Adapt Vegan II: Black & White (2013)

Release date: 08/02.
February 4, 2013: Update. New pictures of the Adapt Vegan II Black + White.

Adapt Vegan II

Adapt Vegan II Black (2013)

Adapt Vegan II Black

Adapt Vegan II White (2013)

Adapt Vegan II White

Photos: 01, 02, 03.

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  • marco

    One year later Adapt has become THE high end company of our industy!

    Perfect Boots! Good Job Adapt. I`m trying to buy the be-mag boot in the summer!

  • Anonymous

    The loos sick, like a better version of the carbon free

  • Really?

    God come up with your own design – it’s bad enough you ripped a really crap boot mold off let alone stealing the colour ways 1 year later do you not feel a tiny bit embarrassed?

  • Urbn^nja

    Wow… Really love the touch! I’m very interested in coping a pair :)

  • Rob

    Pretty as heaven! Would rock these any day

  • ralf


    Can the people who compare this skate to a usd carbon 2 please stop hating.

    its like saying a razors sl is a rip off of a classic throne, because its also a plastic shell with a liner and soulplates.

    Thank you.

  • richard

    @really?: did you ever try an adapt boot? its a complete new mold that rollerblading has never seen before. this boot is not a usd carbon. first i thought the same, but after seeing them live i can say its a complete new boot. new materials insight, that has never been used and everything handmade in europe and not in china like everyone else.

    by the way, if you are embarrassed that a new boot company is using laces and soulplates and not improving something new, than you are right.
    the “skateboot” has been already invented 20years ago or something. shame on every new boot company, that produces boots, that look like boots.

    shame on every bicycle company that is using round wheels. we want to see square wheels !

    do us a favor and start to think before writing here!

    Thank you!

  • zakbuys

    They are gorgeous! Want want want want etc….

  • Anonymous

    lovely skate Im buying that

  • the random guy

    i don’t undestand the thing about “vegan” skate… yes no animals were killed during skates fabrication, but everyday, everywhere you are spreading plastic while skating.

  • Marcus

    Ok, nice job, going to the right direction. Now work on this ugly soulplates

  • B.Rose

    best fitting boot on the market, really. i was skate em a time and i never had a skate that fits so perfekt to my feet.

    the only thing i personal not like is the stiff cuff. but i am a kind of really soft skates.
    its nice to see the little company crow up. wish you good luck

  • Dis Dick

    Great looking boot and love that they are hand-made and vegan for those who go that route. Concerning the argument above about creating more plastic waste… I see your point but this is a day and age where it’s nearly impossible to be guilt free, we all contribute to global destruction, so it’s a matter of where you choose to do good. There is a place for this in the industry and if you can’t afford it or don’t care then you have a plethora of other options. As ugly as the soul plate is, I love it, it reminds me of the original Remedyz soul plates (or heel plate I should say) back when Remedyz made an attractive skate that looked more like a shoe than a moon boot (also was more true to the “freedom of feet” concept). Great work Adapt, I hope to see many more great things from you guys.

  • skater1805

    @ markus: i tought the same thing BUT!: they are the best soulplates i’ve ever skated the last 17 years.. i used to do 2 or 3 months with classic plates and 3 with the carbon plate wich became “slower” after 6 weeks.. THE symetriks plates have survived for 6 months now and tomorrow i’ll get my new ones (thanks Olga & Pieter) , just because i want them in black now.. so try them!

  • daka

    Adapt, pls be original and create your own mold

  • bleh


  • marco

    @daka: haha, this is their own mold. just read what richard or baschno said.
    adapt didn`t copy any mold or boot.

    just visit and check out how they are produced and what they are made of.
    there is now company on the market that is so open minded to the skaters and shows how their products are made and what material they are using.

    please listen: if you want to criticize anything about adapt its ok, but first inform yourself, before talking shit or hating ;)

    thank you!

