AIL World Championships 2012: Recap, Videos & Misc

Update: Added AIL Weekend 2012 Edit by Erick Rodriguez.

AIL 2012

AIL Weekend 2012 by Erick Rodriguez
Music by Dom Kennedy. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez and Rachard Johnson.

Featuring Erick Rodriguez, Rachard Johnson, Rick Rodriguez, Dre Powell, JC Rowe, Chris Haffey & Damon Frankin.

AIL Weekend 2012 by Erick Rodriguez

AIL Recap by Preston Richardson (More? Orion recorded the AIL live, you can check archive of the stream here, 5 videos for a total of 6 hours).

SSM: Team of the year (photo by Dave Lang).

SSM: Team of the year


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12 Responses to “AIL World Championships 2012: Recap, Videos & Misc”

  1. Dave Lang Says:


    Rollernews, I see what you did there. Go to my facebook and read what really happened with SSM and Montre Livingston.


    Fuck You Rollernews.

    Dave Lang

  2. Goodmang Says:

    A black JonJon and a fat mexican in a white tshirt.

    Man this edit suckedddd bigtime

  3. Will Jay Says:

    These are the kind of edits that inspire me to get back into rollerblading after i heal from my injury…
    Erics vid had so much swag, shows the true beauty of our sport and the second video showed the age progression as new comers are becoming interested in our sport. We can tell what the future of rollerblading is going to look like by looking at the youth!! its awesome seeing little blades out there!

  4. Mike Dougherty Says:

    @Goodmang you = retarded. That fat mexican has more talent and style then you could ever dream of. That black Jon jon is beast mode amazing style great guy to be around. Im not apart of them but BladerGang is showing what style and love for rolling is all about. Keep it up homies. Your boys out here in utah got your back

  5. Anonymous Says:

    kind of yawn but the lil tiny Haffey part saved it…

  6. Sholto Says:

    Spizer is still amazing!

  7. RAH Says:

    Results please ?

  8. haha Says:

    Haffey won with the fakie wall ride 3 out. Becci won for the girls . And looks like erod stil suckin rachards dick shit was funny when he tryin to claim he was am for razors haha fuckin poser

  9. Goodmang Says:

    That fat mexican needs to cut down on the burritos.

    Sack talent bet he gets no girls!


  10. Raspoulalar Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    any reviews for the 9to5 app?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    9to5 app is dope!