Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer: Wheels are Dead

Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer: Dead Wheels

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58 Responses to “Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer: Wheels are Dead”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is it a……..

  2. Limbalé Says:

    Joke?????????? ????????????¿¿

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t wait! Tees look dope.. wheels look like they shred.. broskow was hauling ass on em in fishguys 2

  4. jake Says:

    dear shit wheel company… please stop making pathetic 56 mm wheels ffs!!! they last for a few weeks if that……….

  5. poorly planned Says:

    interested in who pours the wheels. Jake is an idiot. smaller wheels are for riding flat.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    92a brotha… you’ll be fine

  7. Anonymous Says:

    All these new wheel companies and nothing about the actual process of making the wheels or why we should buy them…

    I’ll stick with Eulogy or Fester as they are known as the best in the bizz until something actually new comes out :)

    If I had crazy money to burn I’d by M1 anyway but they are way to much money. Chimera is dope too. And of course there is reliable Scribe and UC.

    Props for trying to start something new but…

  8. Jake Says:

    even for flat they are a pathetic exscuse of a wheel… no one gives a fuck about skating flat or anti rocker anyways just fucking skate

  9. FU Says:

    Dear Jake,

    You really have no idea what you are talking about. Now go grow some balls and stop being a winy little chode.



  10. Anonymous Says:

    —————— STYLISH ——————

  11. zakbuys Says:

    laughed so hard at FU’s comment :-) and yea, 92a for flat sounds pretty brawsome.

  12. DarthRoller Says:

    Curious as to who pours these.

    Eulogy wheels usually do the job for me. Proline wheels and old Salomon wheels ain’t half bad either.

    There’s a lot of wheels companies floating around at the minute. Hard to imagine the profit margins for any one company being all that good.

  13. T B Says:

    nice one.
    stylish, reduced designs is all i want for wheels.
    nobody further away than 1m can read the graphics or cares anyway, so just make them look dope for the setup – and please print on both sides or no print at all ;-)

    where could they come from? powerslide? eulogy?
    maybe just like youth: valo frames – new name/brand – use famous pros – make it sell.. who’s to blame? no one..

  14. josh Morrison Says:


    Proline wheels are disgustingly shit, I had a pair and they lasted about 3 weeks then again you get what you pay for.

    I’m sure these wheels will be up to par, its not like the 2 best bladers in the world are going to be riding shit!

  15. nope Says:

    Based on most wheel companies, this will be dead pretty soon. Also = rollerblading industry, cool we suck lets not even spend $5 and make our website not COMPLETELY SHIT. God these guys are supposed to be making us look half decent not like a bunch of half assed twits.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    this can only be good ! comments are funny,
    you all suck !

  17. leturok Says:

    so tight i´ll rock em on my carbunz, gotta give ´em a try, right now i´m with eulogy

  18. 3stairs don't count!! Says:

    sweet look nice and simple love that shit!!
    Good to C all the big names in our sport giving so much back in!!
    CF and AB u kick ass!!

  19. LoVe NoT hAtE Says:

    I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    just take a close look on those cores. Now connect the dots

  21. 37 Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 2:48 pm
    “just take a close look on those cores. Now connect the dots”

    ok -_- …… EXILE is back!

  22. 37 Says:

    Or is this that secret wheel project from JC Rowe? The front certainly is part of what was originally intended if I remember correctly…

  23. walter smith Says:

    circolo wheels !!!!!!!!! way better!

  24. Gavin Drumm Says:

    give me back my hat!!!!!!! Alex Broskow!

  25. Many Fresh Says:

    bfree street artists and black team street artist wheels knock off

  26. Many Fresh Says:

  27. grindy Says:

    I can’t believe someone mentioned fester As one of the best wheel companies. I bought ledoux wheels and they wore out about four times faster than eulogys

  28. Mr.Red Says:

    Cheap price for decent set of 8 wheels…can’t be beaten

  29. Devise Australia Says:

    Devise Urethane… That’s all about guys

  30. Tom Cheung Says:

    ^^ Devise urethane is all about guys? I think I’ll pass. The minimalistic design on these wheels is cool. Let’s see how they last.