  • carbonroller

    awesome looking i want these

  • mike

    I would love to rock these! perfect switch from deshi carbons to adapts

  • pimp

    in the future i think all skates will look very simular. these skates and carbons are dope, but if i had to choose i would go with these cuz just by looking at them you can tell they are high quality. those soul plates look like they would last forever.USDs, Adapt, who cares skates are sick! why would any blader complain about any new skate is beyond me. yeah we should really go back when we only had like three or four brands to choose from…..NOT!!!

  • qeq

    nice look ….
    but why there is still no flex cuff?

  • Really?

    Ha I didn’t even say the brand and you knew what I meant so you proved my point. Plus usd also used this colour way before them ergo my opinion is valid and maybe you should think before you dribble a load of bollocks.

  • carbon skater

    what a piece of shit!

  • Anonymous

    Razors and Remz are being replaced by USD and Adapt.

  • Not my problem anymore.

    The people who handle the calls at adapt are a joke. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. I called directly to confirm sizing and place an order. Worst customer service. How in the fuck am I suppose to take this company seriously when the guy taking calls is to busy cracking jokes with his so-called boss seal the damn deal?

    It’s all good though, as these Valo’s lites were obviously a better choice.

    Some will read this an maybe cry hater. Others will read this and talk shit. Truth of the matter is, that if potential customer calls directly to see what the deal is, he probably is attempting to place an order. You better fucking well act like you want to take their order. Why even have numbers to be reached at, let alone a product if you are not even going to attempt to be professional? It doesn’t seem like making a sale is important to some of your people Adapt.

    I think these skates look sick, but anyone can say that when looking at a picture. Can’t tell you shit about how they ride. I still say buy them if you want a pair. Good luck trying to get them to deal with on you right via the phone.

  • Blader Gangkadanggg

    Lol you on meth^

    The valo light is the worst carbon skate on the market

  • Not my problem anymore.

    @Blader Gangkadanggg Does it look even a little bit, like I give a fuck?. How about you stick to your drug of choice, and I’ll stick to mine. Tho meth isn’t my pref. I like trees and grape drink. You should know a lil about that shit right gangstalicious?

    Next you’re going to want talk about stalks right? What a joke. Thank you for the laugh!

  • old school

    Not gonna hate on other companies just going to state what I know from my experience.

    Adapt Brand is the best skate I’ve ever skated !!!

    I’m old school :) I’m 31 and have been skating forever. I’m not pro or even would say I’m good but I love rolling and can share from my experience:

    K2 Fatty Pro – my 1st skates. I loved them. I could do any grind in the world on these and they where super comfortable. The problem was they didn’t skate ! lol slow as hell and exhausting to get around in.

    Rollerblade Chocolates – Solid design and skate, but obvious limitations in terms of being able to grind of do anything big in them.

    Solomon St – AMAZING skates that redefined a generation. Prob my fav skates next to Adapt. Stability and speed. At the time ground breaking but for modern times too heavy and not refined.

    Razor Cults – My least favorite skates… hurt my feet and made me loose my ability to do top tricks.

    K2 Nemsis – Decided to go back to K2. Heavy as fuck and almost made me stop skating. Thought this would be my last pair of skates.

    USD Carbon – Thought this was the top of mountain. Great solid skates with all new technology. Couldn’t put my finger on it but something always felt off.

    Adapt !!! – BY FAR the most comfortable of all the above. They have the stability of Solomons and the weight and feel of Carbons. You can skate FAST as fuck in these. They are the fastest skates of any of the above. My foot feel super secure and they are very reactive. I move my feet and the skate moves with me. I lace them low and don’t tie them tight. They feel loose but are never bend. They ride straight. The Symetriks are the fastest grind plates EVERY period. You can grind an unwaxed concrete curb with them ! not even joking. It won’t work well but you will still slide for quite a bit with the right amount of speed.

    Sorry this is so long but I had to jump into this conversation to add my 2 cents. The Vegan 2 is supposed to look basically the same but apparently it’s totally rebuilt and improved. I might even but a new pair soon just to check em out !!!


