Alex Broskow: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson

Alex Broskow: Pariah

Alex Broskow‘s Profile from Pariah, filmed over the course of 4 weeks in Boston, DC, Baltimore, Kansas City, Omaha & Phoenix.

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Song: Night Beats – Shadows in the Night. Photo: Cloudunique.

Pariah: Chris Farmer | Trailer | Soundtrack | Grab Yo Dick.

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69 Responses to “Alex Broskow: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson”

  1. BLADER GANG Says:


  2. Daniel Says:

    last trick. genius.

  3. hmm? Says:

    its about time he started BLADING again! this edit was sick.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sooooo good!!
    Thanks for sharing that profile to us

  5. james Says:

    good fucking god…i think control is the word?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Without a doubt one of the best profiles of all time. Wouldn’t of put the last trick last though if it was me. Amazing none the less

  7. Dman Says:

    Best in the world by far.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This guy should get his own skate!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    What did I just see? The only way he can improve now is learn how to fly. Amazing

  10. andrew conners Says:

    he invents a new level every section

  11. MAGNETO Says:

    720.sick .hard and animal!!congratz AB!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    best ever ! fuck france :) USA USA

  13. Mr. T Says:

    Mr. Bosskow shredding the Streets

  14. French Guy Says:

    We we i am french this is lame because he clearly did not spin to win !

    Where is your fronside 1080 back flip to grind now bro !!!

  15. Noob Skater Says:

    Oh man that was sooooooo wack he was just tapping stuff the whole time.

    Those are all skateboarding tricks.

    Lastly he clearly does not go big I was to see people rollerblading off of building. This is so not an accurate representation of our sport… LAME BRO!

  16. dyed Red Deshis Says:

    wow looks like The old Browski is back. That was pretty sick. loved the whole thing nothing was curb size and everything was super sick.

  17. Doug Cupo Says:


  18. Anonymous Says:

    tipppity tap tap…go small or go home

  19. lol Says:

    i see Broski is imitating Kelso’s “dead arms after landing a trick.” or wait, maybe the kelso’s are imitating him. personally, i think Chynna has bigger balls than this guy, and i mean that with all respect for chynna.

  20. Yi Yiiiiiiii Says:

    That second line…my fucking goodness. The royale up the rail was one thing, but let me just true makio the top for fun. That profile does make park skating look pretty damn lame…

  21. deubeul Says:

    Kids, when we say that pros keep their best footages for dvd profiles, what don’t you understand?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I hate him but it was fucking sick

  23. kboos Says:

    Super fucking sick, I’m french by the way !

  24. cash Says:

    thank god rollerblading has someone like broskow

  25. :D Says:

    Now all these Broskow haters should stfu.

  26. owl Says:

    How can he do all these tricks in VALO BOAT ? It’s an amaaazing skaters.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    ehhhh, tapping little rails and wallrides, nothing in here that pros weren’t doing 10 years ago. rollerblading edits have become so predictably boring

  28. ^^^ Says:

    bahaha so true FanBoys think broski invented rollerblading. same tricks were done on much bigger obastacles 10 years ago

  29. chris Says:

    This is some of the sickests things ever filmed…

  30. swagetfaget Says:

    broskiii the cherry pop of the top.
    no other blader has that control, style and tricks!! proops
    sick dude

  31. Jason Says:

    Name one section of a video from 2002 that does the same tricks, and that skater in the video would GUARANTEED tell you that you are full of it.

    You armchair-rollerbladers need to shut up and recognize true talent when you see it. Have some respect for a lifer; guy is pure finesse on dangerous ass shit.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Respect. That section was a masterpiece. A perfect combination of the two broskows. He did something really special in that section and it puts the last five years of his skating in perspective. The man’s skating has evolved to its next level. Where will he go from here?

  33. DarthRoller Says:

    Haven’t enjoyed most Broskow footage for a few years now, but I adored that profile and will re-watch it multiple times.

    So good.

  34. jimmy Says:

    Broskow has been good since the beginning. That last trick is mind-bogglingly dangerous because the room for error is huge and it took me three views to fully comprehend how amazing that was. everyone who’s on this site that complains should be banned from the sport.

  35. Seanjohn Says:

    Nice tricks but OMG, the music is just AWFUL…..I Prefered the KFC 3 time.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    not impressed needs to go bigger but better then the kelsos

    old school skaters shit on this guy

  37. lol Says:

    fanboys would watch broskow take a fat dump in the street and say he has so much style and control taking a dump. how much does valo and vibralux pay the fanboys to post comments in here?