  31. rollerblading is gay Says:

    so whats the gimmick here?

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  33. lol Says:

    this is why rollerbladers should not be allowed to run a company. skater owned = shit products

  34. baz still Says:

    why would i want to support two of the people most responsible for the death of rollerblading?

  35. ... Says:

    another UNDERCOVER wheel. Support wheels made by inline skaters not SkateBoarders. ELEMENT


    and SENATE did it cooler.

    out do what you rip off.

    and whats with the dear in headlight look?
    I dont get it.

  37. 37 Says:

    @37.. no really stop. Exile? you funny

  38. Julie Newmar Says:

    “Wheels are dead” Well then, I suppose a very clear direct forward statement from it’s owners are. Wheels are dead, don’t bother buying our stuff. Ok cool! Message received loud and clear.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    DENIAL, FESTER, SCRIBE and some of the new M1 wheels are all poured by LABEDA in CA. Euloglys are poured by skateone corp, powell. a skateboard company. so yes Eulogys are the best. coming in at a close second are the UC and STREET ARTIST wheels both poured by a company in HB Ca.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    eulogy wheels/crap bearings everything else is of lesser quality or priced higher. funny that it takes a fagboarding company to bring quality goods to our industry.

  41. iicents Says:

    I’d honestly be down with supporting two of the best bladers in the “sport”, but I legitimately (even making decent money) am not interested in paying $32 for a set of wheels. Call me cheap but I’m guessing the market will say the same. $28 would be competitively priced. Though it’s only a $4 difference it makes a difference and I think puts them in line with what I’ll call “boutique” wheels, not practical every-day wheels that skaters who just need new wheels will buy

  42. Anonymous Says:

    good thing they added a link to their website which has literally no information

  43. bean Says:

    blank wheels? finally not some bad graphic design logo

  44. Anonymous Says:

    m1 allows fester and scribe to use their compound. those are the only companies that have the same compound. denial,shredwiser,circalo all use a labeda house compound. undercover and street urethane use a company called ANED to pour there wheels and one should assume dead is using the same

  45. rl Says:

    farmer rides flat now and does a shit ton of cesses and stair bashes, hence the 56/92

  46. Anonymous Says:

    You can’t sell Labeda without dead.

    Shall we start a pro rollerblader hero fund instead?

  47. AAndrew Says:

    We ARE valo
    We ARE youth frame
    Wheels ARE dead

  48. Jim Cornette Says:

    Nice graphic, looks like the Heat logo and the wheels look like white wall tyres.

  49. BLADER GANG Says:

    fuck dis dead shit nigga!

    Blader GANG mixtape jordan and kush wheelz my nigga! droppin cuzz get em while dey hot my nigga!!!

  50. Aperios Says:

    Whats with all this hate towards Bladers being creative and designing new brands its what we all need as a blading culture or it will die again!!!!

    so stop your fucking boring hating and be positive and keep this sport rolling!!!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Dead underwear and gay shirts coming next? This will build rollerblading.

  52. 73 Says:

    CIRCOLO & M1 use the same formula

  53. damn Says:

    they’re trying to be like Jon Julio. Company owners have more power than just a pro skater, and really the pros want control over their own destinies more than they want to skate and push the sport. Hence, rollerblading is dead, but capitalism and branding are very much alive.

    The only problem with trying to start a company and expecting JJ like results is that JJ had a whole factory behind him (Roces), while everyone else has to start from scratch. But I’m glad you guys understand how to jack up prices just based on your names. Now you should list yourselves as CEOs in every interview you get from here on out. Don’t forget to make your am team practically invisible, so they will never get the fame necessary to move up to pro and replace you.

  54. pro boot Says:

    i hope i didnt kill it….i was the secret character in aggressive inline 2! lol

  55. ed hines Says:

    circolo and m1 do not use the same the formula (fact)

  56. ed hines Says:

    watch your mouth boy.

  57. filip Says:

    soo no more st. artist?

  58. GardenaMark Says:

    Finally, a wheel sized for flat that isn’t a soft Anti Rocker or Freestyle durometer. These remind me of Realm wheels.