Alex Broskow: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson

2012 Repost.

Alex Broskow: Pariah

Alex Broskow‘s Profile from Pariah, filmed over the course of 4 weeks in Boston, DC, Baltimore, Kansas City, Omaha & Phoenix.

Song: Night Beats – Shadows in the Night. Photo: Cloudunique.

Pariah: John Bolino | Alex Broskow (Slow-Mo) | Chris Farmer | Brian Freeman | Paul John | Erik Stokley | Ross Kuhn | Montage 1 | Pro Montage & Credits | Michael Garlinghouse | Dylan Davis & Nick Labarre | Trailer | Soundtrack | Grab Yo Dick.

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  • Anonymous

    best of the best !! he is untouchable !! GOAT !!

  • Anonymous

    he’ll never be in the same league as haffey or aragon he taps little shit

  • ^^^^^

    You don’t get it. Please escort yourself out of rollerblading.

  • felix

    pure control…unbelievable good!

  • Anonymous

    every. single. trick. PERFECT.

  • Anonymous

    where is the brett urbas section? lolololol fuck kids you like brett urbas

  • beplus

    Yes anonymous 2 above me, I concur.
    Fuckkkkkkkk. He has something others do not, it be just his energy…but he has impeccable taste and all round ability, just a shade no one else is or can touch…next to aragon top two skaters. Behind them, Fish, Haffey and Franky. Everyone else is years behind.

  • iko

    OMG!!! it was real?? or just a videogame??? I am not even able to do those tricks on a playstation!! hahahahahah BROSKOW LEGEND!!!

  • Anonymous

    bahaha…comparing this clown to haffey?? haffey is GOD!

  • Anonymous

    puhahahahhahaha all you kick curb kids dont even know what just happened in that section

  • Trill Bill

    They started the edit with that huge street style seven… then Broski started grinding UP RAILS.

    He is on some other shit. It’s even funnier how clean it looks. Broski needs to chill. He goes HAM.

  • drew_amato

    suck a dick, people

  • deubeul

    watched it again and even more unbelievable

  • fuck you

    Rollernews is what kills rollerblading…

  • ronin


    Exactly. That’s a fact of life that only 1 on 10 people are capable of accomplishing a project from start to finish. And the other 9 are just wasting their time criticizing and hating the people who actually do things. It’s only when you endeavor a project yourself that you realize how easy it is to start and how hard it is to finish.

  • bigger obstacle

    everyone needs to shut up. Broskow killed it. Assume it.
    French skaters=FAGS

  • Justin Bailey

    So good. Entertaining for sure.

  • ronin

    What’s the link between Broskow skills and French skaters being gay ? Seriously this french bashing is ridiculous. I’m starting to think that some americans feel disapproved and humiliated because we happen to have great skaters at the moment (yes I’m french). Don’t worry you’re still a great nation of skaters. No need for inferiority complex.

  • thesteeze

    guess whoz back?