Alex Broskow: Vibralux, On Top Profile

As seen on Shock:

alex broskow


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  • Bhunter

    Nice clips, horrible song choice

  • ?

    Broskow is one the best ever for sure and his level is getter much higher.
    So much technics on every tricks !!!

  • Robbie

    Valo, 4×4, CO, & VX 4 Life

  • Joey

    That was an incredible section. I want more.

  • Skate

    looks so like a propper gorm in all still pictures

  • Jay-Rock

    old vid but still a great section…btw King Alexander is definitely a hood nigga

  • hahahaha
  • bad rolligion

    Haffey’s section was better, in this video and Drip Drop. But I do really like the song.

  • schtooves

    i think he was bored lacing those hammers, rolling isnt a challenge for him

  • wow

    “If we are talking AB its Alex Broskow”. lol I only give bums money if they don’t ask can’t stand pushy ppl.

  • Ales

    No comments. AP killin’ it..

  • Ales

    *AB of course :)

  • Anonymous

    great song, HOOD NIGGA!!!

  • smoker

    2 years ago already …. feels like its been yesterday. The coice of music was perfect- its not lil wayne. as far as i know brandon wheeler stands behind poppa wheelie

  • smoker


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • andrew conners

    the best at work

  • Rooms

    *choice :)

    Simply an amazing edit of an amazing skater !

  • Trill Bill

    Sick, Dude shredded proppa!

  • Juan Mosqueda

    such a an amazing skater..without a doubt one of the best ever!!

  • Anonymous

    this is a old video, and broskow is mad ugly, lol

  • ryan

    great section,great song,effortless talent.broskow will always be one of the greatest rollers.

  • kevin

    so good! so good!

  • Suck My Broskow

    YAY we’re besty friendsies for life!!

    OMG LOLz Twitter Facebook MySpace Unicorns & MTV!!!

    Holy shit Broskow fanboys are the biggest fuckin homosexuals ever!

    And who cares, I didnt want to be invited to your sweet 16 anyway dude.

  • laf

    that section is ridiculous, he has so much control

  • Trill Bill

    Broskow, can I rub your balls?

    Aragon is next, but you first.


  • wow

    not bad but that Haffey guy I clicked on after was better ;)

  • wow

    just kidding love broskow for his old sections back in the day, pure heart and soul of blading.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, ugly mug fo so, but would people really like him if he was good looking? def an underdog in more ways than one

  • Anonymous

    wow says:
    not bad but that Haffey guy I clicked on after was better ;)


  • Anonymous

    The most jocked skater

  • yea

    he’s so doing nothing that rollernews has to post old sections, that sucks

  • song is

    hood mode by poppa wheelie

  • zohan

    I’m gonna go to 4LIFE so I can watch him get his dick sucked in person. Don’t forget the beer and blow. hella. westside.

  • dave

    broskow peaked back in KFC 2 – KFC 3
    he’s more skilled than ever, but lost his hunger
    plays it safe with little tricks now
    or skips skating all together to flip bottles

  • The Truth

    @schtooves hahaha what hammers, he didn’t do any hammers dip-shit, and @ dave I agree, if you see him in KFC its like damn this guy is sick, but now you just fall asleep trying to watch his shit, Haffey, Aragon, Franky, J Bah and Montre are on levels soooo far above this guy its not even funny. Now I wonder how many of his fan-girls oops I mean fan-boys will take the time to stop sucking his dick to come back on me and attack me…..
    Oh and no disrespect meant to girls… haha

  • The Truth

    Im a troll. I suck at life.

  • wow

    @ the truth, omg ur not getting that shit, who cares about tricks, look how tight his pants are and how stylish landings he has. WOW he is so cool now.


    Winner of the most terrible clothing style in history??? YES!!!

  • The Truth

    Ya I’m a troll and I suck at life…your talking about yourself there cause thats totally true about someone who posts under someone else name so shut the fuck up fagget or come up with your own name, you dumb ass bitch you should stop sucking Broskows dick so hard, it might come off.

  • The Truth

    My name is The Truth. I love the penis.

  • wow (the first)

    last one was someone else, this is mental.

  • The Truth

    The Truth is, I love to wax my body and rub tennis balls on my smooth armpits.

  • The Truth

    Im tough! Plus I live with my parents still. I dont have a job, my mom pays my cellphone bill and I listen to my old N’Sync CD’s when my boys arent around.

    My Backstreet Boys posters have been replaced by posters of Broskow’s tight ass.

  • Trill Bill

    We should make out. Im a troll too!

  • Arlo and Brooke


  • The Truth


  • The Truth

    I cant wait to hug my boyfriend later.

  • S_E_N_A_T_E_B_O_Y



  • Anonymous

    Broskow is too old for the game, he MUST be good at licking balls though. It’s like a vicious cycle, he licks Julio’s balls so the kids will lick his. aha The TRuth 4 life!!!!!!

  • Rowsta

    Really like this profile. Nice to see all the Seattle spots gettin hit up