Adrien Anne: DeFise Entry (2012)

Adrien Anne: DeFise Entry

The Defise (Digital Fise Xperience) is an online contest taking place in october 2012. Send your entry to win 6 000 € & SFR prizes.

DeFise: Digital FISE Xperience

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31 Responses to “Adrien Anne: DeFise Entry (2012)”

  1. Raspoulalar Says:

    Funny … I watched that shit after the Daniel Prell edit …
    no comment …

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sucked ….. But then again I should have know better

  3. pujlo Says:

    i dont know what the fuck your problem with his skating…
    i like his style, and this edit as well.

  4. deubeul Says:

    Une bonne edit qui donne le smile!

  5. editttt Says:

    yeah fishbrain stall@ stone :D hahaha very very bad dude

  6. on a connu mieux ! Says:

    on a connu mieux !

  7. Ugly Says:

    Dprell fucked your mom

  8. Anonymous Says:

    imust admit i watched this after the dprell edit, and this was just so wank in comparison, some of the tricks… shocking. jumping through that square thing example number on, fishbrain stall on a stone.. example number 2.

  9. ChrisBray Says:

    Leave it to some French asshole to include a fakie five over a four stair

  10. Anonymous Says:

    dees niggas betta b gettin paid off dees punkass ads

  11. hhhyyyye Says:

    pas mal l’edit. Mieux que le daniel prell ou tu zappes tu finis meme pas la minute trente

  12. Anonymous Says:

    this wasnt adrien skating level as usual…bummer

  13. ohno Says:

    pendez le ce fils deup

  14. Fuck yall Says:

    This has been filmed in one day, you can’t compare with the others…

  15. Dirty Hippie Says:

    This summer Adam Sandler is…Adrian Anne… And he’s finding out, being French and overrated is a lot harder than he thought.

  16. Weasel Says:

    Its like the WRS contest…but crappy…

  17. rollerblading is gay Says:

    sfr? sage francis records?

  18. ntm Says:

    ohno +1
    your comment was a bit too short

  19. le pirate Says:

    ahahahha une mise en scene de folie!!!!
    au secours !!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Putain ca pue du cul …. je viens de mater le montage de Dprell et c’est autre chose franchement!

  21. Halborn Simon Says:

    being French must suck SO much

    so glad im not some stinking French skater

  22. Bart Says:

    Guys please consider what Huge assholes you are. Hating on Someone like that. Might Not Be His Best edit, but its donein 1 Day.
    Also the competition is cool, just the Lazy Skaters don’t join lol

  23. Raspoulalar Says:

    “This has been filmed in one day, you can’t compare with the others…”

    Who gives a shit ? ?
    I gonna put an edit online and say :” this has been filmed in 5 minutes” so you can’t say it s shit.

  24. Bart Says:

    I Bet. Your edit Wouldnt Be As good As His if you filmed a month

  25. awesome!! Says:

    what a nice skating!! the 1st fishbrain scared me. He deserves a promodel for so long!

  26. Arty Says:

    yes, if they made promodel of classic throne Adrien Anne i will buy it immediately!, fuck the haters, he is very good skater, beat all hater in one day, bitchis

  27. Your mom Says:

    Should have royaled the whole rail on that combo at the end.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Les français que des rageux !!!

  29. Halborn Simon Says:

    Stinking french people

    This edit is wank

  30. ronin Says:

    I love Adrien skating style. He is very good. This edit is not really interesting though.

    Je ne sais pas ce qui est le plus pathétique cela dit. Les ricains qui crachent sur la France ou les français qui crachent à sur les français .. Ah si je sais.

  31. Halborn Simon Says:

    Eurgh stinkingg