Adapt: Ben Harmanus Pro Skate, Winterclash Photos

Spotted on the Winterclash 2012 Official Photo Set.

Adapt: Ben Harmanus Pro Skate, Winterclash Photo

Photo by Kiku Pineda
Larger Picture (via).

Adapt: Ben Harmanus Pro Skate

Adapt Brand: More Media.

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  • scrub your taint twice a day is what my mother always

    furst two hate!

  • slcrollin

    not to shabby i think. The souls look cool. But really need to see how they preform

  • erneestto

    just reduce the price on it and everybody gonna knows how its perform.

  • regis

    I liked the skates, I’ll buy one for me

  • Anonymous

    hottest pair of skate I’ve ever seen!!! I don’t skate much anymore but I’ll get a pair just for the love

  • Anonymous

    i like that it is another skate brand out there now.
    they do look alot like Carbon 2 in the front, and RB solo at the cuff whit that strap.
    but not an external cuff?
    Didnt they follow USD and the carbon 1?

    well anyway i wisch ADAPT all the luck and that they will stay around for many years

  • Rob

    They look great! Soulplate looks from really hard PU

    Great kevlar accent on the heel

  • Anonymous

    looks cool but i doubt the skate will be cheap since they used carbon kevlar which is more expensive than regular carbon….

  • J

    looks like a copy of carbons and sucks that doesn’t have cuff


    soulplate looks the shiz

  • ingen

    if they make a 9.5 boot like everyone should be doing ill buy

  • Anonymous

    Those blades is too sickkk

  • yo

    harmanus.. LOL gtfo. who’s doing this brand anyway?

  • Mitch

    Finally another skater owned boot company. This is amazing that a small scale company pulled off such a sick and quality looking boot. Good fucking job guys, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    i dont want to be that guy but these are just a bad copy of the usd carbon skate right ? sorry for the negativity i literally hate people who write trolling shit on here

  • Robbins

    they look legit. excited to see a new brand in the game. hopefully they can give a few riders on the pro team a salary

  • tv party

    Good luck guys. Keep it real.

  • Armed anus

    The soul plate looks like carved with a chainsaw or something …
    The boot design is indeed really similar to a carbon boot.
    The sewing lines are almost exactly the same.
    Would have been cool and smarter to come up with something totally original.

  • Danny

    Roller sneakers ! FUKKK !

  • peterparker

    they look legit. would rather have a buckle though

  • donshishi

    look nice, now the question is how much. if the skates are commercialized at more expensive price than carbon, it will never work chaper than carbon should be interesting. personnally i like it excepte the soul plate

  • bladerrr

    The skates looks awesome.
    But i think the soulplate its not rounded in the edge, and i dont know how much will de velcro long. Maybe with a buckle..

    Cant wait to se more detailed pictures or videos!!!

    Keep it up Adapt!

  • Hippie looser

    These look dope as fuck. These do not look like Carbon 2’s, are you people looking at the same picture? Make CJ your front man not Benny and you’ll be all set

  • buller

    This skate appears to be a carbon remake, much like the Sean and Colin Kelson carbons. Benny is an amazing blader, no doubt. But, Benny seems to be dealing with a stiff skate that he is still adjusting to. Not every first skate made by a company can be a winner.

  • .Fx

    @ingen: I believe Adapt skates are meant to be custom made, completely adjusted to your foot. So you would buy a skate made to the exact size of your foot, and not just a size 9, or size 10.

  • .Fx

    ANd yes, to do look like the Carbons on the front, but the complet skate really does look different if you compare it with a Carbon. I understand where the comparing is coming from though. I like the fact they come with CO frames and Chimera wheels, which is a nice touch. And I believe the souls are UHMW, but the boot also can fit a.o. carbon, vii and UFS throne souls.

  • Anonymous

    If they are custom it’s gonna be freaking expensive :(

  • Anonymous

    kinda like a “designer’s” skate concept innit?

  • Al@n

    I heard the Price tag is between Euro 399-499 right? too expensive for me…

  • Anonymous

    get a cuff on that shit

  • yann t

    love those skates and i hope the price will be nice to(not like valo or carbon). if Benny used it in the barcelona edit. the soulplate look very horrible and slow, but it should be change with a USD one. Velcro should be a nice idea like for RB or Remz.

  • Domi

    All in all these blades seem promising. Unlike others, I like the idea of the plate but personally I think UHMW (if that is it) is just too fast for the backslide plate. Maybe a replaceable plastic backlide plate? Furthermore, the top strap seems to be riveted which means they are not easily replaceable if they get fucked up. Also, I believe there should be replaceable velcro/strap protectors under and above the strap at least on the outside of the boot. that is one thing xsjado’s are really missing as well. I made myself some custom ones, though. The CO/Chimera setup is legit.

  • Q

    I like them its good to see a new skate coming emerge

  • DQ3

    This seems like it could be very innovative.Custom is good, and if performance matches price with a reasonable warranty then this could change the sport. However, Im not sure if thats for the better. Skates and skate parts are increasingly expensive. Just the other day my friend(BMXer) stated a new dialed bike is $2k+. This is not the kind of ‘adapt”ion rollerblading needs. I support all rollerblade companies, as they are few and far in between, but I think everyone would agree we need a brand for the people. Affordable, good ol’ plastic with quality parts and a nice price to match! its proven Razors well(I will say I ride carbons, and love them). I got a good deal tho

  • Tökös

    It looks like Chimera didn’t spend too much time on developing this model. It’s like a fake USD carbon 1 with a lot of up-coming problems:
    1. No cuffs
    2. Fixed straps
    3. It’s way too low.
    4. No protection on skin.
    5. 1 piece soulplate- backslide should be softer material.

    Way too many problems for a high price tag pro blade. This could be acceptable in the late 90s, not now.
    ADAPT needs a few more years development and re-thinking i guess.

  • Pete

    Adapt, nice attempt, but I say they look an incredible amount like the USD Carbon 1’s.

    With the same main and fatal flaw of those and the Deshi’s.
    And no buckles, not a good idea!

    USD realized that problem quickly when Oli Bennet went and put a Cuff on the carbon 1’s, its all because the Carbon WILL deminish its support if thats all that there is! And they will go floppy!

    This design does not work for Aggressive!

  • Pete

    To back it up, keep working guys!

    And also getting BHC and Create Originals on board is tops!

    Looking forward to future improvements!

    Also agree with most on the Souls, they look very 90’s quality and design, but it would be no problem to have a USD or a VII soul swapped onto them!

  • Anonymous

    Deshi comes back, hurray!

  • Anonymous

    you dickheads haven’t even seen them in person or tried them on. If you get a chance to skate them you will realize that they are hand made quality and built for skaters who land tricks, not skaters who do step up makios like 99% of you haters.

  • george

    at winterclash I asked how much these gonna cost
    way to much!