Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer: Wheels are Dead

Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer: Dead Wheels

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  • Anonymous

    Dead underwear and gay shirts coming next? This will build rollerblading.

  • 73

    CIRCOLO & M1 use the same formula

  • damn

    they’re trying to be like Jon Julio. Company owners have more power than just a pro skater, and really the pros want control over their own destinies more than they want to skate and push the sport. Hence, rollerblading is dead, but capitalism and branding are very much alive.

    The only problem with trying to start a company and expecting JJ like results is that JJ had a whole factory behind him (Roces), while everyone else has to start from scratch. But I’m glad you guys understand how to jack up prices just based on your names. Now you should list yourselves as CEOs in every interview you get from here on out. Don’t forget to make your am team practically invisible, so they will never get the fame necessary to move up to pro and replace you.

  • pro boot

    i hope i didnt kill it….i was the secret character in aggressive inline 2! lol

  • ed hines

    circolo and m1 do not use the same the formula (fact)

  • ed hines

    watch your mouth boy.

  • filip

    soo no more st. artist?

  • GardenaMark

    Finally, a wheel sized for flat that isn’t a soft Anti Rocker or Freestyle durometer. These remind me of Realm wheels.