    F all these pussies complaining about how they look. O M G grow up ladies. Who cares ? Really ? O M G Did you like see Arlo’s hair this week and I cant believe Jeph Howard changed to skinny jeans ??? LIKE OMG !

    lol grow a pair you lil boogers

  • hans Hey

    want theses skates man!

  • Anonymous


  • Freds

    obv all the people talking positive about Adapt are Dutch. truth of the mather is they have shitty customer service and can’t come up with an original boot design.

  • nah

    cuff is too goddamn low. just like with all carbon skates. smh

  • Big Swasshy Dildo

    Ha! RollerFags!!!

  • Anonymous

    ” old school ” is obviously someone behind adapt

    stability of salomons ? u ever saw a salomon shell broken ?

    the fastest skate ? wtf get the hell out

    comfortable ?


    Do u think someone would write a poem like this without an intention ?

    ADAPT is so loooool

  • pro boot

    nice look…i would buy them. i need that soul plate!!!!!!!

  • tiny

    Oh my Fucking god…… These are sex. They should come in all black or atleast swap the color scheme . N as for these hatin ass niggahs quit your bitchin thanks

  • Positivity

    They do come in black and also custom option

  • Adam FURR DOGG Swanson

    I was really hoping for a 45 degree buckle. I love how these look though

  • chihab

    i am in paris right now, the worldwide capital of skating, best scene ever, and didn’t see any adapt skate for real at a sessions so i can tell this brand is shit and will soon disappear .

  • Anonymous

    Nothing against adapt, but the skates dont look good

  • Anonymous

    sur quel site son t-il disponible ?

  • Anonymous

    sur quel cite son t’il trouvable s’il vous plais

  • Anonymous

    went to the website

    if they’re handmade once i order why dont you offer a truly bespoke service ?

    i mean if people are going to drop 400 plus on skates then having the option to chose colors (think nike id) would be a no brainer….i mean you are making the boots right after i order them like you said on your website right ?

  • Ze do caixão

    Que esta empresa volte para o inferno de onde não deveria ter saido

  • KingofSiam

    Bravo to a vegan option!

  • trend follower

    What the hell is wrong with people? I remember back in the day when Kato was building boots in his van everyone wanted a coveted pair of Freedom of Feet boots…and the skates weren’t even a finished product (you had to add your own heel plates). When I showed these skates to non-skaters they all thought they were dope…not like the ugly ski boots most companies were coming out with (and still produce). The skate were far from perfect and didn’t suit everyone but the concept was great and a necessary (refreshing) addition to the industry. Sure Remz has evolved and changed but that initial creativity was huge for bladding. Adapt is a more modern iteration of what remz was back in the day. To not like how they skate is one thing but to not want to support them playing a key role in the industry is plain idiotic. Support the companies doing it right and that care and demand more from those who don’t.

  • Jeremy Soderburg

    bye bye USDs i want these!

  • poorly-planned

    you don’t need a 45 strap because the skate is actually made correctly. the lace eyelets are positioned higher on the boot to aid in securing your foot. You head mold them just like you would a hockey/speed/figure skate. the skate is lighter then carbons or anything else. In fact they are lighter then my boots I wear at work all day. the souls last unlike those you find on other skates. the plate is trimmed away so you can ride larger wheels. the stitching is of a higher quality thread and wears less then that on other skates. Their business plan is smart for the most part and they are not investing their money in using 50 people to market a Chinese product that they filled their warehouse with and have no idea how to sell. It’s actually “skater owned” No other boot company is (THAT IS A FACT). When your buying these skates the only people getting paid for it are skaters. Not a corporate backer, not a third party manufacturer and most importantly not someone who isn’t going to continue evolving and pushing for the highest quality product.

    If you don’t like them then don’t buy them. But being a troller and talking shit about something that’s actually a huge positive push in our industry is ridiculous.

    With all that said everyone has their own preference and will like whatever skate they want to. weather it works best for you or if you got con’d into getting whatever you like based an a marketing image.