Adrian Roter: Young Gun, 2012 Edit

“Our young padawan grows up. Be prepared for more.” – Eugen Enin.

Adrian Roter

Filmed by Dennis Baethke, Pat Schmidt, Patrick Smith & Vlad Litvak ; edited by Vlad Litvak.

Song: Oh my God – Ida Maria.

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  • Anonymous

    damn that kid rips. really sick stuff

  • Anonymous

    Raw talent right there!

  • cullen

    so sick! dude ripped them spots!

  • Tzzztzzz

    one of eugen enins crew Boys… They are all so good…

  • Anonymous

    Mother fu**ing cutton crew man

  • jesus

    that 5 at the end…

  • dth

    Reminds me old Pro skating. So solid and sick tricks, pure talent.

  • Anonymous

    killed it, solid section great tricks.

  • bladergang4real

    yo d00d dis shit be doper than the rarest of yolo swagger keep murkin it blatergangnam style

  • Ackermutant

    Every week should end like this. That was awesome…

  • Henz

    The song said oh my god a hundred times so you didn’t have to. That was awesome…

  • Anonymous

    sick sick sickedy sick

  • Zack D

    He’s got to work on his style but he’s fucking sick fo sure. Ao porn to top soul rewind out on the hand rail was money.

  • Anonymous

    That 360 Soul on the ledge. Ohhh my god

  • Anonymous

    quys at the begging: why are you bulling so talented kid ?! :D

  • Anonymous

    because he’s ugly

  • Lalala

    So he doesn’t get arrogant

  • Dis DIck

    Nice ass edit. The style could be better but it was definitely raw. That 3 soul on the drop ledge and that 5 at the end… I got fucking jealous.

  • Joe

    damn he’s good, will be cool to see what comes next!

    big up’s!!

  • Luke

    Adrian is amazing. Always keep in mind that he´s just turned 16! He´s got so much potential! Big up young man!!!

  • whodafuq

    fuck yea! the 5 was big, but that 3 soul on the out ledge was fire!

  • Anonymous

    dudes sick…keep rippin.

    good thing his name isn’t vlad though.

    i HATE that name

  • Anonymous

    haha der letzte spot ist doch in essen?! bin da erst letztens vorbeigelaufen ;)

  • The Outkast

    So you dumbasses talk shit on montre but you like this guy? Congratulations, Rollerblading IS indeed dead

  • proVoke

    This was awesome. He is only 16?!

  • Luke

    Yeah he turned 16 quite recently. To make this shit even more badass you gotta remind yourself that most of this was filmed when he was only 15!!!

  • 2R

    At first I thought his style was weak… but that edit got better and better as it went on.

    some sick stuff

  • Anonymous

    everything looks super gay

    maybe because he tries to ride like eugen enin?

  • Jesus

    So Sik Addy MFcC