Alex Broskow: Drip Drop Section (2009) by Pat Lennen

2011 Repost.

alex broskow

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  • errr

    best shit ever, video underated

  • Anonymous

    royal on square rail to roll in 180 stair set fakie 5 second set was hot line hot hot hot sexy baby line.. love pregnant

  • daveonflow

    Style… Style and STYLE! Fuck! I love this edit!

  • Jul86

    Definitely like his skating style But hating his haircut & clothe…

  • Adam

    LOL thats how washed up that guy was! Who cares if you hate his clothing, Alex is a champ and youre just a troll

  • dykSPINNAH

    he doesn’t hate his clothing he hates his clothe.

  • Menimen

    i like this guy, loved the water gap. great edit

  • Yobad

    I think that when he joined valo his intention was to make relaxing edits.. I mean look at his older edits, there were no gaps smaller than 3 meters..

    chris haffey’s drip drop section features a 6 meters gap

  • FU

    ‘errr ‘ Drip Drop was never underrated, regarded by many as one the greatest of all time. What planet are you from?

  • andrew conners

    great video not the best of all time. leading the blind was better first off.

    dude is the best

  • Ulysses Rivera

    Classic dope shit from AB.

  • Ulysses Rivera

    “Classic” lol

  • ha

    lol, you guys are all niggers, thats why you aint pro niggers

  • Anonymous



    Yeah, AB really calmed his skating down when he joined Valo…just look at how lax his sections have been…I really don’t get how you can say something that fucking stupid. Why, because he wasn’t on display hucking himself at Winterclash? Give me a fucking break…the guy is and has been killing it.

    Drip Drop, in my opinion, is one of the best. You can look at videos that were game changers, but this one, to me, displays the best skating to date. Not to put down Leading The Blind, but Drip Drop blows my mind.

  • Roller monkey.

    That was amazing! Did you see that bit when he slid down that rail?

  • andrew conners

    it would be impossible to put down leading the blind.

    p.s. charging is more of a game changer than this was

  • Alex Broskow

    I didn’t know Matt Luda was on 4×4.

  • laf

    that was a lesson in skate control, there really aren’t that many people in the world who can skate like that. He makes everything look to easy

  • spess mehren

    about a half to 3/4 as good as his leading the blind section

  • Anonymous

    anonymous loves anything pat lennen makes

  • seth

    WHAT THE FUCK! why post videos not even uploaded by the creator? this is fucked up definietly.

  • errr

    errrrrrrrrrrrm …

  • V4L

    this video shows how good he is because of the many lines he does.

  • pete

    the river gap was mental

  • dyed red deshis

    this video shows that he could’ve won winterclash if he wasn’t so into small easy shit now. I mean I know a lot can happen in a few years but man is he really trying to save his body. every single trick in this clip is super sick and controlled. then you have winterclash and pick another comp and not only does he not enter the top 5 but sometimes not even the top 10.

  • Maxime Lanthier

    ^^ winterclash sucks anyways…

  • Anonymous

    He sucked harder at Bitter Cold, going back and forth just on the p-rails and skateboard pyramid. I knew he wouldn’t skate the Pow-Wow either, the obstacles were too big and scary for him.

    Hopefully for this year’s pro comps, Valo will send Yuto or Elliot Stevens, or someone who is actually motivated to throw down in comps. It would be silly to send Broskow again if he isn’t gonna skate and Europeans obviously don’t respect his “go small” style.

  • Anonymous

    what a douchey little dude

  • MatteoFR

    One of the best alex’s section with the “On top” one !!!

  • yobad

    im a dumb fucking idiot who counts meters…. wow im gay

  • seb

    the best, the style… so perfect

  • Fag Smasher

    God some of you fuck faces are such pieces of shit. Fucking talk shit online, but would never say some shit in person. Fuck you fags rating his comp abilities when you will never be in one yourself. Fucking Rollernews needs accounts…

  • Fact

    Haffey’s section in this same video is ten times better.

  • Anonymous

    broskow truely is an amazing skater.

  • Trueroller

    Leading the blind like a hood nigga outta NOWHERE;)

  • Alejandro Heredia

    Alex is the king.