”

  1. alexander Says:

    sickkkkk man !!

  2. Samual Davis Says:

    How old is this kid, pretty sick edit

  3. jose Says:

    he have 15 years old or 16

  4. creps Says:

    ////////////////////b/ig like /kid//////////

  5. Mery Says:

    the future of spain!! :D

  6. Adrian Wallace Says:

    wow allready no it this kid is gunna be big!!! sik edit

  7. cerro Says:

    actually I think he is 14. Pretty amazing stuff there, I hope to see new clips

  8. Tareq Gekzo Says:

    Sick Sick i liked it Vamooos.

  9. Nik ta meeere Says:

    So many unknown 14 or 15 year old skaters better than him!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    This kid is amazing

  11. KFC Says:

    hey he is better then robbie pitts :D