Adapt: Prototype Skates

Adapt posted a photo of their prototypes taken in Barcelona:

adapt prototype skates

Back view of the Skates

adapt prototype skates

Prototype Frames

adapt prototype skates

Older Picture of the Prototype Skates
Photo by Dominic Swagemakers.

adapt prototype skates

Thanks Rando. Pictures: 01, 02.

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  • sl.

    dear rollernews,

    if u show this picture, you should also tell that this is the prototype number 2 – now they are working on 8 or 9.

    so all this post is absolutely meaningless, just like most of the comments.


  • jinger

    The worst wheels ever, lol!

  • dyed red deshis

    Good luck whoever owns Adapt. From what you’ve shown us I doubt you’ll make it far but here’s hoping that you do more than just 1 style design for your skates and take a lesson from USD. the more designs the more stability the company has cause you’ll definitely hit more consumer’s eyes for comfort and appeal. I would love to see more of that Prototype Frame. so far the walls look different and the base of the frame has a interesting hole selection. maybe it’s a sizable frame for all the holes.

  • haters…

    with this whole bunch of assholes hating on everything , what can we expect from rolling in the future ?

    c mon, instead of talking shit about Adapt skates, at least try them first.

    if you guys were starting a new skate brand i bet you wont be much motivated to make things happen with a bunch of hate over your project.

    if you really wanna see more skate brands on the market, show some support guys !

  • perfect

    Number 1 : Better Skates than USD Carbon …. all Handmade ( Better >Liner )

    Number 2 : Xsjado 2 is damn ugly ( I’ve seen him.)

  • ahaam

    anyways carbons are biggest commercial crap on the market, simply a shit that`s unbelievably overrated.
    i hope that this won`t be another disappointment…

  • Anonymous

    I just hope they tell which long lasting materials they’ll use and on what the assumption is based that these will last much longer. Such statements should be backed up with some measurements.

    I can get that they don’t want to disclose their whole production process, but if you want some credibility you might want to communicate on why you need that many prototypes (someone mentioned they’ve got 8 by now, what did they have to adjust?).

    In short, more info please!

  • Codswalloper69

    I do grinds on my Bauer Turbos so whatever I’m not interested in anything new unless you’re bringing out carbon jump plates and pink Sims swirl wheels

  • Trill Bill

    @ Doig….

    Good point… I don’t like spending hundreds for a boot I’m going to destroy in a little under two months! (I skate almost every other day!)

    I can’t change the skin on adapt (That I know of, and I’m not Mr. Thursday Customs… SO that isn’t an option.) So you won’t hear about Trill Bill riding these unless they are under 300. Even then, I’m skating the same skates for another year… I got lucky and have tons of souls under my bed… (Yeah I got a bunch of souls under my bed.) And skins…. (Yea… skins dude….)

    And back up boots… Rollerbladers are cheap. But I see all these groms jumping around on skates I know someone is buying them. For me the cost on all of the skates is crazy when they get destroyed so quick.

  • Trill Bill

    Maybe I need to Adapt and try something that I’m not looking for… They look better than most skates though, and I do want them for that reason.

    Adapt also has a great team too!

  • Trill Bill

    perhaps i should keep commenting with redundant statements. I’m cooler than everyone.

  • Glen

    Don’t listen to these idiots, rollernews is just packed full of loser teenage bladers. This reminds me of the days Kato hand made remz, so sick. Can’t wait to see these.

  • Fart in U mouth

    “I don’t don’t get why there’s so much hate here.”
    Cause we got served the same shit for almost ten years by all the different brands on the market.

    “most new products in one way or the other are based of an existing product its how things get better.”
    As long as I remember, brands were releasing something new each time before…

  • Hoax34

    @fart in your mouth well if you don’t like the shit you get served, pull your finger out your arse and go start something yourself. If you know do much about making a good product, stop whinging, make one and release it. At least Adapt are trying to do something and aren’t just sat on their computer, on here insulting things they HAVEN’T EVEN TRIED YET and KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT, other than seeing some pictures of prototypes. People on here chat so much shit. Bunch of fuckwits.

