Alex Broskow: Pariah Profile (Slow Motion Version)

Quoting Adam Johnson:

A fan asked me if I could slow down Alex Broskow‘s part and make it black and white so that he could focus on Alex’s style and technique and better understand the complexity of his grabs, grinds, etc.

I thought it was sort of silly until I tried it and the results, although blurry from frame blending and not being shot in 60p, are rather intense.

My favorite part is the variety of grabs Alex uses and the times he decides to use them. No cuffs grabbing either, aint no bitches over here. Oh yeah, his eyes are super fucking intense too, almost scary focused…

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  • Anonymous

    holy shit ballz this is soooooo fucking awesome !!!

    Never even noticed that ao mak to lil switch soul omg ! So fing smooth… would take me like a week worth of tries to pull that off and even than don’t think it ever look that nice !