Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer: Charging Sections

Vibralux Charging

Profiles from the tour video Charging. Edited by Sean Kelso, filmed by Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso and Adam Johnson.

Chris Farmer

Alex Broskow, Part 1

Alex Broskow, Part 2

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  • soul2roll

    Wow……..What more need i say.

    These guys hav been killin it for aaaaaaaaaages!

    Sick, Sick + SICK!!!


  • Anonymous

    Both of those were beyond a level of skating that they shouldve been, that was amazing

  • REAL Ben Shelbourne

    Some of the angles were a bit off, editing wasnt perfect but rest was pretty neat!

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Did anyone else find themselves saying OMG over and over watching Farmer, or is it just me.

  • White Trash

    Don’t worry Scott : everyone who understand what rollerblading is did as you did.

  • Anonymous

    how can farmer jump on curbs the height of his shoulders? he is the master of impossible skating!

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ because farmer

    the god of shit we cant do and wont try


    I watched that 3x times back to back – some of the stuff Farmer does makes no sense? like physically make sense. The tap to true makio on the ledge that was sticking out past the first ledge?!! whaaaa?

  • hairy chest

    watcing Chris Farmer makes me want to go skateboarding.

  • chris

    amazing skating as always!

  • tibs

    farmerrrr !!! omg just perfect

  • Mike

    why isnt farmer in the NBA with that vertical?

  • Anonymous

    what the hell.. today de posts on rollernews are unreal!

    so much good skating / skaters / edits.. i am juced for this summer.

  • meatman

    Imagine… In the past years some people were yelling on rollernews about farmer/broskow hair, pants and fashion… but in the meantime these athletes were busy filming these stunts, for them selfs and for us.
    Let this be an example for these noisy people.

  • tyeg

    god damn i bought this video but i do not remember any of this shit. I heard adamn didn’t make much of this. Im pretty sure skate videos are pretty much dead everything is free and online now. Next time i buy skates ill make sure to buy two copies even though im sure i pick up a copy at bittercold.

    Broskows full cab back pudslide to true soul WTF!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    broskows the best of all time i dont care what all the haters think lol

  • dasfdascas

    farmer and broskow is inspirational all wial making me want to quit

  • Adam Johnson

    How are you just now seeing a video that has been out for almost 17 months. You just wait for shit to come to Rollernews. This is OLD SHIT. Rollerbladers are some uneducated people…

  • Nebrask

    @Adam Johnson

    Because we cant be arsed buying gay skating DVD’s.

    Its like buying a movie on DVD, who even does that?

    Just watch everything online for free and have more money for droh.

    Nah sayin? Hardly gonna make money of a rollerblading dvd anyway are ya?