  • Fart in U mouth

    I am tired of all that bullshit about hatred … or people saying “then do it yourself”.
    You put stuff on the market, then accept the critics.
    I am a customer, not a businessman. I don t want to start a company.
    Even though rollerblading is a small world, it s still a business.
    I buy stuff you put on the market, I am not happy with them I say it, no matter it s burgers or skates.
    I haven’t tried yet indeed, I just saw prototype pictures, and even maybe really early ones, but I am not gonna say, ” yeah it s wonderful !!”

    There is no hate just critics, and people concerned don’t accept it cause they suck !
    Bring quality then you will have respect !
    Just an example, even on rollernews, when we saw an edit with Abdiel Coldberg few weeks ago, more than 100 message of positiveness, not even one negative one.

    Raise your game level, whatever is skating or business, then you won’t have to worried about what you call hate !

  • lol

    actually though they were usd carbons! think they might get sued for that one?

  • meow

    looks like carbons!

  • Anonymous

    get CK in the team..

  • Trill Bill

    That wasn’t me at 1:30 something… Someone who wants to be Trilly Billy for a minute.

    Hey man it isn’t easy being me, so I imagine that minute was filled with passion and fury.

  • Hoax34

    @ fart in your mouth didn’t read what you wrote. I just saw “wha wha wha…”

  • Fart in U mouth

    Glad for U

  • rob

    the bottom right picture of the ‘prototype sketch’ looks like remz, the v-cuff looks like remz and the main picture looks like some shitty old army surplus shite with some frames underneath, whoever thinks these look like carbons needs to go back to the main page and have another look at the carbon 3’s

  • wurst

    When i read this i wonder what the hell you are looking for in a skate, if you would combine all the contradicting shit everyone said about boots on this site you would have a oxymoron…

    A true fitting light weight super durable skate without a raised heel but a big heel pad a comfy one piece liner/boot with removable skins and liners usd carbon like soulplates that protect the boot and flatframes with the groove of a freestyle setup that fit powerblading wheels…

    from just this picture the only thing you can say is that they look like a boot with a soulplate and wheels and thats what all skates are i wonder what you want when you speak about doing something different…

  • horst

    Photoshop and Max are easy to use go ahead and make some mockups if you think you can make something truly new and different.

  • BeAn

    ie’s the same as molecular evolution of genes… first they duplicate, then the paths of the two copies part, and at the end there will be two completely diffetent things. you cant create something good from nothing. or if you can start…

  • Hoax34

    @Fart in your mouth. You should think about changing your name by the way…

  • dyed red deshis

    I actually have nothing bad to say since This isn’t the final Draft of how it looks or final prototype. However if the picks on top were it. then they’ll need more than just 1 molding to stay afloat. and to drop that price way down. Someone hasn’t told them but the less units you make the more they cost which means the less shops and people will buy simply due to overhead and profit sharing. It’s a great idea but they need to think on a worldwide level not just for their city or small country.

  • life fail

    well when go about announce your new company by not giving any real info on your product (just saying “they last twice as long” isn’t good enough), give no photos for reference, and come across as some extra exclusive snobby group of ppl that are making overpriced speedskates w/ soul plates, you’re sure to get no good attention. ice skating has nothing to do w/ what we do aside from the word “skating”. every skate ever put out is made of the ‘fastest, strongest, most durable, highest quality, most secretive” materials out there and they all fall apart the same from use. on top of that, you associate yourself w/ one of arguably the worst wheel companies (as if all aggressive wheels weren’t bad enough already), and you expect ppl to be receptive? this company should have stopped w/ the secret service bullshit, let ppl know what they are going to be forking over an arm&leg for and come w/ a company mission statement that isn’t so vague and cliche. every company’s mission is to make the newest, best, high quality product. we get that. and your company differs how? these guys can even get their PR straight before this “new” skate comes out, how long do you think they will actually last?

  • Jon G

    Rollernews is like the fox news of our industry. Not giving full infos and twisting things to cause a reaction.

  • Glen

    Alot of belly aching and crying about a skate that hasn’t even hit the market, fuck rollerbladers are embarrassing.