Aggressive Inliners

By Josh Chitwood.

Aggressive Inliners

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  • Lay Phyu

    Wow, that first guy is ‘so stylish’…give him a pro skate already.

    but that rail in the last photo is pretty long. Id probably do the ledge next to the stairs pretty easily though.

  • fanboy of lay phyu

    with alleyoop fish?

  • fric

    with 540 ao fish?

  • Gerben.

    THE ” what we think we do” pic is okay, but the “what we do” one can be replaced by sitting down on curb, smoking weed and watching someone else skate.

  • Anonymous

    this fuckin shit again…. shits so trendy…

  • Retired Roller

    Gerben… fuck you gave me a good laugh buddy!!!

  • notanigggggger

    Fucking faggy shit is faggy. Stop adhering to what everyone else is doing. Stop creating shit on behalf of the rest of us. Not cool bro

  • Anonymous

    THE PULL skate version of this is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better and actual funny

  • Anonymous

    these what we think we do charts are so fucking gay and old. Facebook is littered with these.