Air Fise Marseille 2011: Live Updates (Dec 8)

Update: Anthony Avella posted a video showing Chris Haffey landing a 17 meters jump (56 feet) at a training session ; Taig Khris world record is 29 meters (95 feet).

Chris Haffey landing a 17 meters jump

Chris Haffey will try to break the world record of Taig Khris at the Air Fise Marseille (Dec 9, 2011 at the Palais Omnisport). Check the video teaser.

Air Fise Marseille 2011

The Air Fise Marseille will take place tomorrow! Skaters are already testing the ramp:

Air Fise Marseille 2011
up: Romain Godenaire.

To gain speed, skaters will be launched thanks to a cable:

Air Fise Marseille 2011

Side view of the ramp:
(older picture, red protections are not installed on this shot)

Air Fise Marseille 2011

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  • F Mcdaddy

    Shit Cant wait to see this!!!! them guys are gona put rolling back on the map!!!

  • nazi

    good luck haffey

  • Simon

    I really don’t get why Haffey thinks he needs to prove that he’s better than Taig Kris. He’s got the fullest respect from the real rollerblading community he doesn’t need to put on a show where he might kill him self for some promotion to the public. I’ve got so much respect for this man put this is just stupid.

  • Anonymous

    it’s called selling your self simon you’re not going to build recognition from dvd skate parts only we see

    you build recognition with wow factor and this is a big WOW

    it’s also great to see romn skating the ramp at least chris isnt a dick about being the only one to hit “his” set up

  • Don’t Assume

    For god sakes everyone, this is in no way “Chris’s set up” this is a Air FiSE promotion and Roman, Frankie, Aragon, Mathias, have just as much chance for exposure as Chris does. Don’t just assume Chris is calling the shots here because we have all been focusing on the made up Chris vs Taig feud thing.

  • eh

    ” i hear CK is planning the world’s smalles curb tap…..expecting thousands of spectators. I hope he wears a vest so people know we’re totally gay.”

  • taig Khris

    he better land it !

  • kurt

    haha Simon, his far from the possibility of killing himself, theirs more possibility that he’ll land it unlike Taig, he also isn’t trying to prove anything, simon is your screwed on properly or what?

  • Anonymous

    so funny, Haffey trying to be like Taig. so much jealousy

  • Taig Kris

    he cant do superman flip…bahahaha

  • kurt

    how could you be jealous of some moron who didn’t even land it

  • Gazmos

    This is a small time production compared to what Taig Khris did. He may bet Taig’s record and actually land the trick with unreasonable doubt but flying high in the sky on the hill top of Sacre Coeur over looking the streets of Paris is so much cooler. Plus the world record set by Taig was only a warm up of the real goal he was trying to accomplish which was to look like he’s flying.

    I think it would do the industry some good if Haffey properly outshined Taig Khris. But this isn’t the way to do it………but I guess it’s better than nothing.

  • Gazmos

    If he throws down something sick like a cork screw or something then I take back everything I said..

  • tillet

    I hope haffey makes it safely (he has been injured before from big stunts)… it would be great to see him do it.
    But I am still unsure why people can’t enjoy both haffey’s and kris’ efforts.
    They are both entertaining to watch… as any big stunt should be.

    It’s a good thing teenagers don’t stay teenagers forever and the constant need for them to polarize things so aggressively all the time fades out.
    Well… in most people.
    Learning to enjoy different things for different reasons is very rewarding..

  • cizzle

    Good luck to him, so long as he lands it and rolls it. Be great exposure for rollerblading. Taig’s embarrasing. Chris is not. I’d much rather have Chris represent our sport to the masses anyday. and we need that. It’d be nice to have some more money in rollerblading again.

  • The M

    Fuck that run off, holy shit, if he is going any faster to clear a bigger gap he’s gonna break his back or sth when smashing into the bumpers.
    Get him some space and a bigger cushion!

  • Iron-potato

    The Airbag seems to be too small to absorb the impact. Taïg had a much bigger. Good luck Chris!