Alex Broskow: Road to Nowhere (2005)

Flashback: Alex Broskow rips it in Road to Nowhere. Produced and directed by Brandon Negrete.

Road to Nowhere

Music: The Misfits – Horror Business.
Road to Nowhere (2005): Full Video.

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  • JohnSt

    old memories :/

    Broskowww back to old style man, the real street style…

  • WarBorn

    Broskowww back to old style man, the real street style…


  • roll4life

    that was when he did really shocking stuff…

  • http://riders Fray

    roy gap a spike fence roy… mental!

    good skating… i enjoyed that muchly!

  • boba

    better than now

  • zzzzzzzz

    much better than now

  • DarthRoller

    Love the hard, fast Broskow rollin’.

    Can understand why he calmed down (friend of his had a bad accident on skates) but no denying that Broskow used to drop some absolute hammers.

    I did personally prefer that to the silky smooth lines he goes for now, but it’s his choice and he’s given a LOT to rolling for which we should be grateful.

  • Bebi

    its about a year now that its is online :S

  • bob

    authentic big cock american style killin shit flatline!!!!!!

  • deshicarbon

    i have his Best Of DVD

  • felix

    enjoyed this dvd very much, great section! and I like that alex is changing over the years, he’s still progressing!
    such a pitty we lost kaya turski to the ski circus :-/, but for her it was a good decision I think.

  • carlos

    the man is a beast. i like his skating nowadays too anyway, even if it’s not so crazy, it is still creative and inspiring.

  • ….

    things he did back then was shocking sometimes ;) even to big .. normal people would think he is mental! but it was an awsome alex broskow when he skated like this!

    But these days hes so technical and its more like .. you can do the stuff and the spots he skates .. but you cant .. if you know what i mean .. too technical! his skating today reminds me often of skateboarding!! lines and little tricks between the spots!! thats what always gave skateboarding this flow .. and he took it and brought it to rollerblading! actually a lot of people do this right now … and i think this is good :)

  • badazz

    stop philosophizing and go out and skate!

  • Doug C.

    Ya ill be be totally honest and say i miss the old Broskow, but times change and hes a legendary blader so hes still the man and always will be

  • smoker

    rollerblading would be different without broskow. Only a handfull of skaters can claim that. We should be grateful and watch him progress.

  • dave dave

    road to nowhere is ma favorite video of all time and this is my favorite broskow section of all time

    great stuff

  • ryan oneill

    road to no where sucked floppy donky dick, no offense kc, but not ur brightest idea

  • Marcus

    Holy shit!

    Don’t know old Broskow but after this edit he’s the man!! Much more cool agressive style than now!!

  • andrew conners

    love this section and kfc 3

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    that @$#@#@%#@$#@ is fucking MAINY…fuck that shit man…mad guce and props to these !@$##@$#@$#@ for doing it….yupppppp Broskow WHAT UP….

  • Kevin C.

    oh the irony…

    when road to know where first came out everyone was hating saying he settled down.

    open your eyes idiots. he’s still gnarly as fuck. always has been.

  • rob

    fucking loved it… oh the toe rolls, imagine actually going out and hitting street with this guy?
    your balls would shrivel to the size of mere peanuts man,

    peanuts, like i this video works wonders for some tricks and is the icing on the cake with some grinds and hammers, but imagine actually trying to skate the same things as him and how big he actually goes in real life, its fucking mind bending,
    seen it with some uk skaters,

    tricks that appear as though if they were to fuck up, they might actually die,.. i know it’s not like he’s the best but he can fucking ill that shit.

    its kinda funny in this edit, he looks like i’d imagine kurt cobain on skates would look, and he’d probably have been amazing at it, when he wasn’t smacked off his tits..

  • fred

    browskow if you do read this please just do a section like this before you stop rolling, just one. it would mean alot to alot of people. i no your older now (same age as me!) and probably cant be fucked to get injured as im finding is all i ever do nowdays, but just one last nutty section would be amazing! peace!

  • bobi

    Song , please??

  • smoker

    The Misfits-horror business

  • bxd

    that was awsome, so much better than now, but hey; everyone grows up