Adapt Skates: Harmanus One White

Complete reworked Harmanus One + Black “One” Create Originals frames + Chimera Harmanus Brothers Pro Model Wheels (57mm/90a).

Adapt Skates: Harmanus One White

Aprox. 888 grams for size 41 with soulplates.
360.50 EUR / 286.10 GBP / 430.00 USD.
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  • Heavy Hate

    If at first you dont succeed, bite, and bite again.

    Is it really THAT hard to do something original is this god damn culture?!?!?

  • Bright idea

    We should start a new skate company, spend boat loads of money, then style it exactly like a skate that already exists from another brand. BRILLIANT!

  • Anonymous

    sorry but why still make the skate to harmanus also in white and not to day that already showed it all all ..I really don’t understand .. It would have been perfect Adapt Russ Day Model … Freakin don’t care if is pro or am os shitty model still got someoneelse on the spotlight don’t you think so ..
    Anyway, it’s a beautiful skate .. Nice colors …

  • .Fx

    @first two posts; but ofcourse, because how a skate looks is waaaaay more important than it’s excellent performance, even if it’s performance exceeds other similar skates it’s still shit because it looks the same. Morons.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the same exact skate as the Harmanus One just in white….

    Probably would have cost a fortune to redesign the entire skate and also this is high quality leather so for now it’s just nice to see the Adapts in another color.

    Also Russell Day rides the white vegan skate which is not out yet and still testing…. Ruseell Day should put out At least a couple of edits on big videos and place in a bunch of comps before he is considered “pro”.

  • smokey macpot

    Does this skate have any real type of buckle or just a leather strap at the top…if just a strap I see immediate design flaw…

  • Rik

    Note: The prices mentioned above are excl. VAT/import duties. (Read the explanation on the website.)

  • Anonymous

    Is this some kind of joke :


  • J.311

    Hmmm USD carbon free?

  • Marcus

    I liked, beautiful one, but this black front immediately reminds me the usd carbon free, not much original :/

  • dan mikesell

    love it love it love it. once i destroy my current skates, (will take a while since i cant get out to skate much) i will be all over some adapt’s. BEST QUALLITY THAT ROLLERBLADING MAY EVER SEE!!!!!

  • Rolling Love

    so incredibly light! and very aesthetically pleasing

  • pablo

    Hey guys, all other sports have similar gears only with diferent logos.

  • Sell me more bullshit

    “So light” shut the fuck up with that marketing gimmick. If a few oz on your skates effects your blading then youre a little girl.

    “Aesthetically pleasing”, sure, and also a complete rip-off of a current skate design, the carbon free.

    Sell me some more bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    How is it a marketing scheme when 2 people who love making skates decide to start a company and are obsessed with making quality goods handmade ???

    I’ve yet to skate Adapts but the way everyone talks about them makes total sense to me.

    YES – to me weight makes a HUGE difference. Personally I don’t like feeling like I’m rolling with bricks on my feet, rather sneakers with wheels !!!

  • ricardo

    Hmmm USD carbon free?

  • Anonymous

    usd marketing team is on this shit full force lol

    i’ve held both in my hands and adapt blows it out of the water quality wise it’s not even close

    patched up chinese made speed skate vs purpose built aggressive boot

    you make the choice

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sick but for $430 notyyy

  • kmcgloughlin

    nicest skate ive ever seen,
    and its nothin like the usds,its got a much more vintage look,

  • rob pruett

    what material are the soul plates made out of ?

  • Marco

    @all the haters: fuck you!

    This skate is dope! no joke! i skate it since some months now.
    its handmade in europe (not in china), skaterowened, high end with cevlar and much more. just visit the website and read more!

    the company doesn`t say: fuck the other brands, we are the best. adapt is just another option for you. they don`t make money and buy fast cars or shit, the put it back into the industry and into technical improvements.

    every skate looks like some other skate. you can`t reinvent the wheel, but you can make it better, lighter and longer lasting. and in the end its all for the love of rollerblading!

    please start to use your brains and inform yourself before you comment
    stupid shit like you do all the time, because its anonymous in the internet!

    thats the reason why this sport is on the ground. because there are to many negative thoughts in the heads! “there is something new…ok first i start to talk shit about it…” .

    ask your parents if they can show you some social competence. after that go to school and start to use your brain! Thank you!!!

  • ronin

    Those skates are Good As USD ;-)

    So seriously what would be the pro / cons compared to USD Carbons ?

    Price is high but if it’s made in Europe I’m willing to pay the price. This is very important to me to buy “local”.

  • ronin

    PS: those skates remind me of my beloved K2 king 55 (which I still use from time to time as recreational skates). They had no buckle too.

  • damn

    USD Carbon free fake ! omg

  • Dang

    I don’t care if they look like carbon frees.
    BUT Ben Harmanus does NOT deserve another Pro skate.
    Pretty much anybody who has ever put on Blades deserved it more than him right now. (It is still the same “model” just a diif color, but as this is Rollerblading this could def be considered a 2nd Pro Skate.)

  • Anonymous

    Adapt is really good!
    They are made much better then carbons and also the carbon/kevlar looks better.. And hand made..

    Stop talking shit about a skate that you havn’t probally tried out or seen in real life!

  • Dakota

    I have no qualms with the skate, but I will say this: Russell Day should not be “pro” for this boot. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite skaters, but definitely still AM material.

  • Ito

    I will probably consider these ones my Carbon II’s die and these become more available in the US…but right now my USDs are still going strong.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a beauty :-)

  • Jay

    430 dollars…da fuck?…they look dope though except I would swap out the frame probably

  • Father Ted

    This brand is not skater owned

  • Sike


    yea right.

  • Anonymous

    how would adapts be any better than deshi carbons or other fucking-stiff-no-cuff-mothafuckas. quality cow leather yea wow must be awesome

  • blackdynamite

    Kore skates bro Kore we out here Kore we got da best handmade yall not adapt nigga buy kore that way better them adapt bitches with jbah and those losers we got rammelle knight nigga what you know what you think rammelle knight up in dis bitch not adapt kore da real shit

  • Anonymous

    I think they look beautiful, properly styled, very professional.

  • Anonymous

    Stability in skates does come from the cuff… it come from the base of the skate. Usd has had a flaw it their design for years but they choose to ignore it because they are one of 5/6 companies that make skates and USDs are cool and not bad by any means.

    Adapts are made correctly and your ankle doesnt bend all around because the core of the skate is made proper.

    The whole liner thing is a preference. If you want true responsiveness than no lining needed.

  • Smart Guy

    As always those Usd fan boys or riders are trying to talk this product down while usd itself is trying to find out how and where this skate is produced so they can make a good skate too.
    Keep wasting your money by buying fake carbon made skates. If you never touched the adapts, you don’t know anything.

  • Billy Idol

    Anyone know what the fit is? are they small/big fitting? stuck on what size to get…anyone who has tried them know if I should buy a size up/down or anything? alot of money to spend to just be dissapointed in….

  • Anonymous

    adapt skater owned? LMAO!!!

    I don’t know who gets the trophy in between the 2 weirdos from adapt or the 2 weirdos from seba LOL

    (and carbon DOES suck)

  • Roller

    Mail those adapt people. They’ll help out for sure.

  • I

    Lol everybody bitches around here and i think nearly Nobody of them has had Ever read on their site about what they are doing and which materials they use and what other brands use for their carbon skates ^^