Adapt Skates: Lightest Skates on the Market?

Update: New picture. Thanks Anon.

Adapt Skates: Lightest Skates on the Market?

Size 43 with soulplate & screws: 986g

Adapt Skates

For your information:

  • USD Carbon 3 Don Bambrick: 1070g.
    (size 42, including the soulplate).
  • Valo Light Skate: 1320g.
    (size 42, including the soulplate).

More skates weight infos here and here.

Adapt Skates: 688 grams Boot

The Adapt Boot (size 40, No soulplate) is only 688 grams.

More infos about the Adapt Skates.
Photos: 01, 02.

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  • Anonymous

    So how can we compare? Put a soulplate on a size 42 and weigh it…

  • tillet

    hahaha… too true.

  • Anonymous

    i doubt that 2 sizes and a soulplate would double the weight of a boot. the other weight quoted here are from the lightest skates of the market

    so yes they are pretty light, don’t need to be really smart to understand that

  • J.311

    That’s stupid. Put the soulplates on a size 42

  • stefano

    this skate is as the skate that is used by CJ Wellsmore in, maybe, bemag photo. is possible?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the fuck am i gonna do without a soulplate?

  • Rob

    It’s impressive how light is the boot!

    Here you can see weight of DESHI Carbon boot (size 41) – picture taken by

    Still, they need to be tested as (just like dead Deshi’s) they don’t have flex cuff and these don’t even have ankle strap (all speed boots have them)

  • Rob

    40-42 Carbon soulplates with srews weight exactly 200 grams.

    So DESHI Carbon boot (size 41) with soulplates and screws = 883g

    Can not compare to size 43, unfortunately we have only 41..

  • koubis

    thanks Rob & Anon

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, I don’t want to be overcritical here, but the temptation is overwhelming.

    I’m assuming that the 100g difference between this skate and the Bambrick one is related to the cuff addition on the Bambrick.

    Playing devil’s advocate here, but wouldn’t I be better off just buying the Bambrick skate and taking the cuff off? (even though I’m not a big believer of this quest for the lightest skate). Also taking in consideration that USD will probably be able to produce that Bambrick cheaper and faster?

    All I’m trying to say is that I haven’t been convinced by the unique selling point of this skate. There will probably be a niche out there that simply wants to be able to say that there skates have been handmade, but is this only for them? (Hemp skins might convince some of the ecological minded skaters…)

  • Anonymous

    correction in last post -> “their” skates

    I should double check my language…

  • Jeremy

    The big question is of course; will the price be lower as well ?

  • Anonymous

    Note that the USD Carbon 3 & Valo Light Skates are in size 42 (the adapt one is 43).

    Rob, do you what is the weight of a cuff?

  • Anonymous

    //The big question is of course; will the price be lower as well ?

    i don’t know, usually a new skate is always more expensive because of the cost required to produce it

    that’s why skate brands just use old molds

  • Anonymous

    //Also taking in consideration that USD will probably be able to produce that Bambrick cheaper and faster?

    maybe, but for the moment the carbon 3 is the most expensive skate (checked on grindhouse)

  • Anonymous

    I assume that the weight difference between a size 42 and 43 can be estimated to about 25g max? And the cuffs with bolts and buckles will way over 100g. This could indicate that the USD carbon skate is actually lighter than the adapt one.

  • Rob

    Carbon S (39-42) cuff + hinge bolts = 95g
    Carbon L (43-46) cuff + hinge bolts = 108g

    Adapt skates comes with innersole and shock absorber? As it’s made by speed skating concept, it’s probably without them.

    USD Carbon’s are not skateable without cuff. There won’t be enough support. But it can be skateable without innersole, shock absorber and 45 strap. Then we came down to 1060g (Bambrick 3, size 43, with cuff’s + hinges, soulplates + screws, without innersole, without shock absorber, without 45 strap) <- that's totally absurd, but if you are worried about your skate weight.. :)

  • Rob

    ^ p.s. cuffs without buckles..

  • Anonymous

    In general I have a problem with the idea that a 100 to 200g weight difference will really have that much impact. In my book factors like the possibility of replacing broken parts, low price, general comfort and the product reliability impact my choice more. Therefor I’m not a big supporter of this quest to reach the lowest weight which has been the trend in skating during the last years…

  • Rob

    ^ If you didn’t know it’s trend in ALL industries and it’s not a pointless trend. ;)

  • Anonymous

    “In general I have a problem with the idea that a 100 to 200g weight difference will really have that much impact.”

    yes but seeing that a new company with no experience in producing skates “can” create a lighter skate than the old brands which were there for years is kind of scary.

    most brands just resell 10 years old recolored skates ; competition is always beneficial to customers.

  • DarthRollerWearsDyedRedDeshis

    500 grams is 1/2 lb. 1000 grams is 1 lb. a gallon of water is a little more than 8 lbs. you should be drinking a minimum of a gallon of water a day. you’re 8+ lbs heavier @ the end of your day just from liquid consumption alone. maybe skate companies should try putting carbon fiber on my water since that seems to be the solution to everything. 2,3,400 gram difference makes no difference children. notice how the numbers shown are never 1/2+ of 1 pound but 500+ grams so that you’ll see a large # and assume there is a large difference. if half of one pound or even one pound is “affecting” your skating, it’s not your skates, it’s you. eat a sandwich and hit some weights.