  38. Ronnie James Dickinson Says:

    The stale 540 was pure sickness.

  39. bill Says:

    dear mother of god

  40. ronin Says:

    Fanstastic profile ! Between his control and B. Smith’s it’s now obvious Valo only hire cyborgs.

  41. thanks Says:

    the hate on this site makes me sick to my stomach. i can’t believe how ignorant people can be. if you hate on this section you are just proving that you haven’t the slightest fucking clue. get out of rollerblading and don’t come back. you’re not welcome.

  42. Juan Says:

    he lost a lot of cred at BCSD and Winterclash skating little rails. we love haffey and aragon cuz they kills shit in street and park n always bust their ass

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Fanboys? Don’t make me laugh. If you can’t enjoy this section; if you honestly feel like this was a lame section, then good luck enjoying anything in life. It doesn’t get much better than this. As good as and different than, maybe. But better? Not really.

  44. rollerblading is gay Says:

    trolls gonna troll.

  45. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Trollernews today

  46. Anonymous Says:

    these 2 sektions online arnt even the rawest sections from the flick which is the fucked up part pariah go hard

  47. Anonymous Says:

    +1 for Juan comment

  48. Adam Johnson Says:

    You’re right, rollerbladers have been doing this stuff for 10 years, and it has been Alex doing it for 10 years. KFC 2 came out a decade ago kids, and KFC 3 the year after. Last I checked Alex and company have already done everything on their blades, now they just simply do it flawlessly and dress better.

    GTFO trolls.

  49. tiptop Says:

    I hate this website… Adam’s just put two solid sections online (for not a dime!) from possibly two of the greatest skaters atm. And you little cunts just moan? What the fuck is wrong with you? I think this site need shutting down. Its carcinogenic.

    Rant over. That edit was sickness. Dude makes park skating seem a bit pointless! That was agreat edit. How the fuck does he do that grind to wall ride?!

  50. Joe Says:

    This was so good. Can’t believe the last trick.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    best of the best !! he is untouchable !! GOAT !!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    he’ll never be in the same league as haffey or aragon he taps little shit

  53. ^^^^^ Says:

    You don’t get it. Please escort yourself out of rollerblading.

  54. felix Says:

    pure control…unbelievable good!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    every. single. trick. PERFECT.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    where is the brett urbas section? lolololol fuck kids you like brett urbas

  57. beplus Says:

    Yes anonymous 2 above me, I concur.
    Fuckkkkkkkk. He has something others do not, it be just his energy…but he has impeccable taste and all round ability, just a shade no one else is or can touch…next to aragon top two skaters. Behind them, Fish, Haffey and Franky. Everyone else is years behind.

  58. iko Says:

    OMG!!! it was real?? or just a videogame??? I am not even able to do those tricks on a playstation!! hahahahahah BROSKOW LEGEND!!!

  59. Anonymous Says:

    bahaha…comparing this clown to haffey?? haffey is GOD!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    puhahahahhahaha all you kick curb kids dont even know what just happened in that section

  61. Trill Bill Says:

    They started the edit with that huge street style seven… then Broski started grinding UP RAILS.

    He is on some other shit. It’s even funnier how clean it looks. Broski needs to chill. He goes HAM.

  62. drew_amato Says:

    suck a dick, people

  63. deubeul Says:

    watched it again and even more unbelievable

  64. fuck you Says:

    Rollernews is what kills rollerblading…

  65. ronin Says:


    Exactly. That’s a fact of life that only 1 on 10 people are capable of accomplishing a project from start to finish. And the other 9 are just wasting their time criticizing and hating the people who actually do things. It’s only when you endeavor a project yourself that you realize how easy it is to start and how hard it is to finish.

  66. bigger obstacle Says:

    everyone needs to shut up. Broskow killed it. Assume it.
    French skaters=FAGS

  67. Justin Bailey Says:

    So good. Entertaining for sure.

  68. ronin Says:

    What’s the link between Broskow skills and French skaters being gay ? Seriously this french bashing is ridiculous. I’m starting to think that some americans feel disapproved and humiliated because we happen to have great skaters at the moment (yes I’m french). Don’t worry you’re still a great nation of skaters. No need for inferiority complex.

  69. thesteeze Says:

    guess whoz back?