  • on fire

    I think it’s cool that they’re using ice skating technology. I’ve always wondered about that since I do ice skate from time to time, the fact that world-class figure skaters can do a quad, which is four 360s on flatground, and still have the support necessary to land that beast in those flimsy-looking leather skates. It seems that the skates can get smaller and smaller (and thus look more normal on people’s feet) and yet still take all the weight, torque and flex that is generated from professional figure skating. It would be cool someday if rollerblades could slim down a little and thus not look so awkward, especially for those of us who already have big feet! haha.

    And of course, if anyone was gonna borrow from ice skating technology, it should be the Dutch, since ice speed skating is their national sport. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what happens, not just with their first model but also in the future.

  • mike

    that weight shit is so overrated ahahah, stupid.

  • PataputeKlem

    haha most of people already have the lightest skates on the market since most of ppl dont skate anymore anyMORT

  • rollerblading is gay

    if you have a skate that fits you really nice, they feel light as fuck. if you can get these adapt/adept (whatever) skates to fit better than carbons, yer on the right track. my carbons hurt but i refuse to modifiy them until they are destroyed.

  • lol

    usd soul ki on a valo light skate ;-)

  • Anonymous

    What makes these different to usd carbons? other than the weight? look just like em so USD could sue?

  • DarthRoller

    Find it really hard to care precisely how light a boot is to be honest.

    If it rolls well and doesn’t feel like a breeze block I’m happy.

  • stefano

    no cuff bukle and anke strap.

  • Anonymous


  • krusty

    most of you are retarded. I don’t understand how someone puts out an awesome new skate, and all you do is bitch that it isnt awesome enough. I think it kicks ass that not only is there a new boot company entering the picture, but their entering trying to compete with arguably the 2 best skates on the market. obviously 100ish grams aren’t going to make a world of difference, but the fact that your even comparing this boot to valo lights and carbon 3’s is insanely impressive. all 3 skates are so light that they basically feel like shoes, which is the type of thing i want to skate. I dont want some clunky fucking genesis boot weighing me down for no reason. to me weight makes a huge difference, its not so much a problem jumping onto handrails or anything, but i definitely feel a lot more comfortable whipping my feet around for a hardspin acid in my deshi carbons than I would in a pair of valo tv1’s. personally I would choose these over either a carbon 3, or a valo light. ive never been a huge fan of the way valo feel, but either way I cant skate anything with a plastic cuff due to a leg injury a while back. I think its nice that a company is coming along to give us more options for the most expensive (imo the best) catagory of skates. I dont know about you but I dont wanna drop $350 on a boot that isnt absolutely perfect for me

  • Scott Loper

    my xsjados feel lighter than the carbons i had just because they fit me better. Unless you really cannot jump to save your life the only thing a lighter skate will do is possibly make you less tired from pumping. and in that case you should just roll flat.

  • Anonymous

    its not the wait that matters to much its more the fit the less movement in ur skate the more hight your going to get when u jump nd the better the skates going to feel

  • Dudeishellawack

    Holy fuck I can not wait until everyone finally realizes that 10 fucking grams doesn’t even feel ANY different!! These weight wars are getting tiresome for sure. And that is hella wack.

  • Dudeishellawack


    ^^^^^^^^ Also hella wack.
    Best skate ever made to line people’s pockets maybe.


  • Anonymous

    The first run of Adapt Ones will be limited to 100 pairs and specially made for you. The boot as a complete with brand new Chimera wheels, ABEC 9 Precision bearings, CNC machined soul plates and Create Originals frames will be around the 399 € mark. As far as the boot goes, that should be around 300-350 € depending if you want the soul plates on them. For the price you get a handcrafted, super lightweight skate that skates like no other.

  • Anonymous
  • slcrollin

    im really stoked for this. I new company out there that isnt from a mold of an old company. Also they putting ALLOT of work into a boot just shows what comitment to rolling they do have. I will be buying a pair i hope. Good job guys

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck would care? Man up, you fucking faggots.

  • marco

    i like new technologies in our industry and adapt
    brings a new vibe into the game.

    go on adapt!!!

    and the rest of all you anonymous little kids:
    stop hating, chill down, use your brain!

  • Cole Collins

    These sound cool since they will be our first Scandinavian skate ever made except for the Danish guy who invented the first skates ever! But by the way, these are European size 43 skates not USA size 43. That would be great to have skates that got that big though so people like Michael Jordan and Shaq can have aggressive skates!

  • buller

    Back to basics. Weight isn’t that important. People skated Oxygen which felt like cement back in the day. This “new” design is simply a Deshi with a USD soul. This company should rethink ripping off ideas and trying to sell them.

  • Jiri

    So stoked for Adapt! Buyin a pair!

  • Dudeishellawack

    @buller: You are legit for sure. I had a pair of those cinderblock blades known as argon ar 1.1s. Cement for real. Glad to see that I’m not the only voice of reason.